Mind Blowing Detailed Matte Paintings

Matte painting, as we’ve mentioned before, is a combination of digital painting, 3D and photoreference that is used for realistic cinematic environments.  One of the most important elements of matte painting is that it have a proper sense of scale, perspective and depth, along with a well defined subject, and frequently it must be possible to composite the matte painting for film or visual effects.  Arguably one of the most challenging forms of art, matte painting requires a mastery of traditional art values as well as modern computer-based techniques.

In this collection, you’ll find some mind blowing detailed matte paintings from some of the most talented artists on the planet.  From art inspired by movies, such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars, to matte paintings created for unique visual effects projects, you’ll love this collection.

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Rivendell by jamajurabaev

Pandora Afterdark by Stas Lobachev

Helicopter 3 by glazyrin

Inner City by Alex Popescu

Escape from Neon City by Marek Okon

Dark Legacy by Tiberius Viris

Chess Garden by glazyrin

The Wall by Nikita Buyanov

Hadley’s Hope by Tigaer

Last Fight by Valery Medvedev

Colonization by M3-F

Far East by Stephane Belin

The Cathedral by Alex Popescu

Castle by Nikita Buyanov

Oblivion by shamanik7

Arctic Base by glazyrin

Palace by Ryan Kirk

Tears in the Rain by andreasrocha

Reaching Out by soenke maeter

Wallachia Prevail by Stas Lobachev

Persia by glazyrin

Metropolis by Andree Wallin

Tortuga by glazyrin

Haunted by jamajurabaev

Gates to Elysium by Tigaer

Mountain Morning by glazyrin

LMS: Imperium City by Andree Wallin

Burma Aid by fstarno

Roman Stone Temple by JJasso

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