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Lake Photography: 20 Pictures of Beautiful Lakes


Lakes are among the wonderful places for photography and getting ahold of awesome photos and scenes. Just look at the following lake photographs we collected of some beautiful lakes around the world. These are some great examples of lake photography captured by professional photographers and you can see the beauty they have captured in every single picture that does captures the sight of a person and innovates the feeling of visiting the place indeed.

To add to the statement, taking a picture of a lake is not an easy task to do as the water keeps on moving and we might get a moving picture so we have to use tripods and be stable, etc to capture a beautiful scene.

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Enjoy the pictures!

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Inspiring Lake Photography:

A Shuksan Morning by Dene’ (Seattle) Miles

Königssee by Phillip Klinger

The breathtaking alpine mountainns by Ben

Sunrise at Trillium Lake by David GN

Beautiful Ijen by Tropical Living

Sun-Shiny day by Eddi

Sparks Lake by David GN

Just a moment by Adam Baker

MAGICAL by Tropical Living

New ending by Eddi

Hermitage Bridge by Angus Clyne

Yosemite Reflections by Patrick Smith

End of the world by Stuck in Customs

Yosemite National Park by Sebastein

Hanalei, Kauai by Patrick Smith

Mystic river by Di Rocco

The doubel sun by Bernd

Black Lake by Ken

Vertorama by Rob Orthen

Hope you liked the Pictures. Do you have any pictures of some beautiful lakes you might want to share? Please do leave in the comments.