Odd, Unusual, and Grotesque Vector Illustrations

Some of the strangest and most unusual art is the most creative and eye-catching, and the following illustrations are no exception. The collection below includes some illustrations that are simply unusual, others that are quite odd, and a few that fit into the grotesque category. With brilliant colors, creative layouts, and interesting characters, these vector illustrations are sure to both fascinate and encourage you to create your own interesting designs.

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Dia de Los Muertos

The muted colors and tattoo like design of this illustration is strange and beautiful at the same time.

Water Geishas Jellyfish

The dark blue in the background sets off the glowing skin tones in this mysterious geisha design.

Water Geishas Axolotl

Here is another strange and beautiful water geisha in red tones that add a bit of passion.

Welcome to the Jungle

Vibrant blue and purple make this ape look otherworldly, and the sun glasses make him look cool. Quite the odd combination but very brilliant design.

Dayne Henry Jr. Illustration

A city, monsters, sea creatures, and grunge artwork in the background of this seemingly oblivious woman listening to music make this piece very intriguing. The entire illustration melts together quite organically. Check out the post to see more like this one.

Even More Dayne Henry Jr. Illustrations

These illustrations are an odd and creative mix of media devices and monsters. This entire collection is definitely worth checking out.

The Kraken

Cool effects and strange design make this octopus look sinister and devious.

Horns by Hyaku

These eerie illustrations of people with horns is full of bright colors and creative design. The designer, Hyaku, created these interesting characters for a theatrical group.


The branches on the head of this otherwise normal looking boy make him surreal and out of place. The woods in the background are an amazing design.

Game Room Splash Series

The bright pink creature with his head exploding with game pieces is definitely very odd. The details of the liquid and shadows on the balls are incredible.

Fat Thursday

This very enthusiastic donut is dripping with glaze and screaming for help. The effects are quite stunning.

Forager 2

An odd looking robot collecting mushrooms among the grass is very unusual indeed.

El King Black Bat

Bold and grotesque, this illustration is entirely made in red and teal on black. It makes for a dangerous looking image.


A beautiful plant is surrounded by strange and fanciful little creatures. The colors are soft and enchanting but the creatures are a little unnerving.


The night sky is filled with lovely colors but the main focus in this illustration is the strange rabbit woman with robot parts. Very creative and very unusual.

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