The Importance of Knowing Your Clients for Success

Customer is King”- all of you must have heard this phrase a number of times in your life. Do you think it is true and businesses really work hard on making their customers feel like a king and give them the treatment that is meted out to a king? Well, everyone has a different experience to recount but research stories on successful brands will tell you that those which are successful and have carved a niche for themselves on the tough territory have done so because they value their customers. They value them because they understand them. For such brands, customer is not just king but they consider him no less than God. There is a lot that freelancers can learn from this fact. Now don’t get confused thinking how did customers come into the freelancing scenario? Here is the answer. For a freelancer, the clients are equivalent to customers and hence, it is very important for them to understand their clients. The importance of knowing your clients for success is quite great and if you don’t give it its due, you cannot hope to make money and reputation out of your freelancing career. So, get an in-depth idea about the type of clients that exist in the world, and whom you will definitely encounter at some point in your career. Here is the list:

Curious and Caring

Curious And Caring

Such clients are almost always a delight to work with because they show a great deal of interest in your work and want quality from you. They also lend you a patient ear when you list out your concerns, ideas and issues. You can expect a fair remuneration from them as well a good learning experience.Give them your best because they deserve it.

Disinterested and Oblivious

Disinterested And Oblivious

This category of clients is deficient in terms of knowledge and does not have much demands and requirements. They trust you with your work and are least expected to trouble you. You need to be honest and diligent with your work because they trust you completely, in a way.

Interfering and Arrogant

Interfering And Arrogant

This breed of clients can drive you crazy with their demands and plans. They are the typical “Mr- Know-It- All”. You will not find them compatible if you are not assertive and sophisticated enough to convince them in a manner that doesn’t offend them. Handle them smartly and do not get rude if the situation turns nasty.

Demanding and Tough

Demanding And Tough

These clients are very particular about deadlines and wouldn’t take it lightly if you fail to meet up their expectations and demands. They are precise and particular and want quick and proper work. Take their deadlines damn seriously and never give them any chance to complain. They can also give you a dressing down if you fail to handle the pressure.

Miserly and Mean

Miserly And Mean

These are the worst kind of clients that you will come across. They want you to work for less pay and can trouble you too when it comes to payment. It is best to avoid them under normal circumstances. Go for them only when you are facing a financial crunch and don’t have any work in your hand.

As a freelancer, you are expected to deal with these kinds of clients and mind you every category is different in its own right. You can’t categorize them as negative or positive because they are just a part of the professional world that you are in dealing in. Forming a negative impression and bearing grudges is not the right thing to do. Since you are the one who is selling his services, you are not really in a position to decide the rules of the game. There is a lot that is not in your hands and therefore, it would do you good to learn the art of handling clients. You can handle a person only if you are aware of their nature. We have already told you about the natures of the clients but now you need to know why it is important to understand your clients for success. The reasons are listed below:

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