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The Importance of Balance as a Freelancer for Health and Success


Balance is required in every person’s life. Normally speaking a certain kind of imbalance is created in life if you fall ill. Your total schedule needs to be changed. If you are sick, in spite of your sickness you need to perform your entire home tasks and will have to complete your office task side by side. There are multiple such instances which could imbalance your life in an unexpected manner.

A person who can tie himself to such restrictions and maintain a balance would surely succeed. In spite of many hurdles of your day to day life you will have to fight through those and will have to complete your work with utmost perfection. This is what I spoke about general working class. Now let me tell you about the freelancer’s professional and personal life. Freelancers are the people who love to work within their own comfort zone. Balancing as I said earlier is the most essential element in all professional fields. Similar is the case for them too.

Normally people think that freelancers are lucky as they can work from home. As:

1. They have ample time to complete their work.

2. Like others they would be free from the pressure created with the presence of boss.

3. Their working hours are flexible so they can work whenever they like.

4. Higher Pay.

5. Freedom & Flexibility in life.

The positive aspects mentioned above might hamper their personal & professional life. As the freelancers are completely responsible for their work these therefore will have to perform the following functions on their own.

Owner Of The Business

A freelancer will have to complete his work, considering as if he is the sole owner of the business. Like the owner of the business, he will not only have the authority, he will also be held responsible for every work. He cannot delegate his authority or responsibility to anyone.

Role Of An Accountant

A freelancer will have to act as accountant himself or herself. You will have to keep a complete record of every expense, receipt, invoice and every payment. You will need to have a good check on these so that financial crises does not occur.

Role Of A Collecting Agent

To perform this responsibility one will have to become a little annoying, to ask for due payments. He or she will have to send emails or call the responsible authority to pay the money for timely work.

Role As A Human Resource Manager

As whole responsibility of the work is on the freelancer, he or she will have to become his or her own HR manager. So you will have to keep a strict check on your leaves and health. As no work will lead to no pay. Only you will have to suffer losses.

Role As A Project Manager

As a project manager, one will have to decide timelines by himself or herself. There would be one else reminding you to complete your work. You will have to plan your work accordingly and finish your work in that timeline.

As A Customer Representative

In order to keep the customers happy you will have to act as Customer Representative yourself. Communicating with the customers will make you understand what they actually need and you will therefore provide service accordingly.

There are multiple such roles which a freelancer has to play alone so that the tasks are done in a routine and regular manner. The main aspect that then comes in is the health aspect. There would be no one to take care of your health. You will have to take care of it yourself. You should understand the Importance of Balance as a Freelancer for Health and Success. You must take good care of your medical coverage and maintain good health. You must go for regular checkups. If you will ever get sick there would be no sick pay like that given in government sectors and some private sectors. In fact your non-working days will not only leave you unpaid but will also cost you money.

Freelancers as the owners of the business are always concerned about their work. They are mostly worried about their next pay check. These all things will have negative impact on the health of a freelancer. To have a fruitful career you need to balance your health and success. Many of the freelancers are so eager to earn money that they forget to take care of their health. Self-Regulation is the main aspect which every freelancer should consider in order to perform the work effectively while considering good health as most important. If we are healthy we can do our jobs in a better manner. We can remain focused on our goals and constantly work for them.

There is a famous saying, Excess of everything is bad. This will be pertinently appropriate in this case. Rather than doing a large amount of stressful work, one should do his or her work under a certain limited. I am not saying that you should not orient yourself to your work but you should take your work from simple to a complex level. Overburdening yourself will only hamper your day to day progress. You will therefore be unable to perform even to your lowest level. Don’t just go for the money aspect, you might get the money for your work but with the passage of time some family issue might arise. As a result your work quality might suffer. You should therefore keep a perfect balance between your health and success.

Some of the common ways to be a healthy and successful freelancer are:

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