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Milky Way Galaxy Pictures: Stunning Views


Many people don’t realize that you can take Milky Way galaxy pictures relatively easily if you live in the right area.  If you live in a city, unfortunately, light pollution tends to make taking Milky Way galaxy pictures impossible, but if you live in a rural area or can travel to a remote area, you can get beautiful night sky photographs.

Milky Way galaxy photographs are really fascinating because they show the incredibly massive scale of the cosmos, since the Milky Way galaxy is so large, but it’s only a tiny faction of the galaxies in the universe.

You can also get clever when taking Milky Way galaxy pictures, by combining multiple exposures or doing long exposure photography.  Here’s some stunning Milky Way galaxy pictures taken from right here on Earth.

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Hope you like these Milky Way pictures!

Milky Way Galaxy Pictures:

The Aggie Milky Way by Doug Klembara

Milky Way by Brett Sargeant

Milky Way by Bill Mertens

The Milky Way over Light Pollution by J Stew

The Milky Way over ALMA by José Francisco Salgado

Under the Milky Way by mel brackstone

Milky Way above the Himalayas by Anton Jankovoy

Speedboat milky Way by Grant Kaye

Milky Way over Turin by Roberto Bertero

Zion – Milky Way Rising by Jason Butler

Milky Way by Jonathan Duriaux

Milky Way Above Mt. McDonald by Larry Landolfi

Sleeping under stars by Ben Canales

Nightscapes of Armenian Spirit by Suren Manvelyan

Exploring under the Stars by Ben Canales

The Milky Way Path by Nuno Serrão

Blazing Bristlecone by Tom Lowe @ Timescapes

Stairway to Heaven by Tom Lowe @ Timescapes

Deep space, deep in the forest by Constantinos Hinis

Semenyih Lake Startrails – my lucky night! by KalerBlind

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