Mind-Bending Surreal Art Photomanipulations

Photomanipulation has an advantage over other digital art styles, as it represents the reality that is captured from nature.  However, clever photomanipulation transforms the base photographs into something different.  Surreal photomanipulations offer the most leeway in working with the reference images (aside from perhaps abstract photomanipulations).

Here, we’ve gathered up mind-bending surreal photomanipulation art that warp the very fabric of reality and will make you gaze at them in wonder.

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Veni Vidi Vici by Martin Grohs

Fleeing Creativity by Birthjan

Imagination by Dan Dvoracek

Chocolatopia by Pawel Nolbert

Photomanipulation by David Waters

A Separate Reality by Alexey Andreyev

Os Pescadores by Marcel Caram

It’s High Time by monika-es

To Swim in the Air by ponti55

Behind that Door by Blue-A

Eden by exarxil

State of Mind by Chixor

Female Nature by Tamilia

Another Day by smxdeadlydesigns

Pegasus Divided by apocryph

Surrealist Eve by beautifulreal

Snap Those C4D’s by RomaGFX

Headless by SpazMarticus

Whine with Self Pity by ChrissieCool

Chessland by J-D-Yao

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