Moving and Emotional Poverty Photographs

Poverty photography is the photographic study of impoverished areas here on Earth.  Roughly 1.7 billion people on Earth live in poverty, which is defined as the lack of basic human needs such as food, water and shelter, as well as clothing, education and employment.  While many of us enjoy a high standard of living, it is important to recognize that not everyone does, and to do our part to improve the lives of people around the globe.

In this moving and emotional post, we’ve gathered up a series of poverty photographs, which photographers from around the globe have captured and shared with the world.  If you’re interested in helping people who live in poverty and want to make the world a better place, consider donating to the Red Cross, UNICEF, or other charitable organizations.

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Hope you find the photographs moving.

Not Just For Humans by Dennis Bautista

Random Playground by Andres Lachner

The Forgotten Warriors by Olivier Sarbil

Working at the Ijen Crater by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Boys from Slum by Jose Ferreira

At the Water Fountain by Raphaelpics

Gipsy Family Suffering by Jose Ferreira

Where Is by HK

Water by oochappan

Medina Market by Carlos Duarte

Bodhgaya by Alexey Sukhopar

Street Worker by Maurizio Blasetti

Photo by Sina Shiri

Charcoal Maker by Jojo Pensica

No Smile by Dennis Bautista

Hospital by Attilla Laurant

Princess by Attilla Laurant

Anatolia by Koray Ozozen

Waiting for the Doctor by Reporter

Smiles behind the Shadows by Paul Quiambao

In Need by Hesham

Dark Future by Dennis Bautista

Love Is All You Need by Tomaz Crnej

Eyes of Sadness by gunnisal

Sadness by Risquillo

Life in the Trash by Jose Ferreira

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