226 Stupendous Husband and Wife Tattoos


King And Queen Card Tattoo

This King and Queen Card tattoo is detailed, striking and is an awesome choice for a forearm design.

Finger Wave Tattoo

Take a hint from this design if you don’t want to go matchy with your tattoos. This unique Finger Wave tattoo is an absolute trendsetter.

Heart With Heartbeat Tattoo

Minimalistic and super chic, this Heart with Heartbeat tattoo is a great option for couples!

Hand Crown Tattoo Idea

If you guys are looking for some trendy crown tattoo ideas, this arm tattoo with initials is one great design to check out!

Lioness With Crown Tattoo

Display your eternal love towards each other with this amazing Lion and Lioness tattoo on the finger.

Cute Best Friend Tattoo

Get inked in a wonderful looking stick figure of both male and female styles in order to showcase your love for each other.

Love Tattoo Image

A great and a cute way of expressing your love for each other is by getting inked in a pretty looking tattoo of a minimal heart.

Small Tattoo Idea For Best Friend

A cute and matching tattoo on you and your better half definitely works wonders if done right.

Cool Name Tattoo Design

A tattoo dedicated only to names in a wonderful looking font looks perfect on both you and your better half.

Tattoo Idea Couple

A beauty and the beast inspired tattoo looks perfect on you and your better half if done perfectly and with great details.

Couple Bird Tattoo

Getting inked on yourself and on your better half of a gorgeous looking series of birds flying away is a great way of representing your carefree spirit.

Cross Tattoo For Couple

A pair of cross tattoo done on your and your other half’s arm is the perfect representation of your love.

Soul Mate Tattoo

Divide and share your love for a worded tattoo in a way that makes sense when it comes together.

Owl Always Love You Tattoo

A uniquely designed tattoo done in immense and wonderful details is a great way to go for every couple seeking their own one of a kind tattoo love.

Musical Note Matching Tattoo

The perfect option to go for each couple is to get inked in a series of musical note tattoo. A timeless piece.

Matching Tattoo Design

A 3D couple’s tattoo not only looks awesome but is also the perfect representation of your unique love for each other.

Couple Tattoo Idea

The perfect representation for the love you bear for each other is by getting inked in a perfectly colored infinity symbol.

Anchor Matching Tattoo For Couple

Getting inked in a wonderfully detailed work of an anchor tattoo works really well i done right.

Diamond Couple Tattoo On Hand

A minimalistically done diamond tattoo in a simple style is a great way of going to showcase your pure love for each other.

Never Sink Memorial Anchor Couple Tattoo

A tattoo of simple looking designer work of an anchor tattoo is a great way to represent your secure love.

Stitch And Angel Tattoo On Couple Back Shoulder

A pretty and fun representation of your love is by getting inked in a stitch and female stitch tattoo.

Chess Piece Tattoo

A creative representation of your love done in a stylish manner is a great way of representing your love for each other.

Anchor Skull Couple Tattoo

A unique and gorgeously detailed work of a tattoo art not only looks amazing but also works best as a couple’s tattoo.

Tree And Bird Tattoo For Couple

A wonderful looking tattoo of a tree along with birds done on you and your other half always works wonders.

Paper Plane And Boat Tattoo

A simply done yet amazingly colored image of a paper plane and a paper boat is a great option to go for.

Watercolor Triangle Tattoo

A geometrically intricate and wonderful looking tattoo on you and your lover works perfectly.

Quote Tattoo For Couple

Getting inked in a meaningful love quote along with your loved one’s date of birth or important dates is a great take on getting a couple’s tattoo inked.

Swan Tattoo For Couple

A swan tattoo inked in an origami design works best if it is done right and with wonderful designs.

Steer And Anchor Tattoo For Couple

You can get a similar looking tattoo on you and your better half in a similar looking steer and anchor tattoo.

Flower Tattoo Design For Couple

Let your love blossom like a spring flower by getting inked in a pretty yet simple looking work of a flower tattoo on each of you.

Hummingbird And Flower Arm Tattoo

A wonderfully done image of a hummingbird in flying motion along with a gorgeously done image of a flower is a great way to go for every couple.

Dragonfly And Dargon Tattoo

One of the perfect ways to approach your couple’s tattoo is to get inked in a dragonfly and a detailed dragon tattoo.

Wedding Ring Tattoo

An awesome symbol of showcasing your love for each other is a great option to go for.

Wedding Ring Tattoo Design

A male and female inspired tattoo of a ring done perfectly on your ring finger is a great way of demonstrating your love for each other.

Sun And Moon Tattoo Design

Get inked in a pleasing looking and wonderfully detailed work of a sun tattoo, which can only be seem to be complete if viewed together.

Have You Ever Couple Tattoo On Wrist

A meaningful and a unique quote meant only for your and your loved one done perfectly on your wrist is a great choice to go for.

Animal Couple Tattoo

A minimal approach into getting a couple’s tattoo done in the form of a male and a female fox works in amazing ways for you.

Creative Matching Tattoo

A half n half mandala inspired tattoo done in incredible and wonderful details of a designer looking tattoo mandala tattoo.

Heart Tattoo For Couple

A similar looking tattoo of an infinity heart works wonders if you want to portray your love for each other.

Heart Shape Pizza Tattoo On Couple Leg

Your love for each other and pizza can be perfectly shown through a gorgeously done work of a colored pizza tattoo art done on both of you.

Dotwork Wolf Head Tattoo On Couple Forearm

A dot work styled tattoo done perfectly on you and your hubby’s arm in perfect previsions of a wolf is a great way to go.

Star Tattoo On Finger

A starry wonder tattoo is a great way of going for every couple to represent your bright and vibrant love life.

Couple Tattoo Design

Bring your mandala love to each other and complete your loved one’s tattoo by getting a similar looking tattoo done.

Finger Ring Couple Tattoo

A ring finger tattoo done on your and your husband’s fingers in simple and minimal style clearly demonstrates your loyalty for each other.

Matching Dragon Tattoo For Couple

A simply detailed work of a dragon tattoo on your and your lover’s feet is the perfect way of expressing your fiery love for each other.

Robot Love Couple Tattoo

A male and female image of a colorful android is the perfect way to go for couples looking for a unique and a new age touch to their tats.

Mickey And Minnie Outline Tattoo On Couple Wrist

A Disney inspired tattoo of an outline of Mickey and Minnie mouse works the best for every couple.

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