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Light Painting Photography


Light painting photography is a technique in photography that involves long exposures and the movement of light, using glowsticks, sparklers, flashlights or other light sources. Light painting photography is a relatively new technique and came to popularity thanks to photography sites such as 1x and Flickr, and now has entire sites devoted to the light painting photography technique.

In this photography inspiration roundup, we’ve collected some great examples of light painting photography to inspire you to try light painting photography for yourself.

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Light Painting Photography:

RGB UFOs by Jeffrey Sullivan

Love At First Light by flatworldsedge

Light Painting Daddy by Gessman

Swansong of a 350D by Ian Hobson

Running & Swinging with Fire by alexkess

LAPP-PRO Light Painting Photography 1

LAPP-PRO Light Painting Photography 2

LAPP-PRO Light Painting Photography 3

LAPP-PRO Light Painting Photography 4

LAPP-PRO Light Painting Photography 5

One by The Outdoor Illum

Bright Inflorescences 2 by Garu-Garu

Antiparticle by tcb

Race of the Ribbons by Pikebubbles

Still Got the Blues by jannepaint

I’m the spirit of your dirty dishes by Math

Reflected by Ben Matthews

Electric Guitar by Rogers1

Deadly Angel by Tom Patson

Light It Up by Bart T

Chicken by Chernega

Angry by Oh Hector

Thermodynamic Engineering by Dennis Calvert

Light Painting by Rafoto

The Light Painter’s Dance by Fort Photo

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