226 Stupendous Husband and Wife Tattoos


Cute Mickey And Minnie Couple Tattoo On Hand

The most classic way to go for every Disney loving couple is to get inked in a Mickey and Minnie mouse colored tat!

Black And Blue Star Couple Tattoo

A great way to represent your shining love is to get inked in a simple looking five pointed star tattoo on you and your better half.

Matching Couple Finger Tattoo

A minimalistically colorful tattoo done on your and your loved one’s ring finger is a great and a fun way to go for!

Grey Ink Fox Head Couple Tattoo

Getting inked in a wonderful looking and a detailed work of a wolf tattoo along with your partner always works wonders.

Puzzle Heart Couple Tattoo

A simple puzzle inspired tattoo on you and your better half done in a way where you complete each other works wonders.

Outline Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo

A minimal tattoo of a sun and a moon is the perfect option to go for if you are looking to get inked along with your loved one.

Robot Couple Tattoo

A male and female version of a robot is a great option to go for a cute looking husband and wife tattoo.

Bicep And Forearm Fruit Couple Tattoo

A new age and modern representation of the love you and your partner share is to get a half and half avocado done in bright and vivid colors.

Mr And Mrs. Couple Tattoo On Finger

A simple and minimalistically done tattoo of a Mr. and Mrs. tattoo works wonders for every couple.

Amazing Side Rib Couple Tattoo

The perfect and timeless choice for husband and wife is to get inked a cherry blossom or tree tattoo representing your timeless love for each other.

Couple Tattoo On Finger

A ‘faithful’ lettered tattoo on every alternate finger of your and your loved ones is a charming representation of your long lasting love for each other.

Forearm Couple Tattoo

A quirky, fun, and wonderfully colored looking salad inspired tattoo on each other’s arms is a great way to go.

Nice Wrist Couple Tattoo

A perfect looking ‘made for each other’ inspired tattoo is the perfect way of expressing your love for each other.

Key Tattoo For Couple

A gorgeously done, Gothic styled key tattoo, complete with amazing details is a great way of approaching your husband and wife tattoo dreams.

Mandala Couple Tattoo

A designer tattoo is the perfect option to go for if you are looking to get inked in a detailed and intricate manner.

Nice Mandala Tattoo Design

A great way of going for every couple is by getting inked tattooed in gorgeously detailed works of a mandala inspired tat.

Couple Mandala Tattoo

A mandala inspired tattoo done in impressive details and complete with amazing intricacies is a great way of going.

Watercolor Geometric Deer Tattoo

Get inked in new styles and techniques like a watercolor style of a male and female gazelle in geometric styles.

Candle Lamp Tattoo For Couple

A whimsical looking tattoo is a great way of accentuating your love for the magical and fairy tale like love story.

Cute Colorful Bird Tattoo

Represent your love by getting inked in a prettily colored image of a pair of two birds.

Matching Tattoo Sun And Moon

A pretty and minimalistic looking inspired tattoo of the sun and the moon successfully represents your perfect love for each other.

Pokemon Tattoo

A male and female Pokemon inspired tattoo done in wonderful colors works wonders.

Bow And Arrow Tattoo

Represent your fierce side by getting inked in a bow and arrow depiction of a minimal tattoo.

Star Tattoo For Couple

Get inked in a brightly colored tattoo of a pair of stars in duo on your and your better half’s hand, and let your love shine through!

Tree And Owl Tattoo

A wise choice to go is by getting a minimal finger tattoo inked of a tiny owl and a tree.

Deer Tattoo For Couple

A male and female deer inspired tattoo done in wonderful and immense details works wonders in portraying your love and respect for each other.

Best Couple Tattoo Idea

A pretty and realistic looking tattoo of a kiss always works wonders if done right.

Bee Tattoo On Couple Wrist

A gorgeous looking tattoo of a personally relevant bee ink is a great option to opt for.

Matching Racoon Couple Tattoo

A great way to go for every animal loving couple is to get inked in a pretty colored male and female versions of their favorite animals.

Angel Wing Tattoo

Get inked in an immensely detailed work of a wings tattoo art done on either one of your partner’s back.

Angel Tattoo For Couple

Getting in a superbly detailed work of a tattoo art works the best if done intricately and with perfect details.

Amazing Matching Tattoo Idea

A perfectly designed tattoo on your and your other half’s body part gives the feel of completion.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Couple

A pretty and a detailed work of a dreamcatcher tattoo done on you and your partner looks perfect.

Puzzle Tattoo For Couple

Complete your tattoo by getting bits and pieces of it done in an amazing style that it can only be complete when the other half is around.

Skull And Heart Tattoo

Skip the regular Lock and key design and opt for this edgy version instead!

Wife Name Tattoo Idea

Go ahead with your Wife’s name on your finger while she can get an infinity heart on hers.

Skeleton Couple Tattoo

Quirky and fun, this Skeleton couple is perfect to show both of yours sense of humour and love.

Simple Name Tattoo

Simple Name tattoos on the ring finger like this look elegant and stylish.

Simple King And Queen Crown Tattoo

Though common, you can get the King and Queen Crown tattoo in a variety of versions and this black shaded design is one classy version!

Queen Of Heart Tattoo Design

Rule each other’s heart for life with this Queen of Heart tattoo design.

Quote Tattoo On Feet

A Beautiful Love quote tattoo on feet will look sweet and endearing.

Queen Crown Drawing Tattoo

A stylish version of the Crown tattoos, this version styles it further with beautiful words.

Name Tattoo Idea

Ditch rings and go for each other’s name inked on fingers.

Lock Heart Tattoo

Lock your love for each other for life with this gorgeously inked Lock Heart tattoo.

King And Queen Tattoo On Wrist

Stay basic and stylish with this King and queen tattoo on wrist.

King & Queen Tattoo

A mainstream choice for couples, this King and Queen tattoo look gorgeous.

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