226 Stupendous Husband and Wife Tattoos


Key To My Heart Tattoo

Just like a lock and key if you both are also inseparable and incomplete without each other, then getting a lock and key tattoo would be perfect for you!

Intertwining Heart Tattoo

Simple and fascinating, these intertwinings hearts tattoo look gorgeous!

Initial Tattoo Idea

An old school tattoo with a modern kick, this initials tattoo idea looks great on fingers.

Infinity Anchor Tattoo

An anchor is a symbol of Stability and is a perfect symbol for couples to get a tattoo.

Heart Shaped Locket Tattoo

An old school symbol of eternal love, this Heart-shaped Locket tattoo is going to look fab!

Heartbeat With Heart Tattoo

This Heart and Heartbeat tattoo is going to speak of the abundant love you both have for each other!

Small Crown Tattoo

Get inked in a minimalistic king and queen tattoo art in order to represent your love for each other.

Cute Mickey And Minnie Tattoo

Take the adorable route and get a Minnie and Mickey for your couple tattoo!

Two Heart Tattoo Design

Strengthen your bond furthermore and get a matching tattoo for you and your partner.

Crown Tattoo With Letter

These Crown tattoos with letters done in beautiful calligraphy look stunning, and the bejewelled design is adding a cherry on top!

Crown Tattoo Idea

“One Life, One Love”, if you believe in this too then this Crown tattoo idea is perfectly suited for you!

Crown Tattoo Drawing

This Crown Tattoo Drawing is going to perfectly suit couples who want to showcase their love for each other with body art.

Black And White Tattoo Idea

A half moon tattoo done on your partner is the perfect way of opting for as ways of representing your one true love for each other.

Egyptian King And Queen Tattoo

This egyptian king and queen tattoo idea is going to give some serious couple goals!

Simple Queen Crown Tattoo

Simple yet very attractive, this simple Queen and King Crown Tattoo is a must-have for any couple who wishes to get inked together.

Lion King Tattoo Design

Spell-binding and totally breathtaking this Lion king Tattoo Design is for any couple who wishes to go a bit elaborate in their ink.

King Tattoo Idea

Get going with these stylish and eye-catchy crown tattoo ideas for you and your partner.

Heart Tattoo Design With Name

Let the World know how much you love each other with these Heart tattoo design with names.

Love Loyalty Respect Tattoo

Love and Respect are two important things that a couple need to give each other and this wrist tattoo essentially speaks of that.

Queen And King Crown Tattoo

Stylish and classy, these Queen and King crown tattoos on the forearm are meant for that trendy couple out there!

Simple King Crown Tattoo

When it comes to couple tattoos, nothing beats a minimalistic design, and this simple king and queen crown tattoo is the perfect way to go.

Heart With Arrow Tattoo

This colorful Heart with Arrow tattoo with both of your names written is a super excellent idea to rock a couple tattoo!

Finger Tattoo Idea For Couple

Get inked in a uniquely designed work of a ring finger tattoo representing your love for each other.

Double Heart Tattoo

Share your love for designer tattoos in the best possible ways with your other half.

Wedding Date On Ring Finger Tattoo

Get inked in numbers on your ring finger of your anniversary dates, which is the perfect way to go.

Country Couple Ring Tattoo

Get inked on your ring finger along with your loved one is the perfect representation of your loyalty to your loved one.

Forever In My Heart Tattoo

Nothing speaks louder than words, so you can take the worded route if you are planning on getting inked in a similarly worded couples tattoo.

Wife Tattoo For Husband

A ring finger tattoo which means a lot to your and your husband means a lot.

One Love Tattoo Design For Couple

A watercolor inspired tattoo done perfectly of a beauty and the beast image is the perfect representation of your love for each other.

King Queen Tattoo Design

A must have for a poker loving couple, is to get inked in the king and queen design of a set of cards.

Heart Tattoo On Finger

A minimal and tiny tattoo of a finger tattoo on your and your husband’s finger clearly showcases your love for each other.

King And Queen Wrist Tattoo

A minimal inspired king and queen tattoo works wonders if you are confused about getting inked along with your other half.

Simple Cool Tattoo

A simple style always works the best for every couple tattoo lover.

Simple Black And White Tattoo

Get inked in a wonderful looking work of a personalized tattoo on you and your other half.

Locket And Key Tattoo

A great way of representing your true and undying love for your loved one is to get inked in a detailed work of a lock and key ink along with a lovey dovey tattoo.

Wedding Quote Tattoo For Couple

Get yourself and your partner inked in a meaningful and loving quote perfectly defining your relationship.

King And Queen Tattoo

A stylish looking king and queen cards inspired tattoo on your ring finger is a new age and unique way to approach your couple tattoo dreams.

Tattoo Initial

The perfect and old fashioned way of representing your undying love for each other is by getting the tattoo of your initials done in a simple style.

His And Her Crown Tattoo Design

A wonderfully detailed work of a king and queen crown tattoo art done on you and your other half’s body is a great way to go.

Love Tattoo Idea

An infinity symbol looks a million times better if it is teamed up with a perfect looking and simple love word.

Matching Tattoo For Boyfriend And Girlfriend Crown

A symbol for being the king and queen works perfectly if done in minimal yet stylish manner.

Interlocked Heart Tattoo

Go unique with your choice of a husband and wife tattoo by getting a simple and minimal heart done on either of your fingers in a unique way.

Half Heart Tattoo

A simple looking heart tattoo done perfectly on you and your other half is the perfect representation of your love for each other.

Ying Yang Matching Tattoo

A yin and yang tattoo done in the most minimal and simple style works wonders if done right.

Unique His And Her Wedding Ring Tattoo

A uniquely done tattoo on your ring finger works the best if done in a stylish and impressive manner.

Skeleton Finger Tattoo

Getting inked in an incredibly detailed work of a male and female Skeleton tattoo is a great way to go in order to symbolize your lifelong love.

Forever And Always Tattoo

A deer tattoo done in great and immense detail and keeping the intricacies in mind is the perfect approach into getting inked.

Heart On Wrist Tattoo

A finger printed image in the form of a heart shaped tattoo is a great way to represent your undying love for each other.

Male And Female Lion Tattoo

A pretty little tattoo of a lion and a lioness on your and your better half’s finger is the perfect option for you to represent your undying love.

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