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30 Cool Matching Tattoos


Some of us have grown up sporting a hairstyle similar to our friends. Now and then we dress up like our siblings. Why not take it forward and sport matching tattoos! Some of them do it to show that they think alike or share the same opinions. Few get similar tattoos done to show that they are the best buddies. And sometimes get them done to express love.

Whatever be the reason, matching tattoos are fun and cool. Friends get the same butterflies inked. And some take it a step further. Each individual gets half of the design. When both the friends show the tattoos, that’s when the complete picture is seen. That’s amazing now! So think of a tattoo that you and your friends associate with. Get to the tattoo artist and watch the art unfold. The list below has some simple matching tattoos.

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Colorful Owls

Owls are the symbol of good fortune. The color on them and the shading is indeed beautiful.

Matching Owls Tattoo

Flesh n Blood Matching Tattoos

For somebody with an eye for detail, these tattoos are a must have.

Arm Matching Tattoo

Loop Tattoos

Tying knots is an art. And these beautiful knots are here to say on the wrists.

Knot Matching Tattoos

Dorsia Tattoo

This beautiful black n white tattoo has its own allure.

Dorsia Tattoo

Superb Spades

Get the spades done if you call a spade a spade!

The Matching Spades

Sis Tattoos

Do you have a sis? Then these are cute words to have on you sisters.

Our Tattoos


Just the right puzzles at the nape of the neck.

Matching Puzzles

Leafy Feet

These will only bring in admirations. Beautiful leaves and you would want your feet to be on display always.

Same Tattoo

Flowery Toes

Beautiful flowers for you and your sweetheart.

Toe Tattoos

Zibu Tattoo

If you are a group of friends, then these tattoos on all of you are just right to flaunt your friendship.

Zibu Tattoo

Lil Hearts

Lovely hearts on fingers.. Love Birds would definitely want these.

Small Heart Tattoo

Toaster Tattoo

A lovely piece of work. An offbeat design though.

Toaster Matching Tattoo

Turtle Tattoo

An adorable turtle on the feet could make you look at your feet often!

Turtle Tattoo

Matching Script Tattoo

This is for somebody who loves words.

Script Matching Tattoo

Bio Shock Wrist Tattoo

This tattoo is strictly for the Bio shock video game players.

Bio Shock Wrist Tattoo

Matching Foot Tattoo

Half n half is one right? When you put the two feet together it makes a butterfly. Interesting concept.

Matching Foot

Real Rock Tattoo

Are you a rock fan? This could be the best way to prove.

Real Rock Tattoo

Phoenix Tattoo

If you are one of those who has similar traits of phoenix then get the bird inked on you.

Phoenix Matching Tattoo

Stars And The Infinity

Stunning stars and the infinity signs. Simple and classy.

Green Star

Broken Vinyl

A must for close friends. Half on each wrist and when seen together makes it complete.

Broken Vinyl

Winged Hearts

If you and your kin share the same feelings then these winged hearts will make sense.

Heart Has Wings

Wrist Matching Tattoo

This is another design in black and white.

Wrist Matching Tattoo

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

The same zodiac signs in different colours are a visual treat.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Skulls On The Wrists

With the magnificent skulls on the wrists, you might be the envy of the people around you.

Friends Forever

One Up Mushroom

Looks simple yet sophisticated!

One Up Mushroom

Matching Foot Tattoo

This tattoo might garner more attention then your clothes!

Matching Foot Tattoo

Lion Instincts

The tattoo looks like a Lion with blue blood!

Lion Tattoo

Two Of A Kind Tattoo

This splendid tattoo on you and your friend can have eyes fixed on you.

Two Of A Kind

Fun liners

Tshirt liners are a passé. Tattoo liners are in.

Fun Ideas

Musical Notes tattoo

Similar interest in music can be certified with these tattoos.

Music Node Tattoo