226 Stupendous Husband and Wife Tattoos


Small Yin Yang Tattoo

Balance each other’s mental powers by getting inked in an impressive looking half yin and half yang tattoo in the most minimal style.

Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo Design

A wrist tattoo done on you and your other half is a great way to go as an option of representation of your undying and permanent love.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Wrist

A roman numeral inspired tattoo done on your and your loved one’s wrist is the perfect way of signifying your love for each other.

Heart Arrow Tattoo

A simple looking tattoo of a brightly and vividly colored heart tattoo behind the year works wonders for couples.

Infinity With Heart Tattoo

The best way represent your love for each other is to get inked in a heart and a infinity symbol tattoo.

Skull Key Tattoo

The perfect choice for a husband and wife tattoo is to get inked in a superbly detailed work of a key and lock tattoo complete with wonderful intricacies.

Memorial Tattoo For Husband

Dedicating your tattoo to your loved one is a great way of showcasing your dedication towards each other.

Couple Skull Tattoo

A skull tattoo done in remarkable details is a great way to represent your true nature of love.

King And Queen Crown Tattoo For Couple

Get inked in a king and a queen crown design in order to represent what your love truly stands for.

Wrist Heart Tattoo

Explore new avenues of tattoo making by getting inked in matching heart tattoos in a watercolor style.

His And Her King And Queen Tattoo

An intricately done tattoo of a couple tattoo done in immense and incredible intricacies works works wonders for you and your loved on.

Husband Wife Arm Tattoo

The black and white bird and flowers, carved on the arm of the husband and wife looks neat and graceful in their black and white avatar.

Matching Foot Tattoo For Couple

The treble clef symbol and the initial D inside the small red heart looks very cute and indicates that the husband and wife love music.

Nice Couple Tattoo

The anchor is a symbol of hope, stability and steadfastness that are at the core of the relationship between a husband and wife.

Identical Pair Tattoo

The husband and wife show off their similar tattoo done on the inside of the arm that expresses their love for dogs.

Queen Angel Fish Tattoo

This fish species is very committed by nature and they remain faithful to their mates for their whole life which is why the couple got the fish tattoo.

Forearm Key Tattoo

The large keys, done on the inside of the forearm are a symbol of the fact that their hearts are locked with each other’s love.

Diamond Tattoo On Finger

Identical, black diamond tattoos, etched on the ring finger, looks nice and stands for faithfulness and loyalty.

Husband Wife Ankle Tattoo

The lovely turtle tattoos, carved around the ankle, look elegant and were carved on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of the couple.

Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo

Getting inked in roman numerals of your anniversary dates in roman numeral styles works great for the both of you.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Design

A roman numeral tattoo done in impressive style is the perfect way of expressing your love for each other.

Heart Tattoo With Infinity Sign

A tattoo divided between you and your loved is the perfect option to go for if you are planning on getting inked together.

Crown Design Tattoo

Along with getting inked in a king and queen crown tattoo getting inked in each word is the perfect way to go for every couple seeking to get inked.

Skull With Crown Tattoo

An elaborately made and a wonderful looking tattoo image of a pair of skull couples is the perfect way to approach your tattoo dreams with your husband.

Forever Tattoo Design

A perfectly written tattoo of few words is a great way to go for you and your loved ones.

Tattoo Infinity Symbol

Getting inked on your and your loved one’s ring finger in a pretty looking and minimalistic infinity symbol ring tattoo works best.

One Word Tattoo Idea

Complete each other’s tattoos by getting inked in a simple yet meaningful looking tattoo.

Heart And Arrow Tattoo

Get inked in a minimal and simply inked work of an arrow tattoo distributed equally between you and your lover.

Black And White Couple Quote Tattoo

A soulful message dedicated to your husband in the form of half quotes can be perfectly done on each other in order to complete the whole message.

Hand Heart Tattoo

Getting inked in a half and half tattoo of a heart along with its wings representing your never dying love and trust is a great way to go.

King Crown Tattoo Meaning

A colored work of a king and queen crown works great if done right.

Day Of The Dead Couple Tattoo

A wonderfully detailed and matching tattoos of a male and female skull tattoo done perfectly on your body is a great way of honoring your loved ones.

Infinity Symbol Tattoo

The simple but full of meaning, infinity symbol, looks very elegant, done on the collar-bone of the husband and wife.

Religious Husband Wife Tattoo

The bold and striking cross tattoo, etched on the wrist of the husband and wife points out towards their matching religious nature.

Shamrock Foot Tattoo

The symbol of good luck and national identity, done on the foot of the Irish husband and wife, looks pretty.

Pinky Swear Couple Tattoo

Having Pinky Swear, combined into one, on the fingers, looks decent as well as meaningful.

Couple Forearm Tattoo

Quote tattoo done on the forearm of the husband and wife in halves, looks very cute and holds deep meaning as well.

Cute Kitty Tattoo

The sweet and naughty kitty, sitting on the leg and forearm of the husband and wife, makes for a lovely portrait.

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