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25 Majestic Jesus Fish Tattoos


Wearing a holy symbol as a tattoo design is very common these days. Christians like to sport the sacred images associated with the religious faith on their body parts. This is a good way of remaining close to god because it is convenient and also looks stylish. There are numerous sacred designs that are sported as tattoos. The Jesus fish tattoos are one such sacrosanct design that has roots in the long and glorious tale of Christ’s life. It is said that most of the Disciples of Christ were fishermen and therefore, the affinity with the fish.

Another story relates to the incident when Christ had to face the challenge of feeding millions of hungry men and women and he created a miracle by feeding all of them with just five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish. The Jesus fish tattoo design is very simple and neat with just two arcs crossing each other at the end forming the tail of the fish. At times people also go for other symbols and motifs like the cross, flowers etc. as embellishments. Here is a compilation of 25 Jesus fish tattoos in different styles carved on various parts of the body. Have a look.

Conquer Death

A psalm flowing inside the arcs of the Jesus fish gives strength and hope.

Glory To God


The fish is a holy symbol in the Christian religion as Jesus is closely associated with it.

The Lord

Fish Magic

The lady has got a Jesus fish on her upper back to keep away the evil powers.

Upper Back Tattoo

Flowers And Fish

Jesus fish with flowers and lettering carved on the hip evokes warm feelings.

Hip Tattoo

Darwin Jesus Fish

This is a wonderful concept that combines science and religion.


Arm Tattoo

This young boy with a Jesus fish on his arm shows the spiritual and stylish side of youth.



Strong and hard, this Jesus fish tattoo looks as if it will never fade out.

Jesus Fish


Make the Simple Jesus fish a little more interesting with this jagged design.

Biceps Tattoo

Foot Tattoo

This plain Jesus fish on the edge of the feet looks sober.

Simple Jesus Fish

Just Arrived

A freshly inked Jesus fish tattoo shining bright in light.

Right Arm Tattoo

Leg Tattoo

Jesus fish tattoo in its simplest look resting on the leg just above the ankles.

My Jesus Tattoo

God’s Hand

Holy symbol on the wrist will always inspire you towards good deeds.

Jesus Fish On Wrist

Holy Be Thy Presence

This black Jesus fish with symbols inside its body has a blessed aura.

The Fish

Ankle Tattoo

The legs look cute with the tiny Jesus fish tattoo carved on one of the ankles and other displaying an anklet.

Ankle Tattoo


A creative piece which has the Jesus fish carved around the cross in red color.

Hand Tattoo


A thick Jesus fish image carved near the heel has a charming look.

My Tattoo


This innovative tattoo with faith lettering entwined in the Jesus fish image, carved at the back, looks sexy.

Jesus Fish Faith Tattoo


Carved on wrist in thick black outlines, this Jesus fish has a glossy look.

Jesus Fish Wrist Tattoo


Easy to carve and simple in look, this tattoo is good for those who want a decent look in minimum time.



The Jesus fish is an important Christian symbol and holds significance for the faithful.

Foot Tattoo

Jesus Lives

The Jesus fish tattoo, carved on the body, is a good way of remembering god.

Jesus Lives

Divine Grace

Jesus fish inked on inside of the forearm has a peaceful and decent aura.

Christian Tattoo

Upper Back

The Jesus fish tattoo on the upper back has a soothing and solemn look.

Mistake Signal

Jesus Fish On Hip

Colorful fish on the hip with black outlines is looking beautiful.

Jesus Fish On Hip

Wrist Tattoo

The Jesus fish, carved in a vertical manner on the wrist, with the column number of the verse written inside it.

Wrist Tattoo