iPhone 4 Skins: 40 Custom iPhone Designs

iPhone 4 skins are a fun way to create a custom iPhone design. The skins themselves can be a part of a case, or just a custom sticker that covers the back (and part of the front). iPhone 4 skins come in a variety of artistic styles, ranging from vector to hand drawn, 3D and other iPhone 4 skins.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 40 custom iPhone designs created using iPhone 4 skins. If you’ve ever thought about making your iPhone a bit more unique, these iPhone 4 skins will help you do just that.  You can buy each of these iPhone 4 skins at the linked source, or you can always design your own iPhone 4 skins.

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Hope you like these iPhone 4 skins!

If you designed your own custom iPhone 4 skins, please share it with us in the comments!

iPhone 4 Skins:

The Enamored Owl


The Enamored Whale

Neo New York


Little Red

The Backpack

Dishonest Heart

Bloody Knuckles

Watermelon Moon



Coffee Angel


Acclimated Koi

She Who Dares




Squirrel in the Forest


Aleppin Sane



Pink Invader



Obsessive Compulsive Doodle

Flying Robot


The Great Wave

We Are the Same

Flip Flop and Fly

In My Pocket

Happy Land

Mother Nature’s Lonely Laugh

The Journey

Feather Brain

Triath Tragedy

Office Zombie

Thanks for checking out our collection of iPhone 4 skins! Please contribute your iPhone 4 skins in the comments!

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