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Make Sure to Avoid These Health Hazards as a Freelancer


Freelancing in general means working from home. People who opt for this profession is the ones who can’t tolerate nagging nature of their bosses. They believe that working on one’s own terms and discipline is the best way to stay happy. They work with a great degree of comfort zone. Today, due to the increasing unemployment, the freelancer industry is having a great growth. Freelancing is also popular because it gives a freedom to work and show one’s creativity. Less job stress and more of income are some other reasons for choosing this profession.

Only you will be held responsible for your good or bad performance. However, you should always keep in your mind that never works with profit motives. Just don’t get so much into work that you forget the health factor. People work hard mainly to earn better living standards, live a healthy and better life. Don’t push yourself so hard at work that you forget to live your life. Work within certain limits and make sure that you are also giving sufficient rest to your body. Health is important factor which must be taken care during work. You must have always come across this saying that- A Healthy Mind resides in a Healthy Body. It is only possible to work properly if one stays healthy. In order to work in a best manner and generate high productivity, make sure to avoid these health hazards as a freelancer.

Improper Sleep

This is the most common problem that every freelancer faces. I have seen many freelancers working late nights. Part time freelancers could be excused for working during night but those who are full time freelancers should not be exempted. Most of these are also seen working during nights. They roam all around during the day and work at night to meet their deadlines. Occasional late night work is fine but making it a regular habit is a matter of concern and will harm your health. You should set your targets a day before the actual deadlines. This would force you to work during the day and complete work before time.

Weight Gain

Gaining weight is another health hazard for freelancers. The job of freelancing is such that every work is done on the mouse click. One sits at a single place and work to the full extent he or she can. Other family members provide them with eatables at their working place. Due to no regular routine, they sit and start working on their computers. It is sure to lead to weight gain. One should do regular exercise, go for outings with family or friends, take regular breaks during work and should perform stretching exercises while getting up from work.

Eye Related Problem

This is a kind of problem which not only the freelancers but even a normal person faces. Watching television or computer constantly creates stress on our eyes. Similar is the case for freelancers. Their work is totally done on the computers. Sitting for a number of hours in front of computer is their need. For preventing your eyes from getting stressed, you should regularly close your eyes for few seconds after working constantly for 10-15 minutes. Use of anti-glare glasses could be the second best option to prevent your eyes from stress.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is also one of the problems which every freelancer suffers. This occurs mainly due to repetitive tasks performed during the day. This disorder can affect our fingers wrist and hands. You should perform your exercise of hands and fingers regularly. Use some ball or some other thing to bring movements to your hand.

Neck Related Problem

Neck ache is a common problem which we face while doing some work on computers. The neck needs to bend down to peep into the keyboard and to watch constantly on the monitor. Working throughout the day on computer requires these actions constantly. After a few hours our neck and back starts aching. To save yourself from such pains, rotate your neck in all directions after every 10 to 12 minutes. Use of cushion could relieve you from some pain.

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