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Hyper-Sized Objects: Neither Photoshoped Nor Tempered


I could never afford or keep any of these. The hyper-sized every-day objects were built across the world by famous artists, architects and designers to make these landmarks a catchy spot for visitors or to plainly show off their work.

The pieces of art have become a center of attention at all the places they exist and for good reason too. Who wouldn’t want to see a balloon 10 times its normal size? A bulb as big as cow, a hair comb that can be used as a bicycle stand? An R2D2 the size of a real-life building? Everyone would. That was exactly the point of bringing these art pieces in existence.

These super-sized objects have successfully gained the attention of a lot of tourists and this can be witnessed by the number of people present in all these photographs too. Without further ado, let’s get to the list and we hope you like these.

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