Majestic Photos of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyonis one of the natural wonders of the Earth, located in Arizona in the United States.  Erosion caused by the Colorado River, which cuts through the middle of the canyon, has resulted in a majestic canyon and rock formations.  Over the past 17 million years, as the canyon itself was uplifted, the Colorado River and its tributaries etched their way through the canyon and still flow today, exposing much of Earth’s geological history.  When one visits the Grand Canyon, they are literally looking into the past, and seeing the layers of rock from past eras.

The Grand Canyon is naturally one of the most popular destinations for photographers, both amateur and professional alike, and there are many Grand Canyon photographs in galleries across the web.  So, today, we decided it would be fun to take a visual trip through the Grand Canyon with these majestic photographs.

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Grand Canyon by Sebastien Mamy

The Grand Canyon by Alvin Nic

Grand Canyon Sunrise by RS3Art

Grand Canyon Sunset by Dave Arnold

Colorado River Sunset by James Watkins

Onslaught by Leviathor

Grand Canyon Skyscape by Jason Langley

Thunderstorm by Pierre Luigi Dallimonti

Grand Canyon Sunset by Andreas Adelmann

Double Arch by Mike Jones

The Grand Canyon by Michael Seljios

Grand Canyon by Mark Orfila

Right Before Sunset by Jann

Grand Canyon Sunset, Thundershower and Rainbow by sawdevcin

Grand Canyon by Paul Cloutier

The Grand Canyon by CoolBlueAquarius

The Grand Canyon by Nate Zeman

Canyon Sunset by Fr1gidity

Colorado River Grand Canyon by CitizenFresh

Tree at Sunset in the Grand Canyon by Eva McDermott

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