Mootools Lightbox Plugins: Best Plugins for a Mootools Slideshow

Mootools (My Object-Oriented Tools) is a lightweight Javascript object oriented library that is designed to bring enhanced Javascript functionality while reducing the amount of work and code needed to implement it.  Mootools is used for a variety of applications, such as Mootools lightbox plugins, Mootools slideshow plugins, Mootools gallery plugins, Mootools contact form and validation plugins, and more.

To start of our series on the best Mootools plugins, today, I’ve gathered up the best Mootools lightbox plugins for you to download and use for free in your projects.

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Hopefully you find our Mootools lightbox plugins useful, and if you do, please share them with your friends!

Mootools Lightbox Plugins:


Smoothbox Is the Mootools conversion of Thickbox, a script running on JQuery.

Mootools Lightbox

Bumpbox 2.0

bumpBox is another lightbox clone with a few advantages over other lightboxes – it supports not only all common media types but also PDF’s. These files are supported: PDF, flv, swf, audio, images, inline html and html files.

Mootools Lightbox


Slimbox is a 4 KB visual clone of the popular Lightbox 2 script by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the MooTools javascript framework. It was designed to be very small, efficient, standards-friendly, fully customizable, more convenient and 100% compatible with the original Lightbox 2.

Mootools Lightbox


Milkbox is a lightbox clone written for Mootools 1.3.x.

Mootools Lightbox


Litebox is a modified version of Lightbox v2.0 created with one thing in mind, size reduction. Litebox utilizes the 3kb javascript library moo.fx in association with prototype.lite, giving us the basic tools we need to make this work and you the ability to expand.

Mootools Lightbox

Mediabox Advanced

Based on Lightbox, Slimbox, and the Mootools javascript library, mediaboxAdvanced is a modal overlay that can handle images, videos, animations, social video sites, twitter media links, inline elements, and external pages with ease.

Mootools Lightbox


ImageZoom is based on LightBox JS, and is perfect for photo galleries. It can display large images on top of a page, and has the ability to group multiple photos in one set.

Mootools Lightbox


ReMooz is an open-source widget for great looking and unobtrusive inline-pop-ups, powered by MooTools. It enables how your vistors browse through content, such as thumbnail images and HTML. ReMooz features centered or relative-positioned draggable zoomed images, content preloading, fading captions, with plenty of options and is highly configurable: Add a simple image zoom or create a fancy design element for any graphic that needs to be enlarged on your site.

Mootools Lightbox


QuickBox is a Lightbox clone written for the MooTools Javascript framework. Many Lightbox clones exist, including the excellent Slimbox by Christophe Beyls, which was also written for MooTools and was the inspiration for QuickBox. So what’s different about it? First, it was written from the ground up for version 1.2 of the lightweight MooTools framework. MooTools, especially version 1.2, is in my opinion the best framework available, and allows code to be lightweight and stable. Second, QuickBox was written for speed, allowing you to zip through images as quickly as possible. One improvement made to facilitate this is allowing use of the mouse wheel to scroll through images. Also changed are a more stable background, captions that can be localized for other languages, and a few other minor improvements.

Mootools Lightbox

Sexy Lightbox

SexyLightBox is a clone, sexier and lighter, the classic LightBox. It was built web designers in mind, easy to install and use. The following examples will show why it is considered ‘sexy’.

Mootools Lightbox

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