Husband And Wife Tattoos

226 Stupendous Husband and Wife Tattoos


The relationship of a husband and wife is based on love, loyalty and friendliness. They enter into a matrimonial relationship to start a family and to be there for each other at every point as a companion and guide. They are like friends, partners as well as lovers for each other. Their love is distinct in every manner as it encompasses a world of emotions. Sometimes they feel like giving expression to their affection that they harbor in their hearts for each other and nothing offers a better option than the husband and wife tattoos.

These tattoos are more or less similar to what couples get on their body parts. Most of the husbands and wives go for identical tattoos as it looks best and conveys their love in the most appropriate manner. Complementary tattoos like the lock and key are also much acclaimed and look beautiful as well. Names of each other or initials to draw a lot of attention from the couples. If you are in search of such tattoo designs then this post is meant for you only. It features 226 husband and wife tattoos, created in varied styles. Take a look.

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Heart With Key Tattoo

A teeny tiny and minimal tattoo of a lock and key tattoo art done wonderfully on you and your partner is a great way of going.

His And Her Sugar Skull Tattoo

This His and Her Sugar Skull Tattoo is a terrific idea for a couple that wants to do something really different!

Cute Husband Wife Tattoo

The tree and the owl done on the finger of the husband and wife looks very sweet and stands for inter dependence and attachment.

Hand Crown Tattoo For Couple

Religious Tattoo For Couple

A simple looking cross tattoo done in a minimal style on your and your hubby’s ring finger is an amazing approach into getting inked.

Lock & Key Tattoo

Popular and meaningful, the lock and key tattoo is a symbol of undying love and commitment and looks quite graceful.

Fox Couple Tattoo On Hand

A simplistic and minimal tattoo of a wolf on your and your better half’s finger depicting your fierce love is a great way to go.

Unique Couple Tattoo

A halo inspired heart design on your partner and yourself works wonders in conveying your love towards each other.

Outline And Black Triangle Couple Tattoo

A triangle tattoo done perfectly on your arm of an outlines tattoo along with a bold colored tattoo of the same design is a great way to go.

Matching Couple Tattoo Design

One of the best ways to go for every couple is to get inked in a matching tattoo in order to showcase your love for each other.

Two Heart Tattoo

A rainbow colored heart tattoo is a great way to represent what your love stands for.

One Love Tattoo Design

A simply worded tattoo done perfectly on yours and your loved ones ankle length works wonders.

Tattoo With Husband Name

Convey the love you have for your partner by incorporating their name in an infinity symbol.

Kid Name Tattoo Idea

A footprint tattoo done in all black of your and your loved ones is a great choice for showcasing your love for each other.

Heart Lock With Key Tattoo

An incredibly detailed work of a lock and key tattoo art is a great way of representing your love for your partner in a stylish way.

Friendship Symbol Tattoo

This Friendship symbol Tattoo is perfect for every couple who takes each other as best friends!

Love You Forever Tattoo

Go fuss-free and simplistic with this wrist tattoo which very beautifully captures your love for each other.

Family Word Tattoo

What could be a better way to display your love for each other than getting the same tattoo! And this Family Word tattoo is perfect for that!

Roman Numeral Wedding Band Tattoo

Ink your wedding date or each other’s birthday or the first day you guys met with Roman Numeral Wedding Band Tattoo.

Queen Of Heart Tattoo Idea

A king and queen couple tattoo on yours and your loved one’s finger can work like magic.

Tattoo Of Infinity Symbol

A cross between an infinity symbol and a simplistic cross tattoo done on your and your husband’s ring finger is the perfect representation of your pure love.

Best Place For Name Tattoo

Get inked on your ring finger of your other half in a minimal style in order to vocalize your love for each other in the perfect manner.

Design For Tattoo Name

One of the most amazing and safest options to go for a husband and wife tattoo is to get each other’s names inked.

Beautiful Rose Tattoo

The black and white and red roses, carved on the forearm of the couple, symbolize the fact that they are incomplete without each other.

Black And White Heart Tattoo

This black ink Musical Heart tattoo is perfect for the couple who share the same love for music.

Tattoo Name With Crown

Get inked in a stylish looking king and queen tattoo done in a unique style done just for you and your loved ones.

Creative Couple Tattoo

The infinity symbol and love lettering entwined into one and carved around the wrist, with red ink, looks stunning.

Small Finger Tattoo

Sweet and simple, this outline design of Mickey and Minnie is the cutest way to sport a small finger tattoo.

Middle Finger Tattoo

The husband and wife have got identical finger tattoos done on their middle finger to convey their love for each other.

Claddagh Bracelet Tattoo

Beautiful, matching sets of tattoos done around the wrist of the husband and wife looks awesome.

Black & White Tattoo

The tattoo-loving husband and wife flaunt the lovely art forms carved on their forearms with different designs.

Cute Hand Tattoo

Exact replicas of anchors, carved on the side of the hand looks decent and symbolizes commitment of the couple.

Husband Wife Wrist Tattoo

The black and orange crescent moons, symbolizing togetherness, embellished on the wrists, create a dramatic contrast due to the complementary nature of the shades.

Husband Wife Finger Tattoo

Tattoo done on the inside of the finger looks cute as it has been created in a manner that when the husband and wife join their fingers, a beautiful heart shape shows up.

Sexy Couple Tattoo

Harry potter inspired symbolic couples tattoo is a great way to go for every bookworm couple.

Image Of Infinity Tattoo

Get inked on your ring finger along with your husband in order to represent your undying love and loyalty to each other.

Couple Skull Ring Tattoo

Getting inked on your and your hubby’s ring finger in a minimal and tiny skull image works in wondrous ways.

Small Heart Tattoo On Wrist

Getting inked in the same design and identical colors is the best way to go for every couple.

Lock And Key Tattoo

A perfect looking lock and key tattoo done in a wonderfully detailed work of tattoo art is a great way to go.

Initial Tattoo Design

Get inked by including each other’s initials in a simple, minimal, yet impressive style.

Jack And Sally Couple Tattoo

A fun and new approach into getting a couple’s tattoo inked is the new age fashion for all tattoo enthusiasts.

Heart With Initial Tattoo

A tiny tattoo done in wonderful colors on your fingers is the perfect representation of the love you bear for each other.

Heart And Rose Tattoo Design

This unconventional and quirky Heart and Rose Tattoo design is far from anything common that you would’ve seen! Super cool for couples!

Couple Tattoo Skeleton

Eccentric, fun, and crazy this Skeleton couple tattoo is for any couple who doesn’t want anything regular!

Best Name Tattoo

Choose your favourite font and get each other’s name inked on your forearms for a simple and lovely design like this. Surely one f the best names tattoos.

Interlocking Heart Tattoo

These interlocked Heart tattoo design fused with some tribal work is going to look absolutely fab as your couple tattoo!

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