Immersive Science Fiction and Fantasy Concept Art

Concept art is an important part of the development of any movie, TV show, videogame, and even books.  They help capture the mood, stylistic influences, overall plot and also help other project participants to visualize the finished product.  Concept art can be a quick sketch in black and white, or slightly refined with color, or a highly polished digital painting, and it all depends on how much detail is required to capture the overall feeling.

In this post, we’ve gathered up 30 examples of immersive science fiction concept art and fantasy concept art that will make you stare at each picture as you immerse yourself in the environment that the artist has created.

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Endless Streets by Andreas Rocha

Home Sweet Home by m3-f

Rescued at Last by memod

SciFi Mall by max4ever

Tonberry by Randis

Vials of Life by Archang3lzz

Isolated by nilTrace

Avalon – New Horizon by Hideyoshi

HFB by ChrisCold

Ghost in the Shell – Engage by Hideyoshi

Heaven’s Devils by eWKn

Execution by 88grzes

Abandoned Alien Ruins by tarrzan

Downtown by Andree Wallin

Paradigm Shift – Zone Zero by aiiven

Dreamscape by Jamajurabaev

Industrial Zone by Majora28

Winter Landscape by 88grzes

Birth of Giants by memod

Unfinished Base by Raybender

Subway by Poisondlo

Front Mission: Against the Sun by ukitakumuki

No One Left Behind by Phoenix-06

City Night by molybdenum

The Gathering by AndreasRocha

Hovering Metropolis by tarrzan

The Edge by korbox

Dinner Time by m3-f

ostlock by raybender

In the Mists of Vegas by eWKn


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