How to Practice Freelancing Skills

Freelancing is a boon to those who want to work from the comforts of their home. There are no boundaries of freedom that one gets in freelancing. The environment of the home acts like a source of strength and gives rise to passion, necessary for the productivity of any company. The work from home facility gives good opportunities to an individual to grow and learn. If you’re a freelancer, then you save yourself from the long and tiring hours of travel. This ensures the best use of the morning hours which are considered to be highly productive. The freelancing saves an individual from morning blues.

Working from home might be a cake walk for some, but it requires a careful analysis and research of the subject you are working on. Freelancing is meant for those individuals who are dedicated and are looking for an extra income. It is not a getaway from hard work. The main aim of freelancing is to give a very good and healthy environment to an individual and also an opportunity to earn good income. Work from home is fast becoming a very highly trusted area of working sector. From good payment to interesting work, freelancing is a blessing for those who want to test their potential and want to increase their knowledge. There are different things that are to be kept in mind while working from home. The following steps will teach you how to practice freelancing skills better.



Research plays a very key role in the development of your content. Without research, it is impossible to develop a correct and an interesting content. Complete knowledge is necessary. The knowledge of the subject for which you are writing will help you in your writing as well as in conveying your message to the readers.

Make It Interesting

Make It Interesting

After research comes the formation of words. The content should be developed in an interesting way, so that it appeals to the minds of the readers. Too much use of flowery words doesn’t always mean that the content will be interesting. While writing one has to keep in mind that the flow of thoughts should be clear and should be maintained.

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

One of the most important things to be kept in mind while writing is, it should be simple. Use of difficult words might not help you achieve the target of a lucid writing. The words should be simple so that the subject on which you are writing can be easily understood.

Be Clear

Be Clear

A good writing reflects good thinking. Make sure that when you write, your thought process is clear. At times when your mind is full of different kind of thoughts, it becomes difficult to write. In order to write well, ensure that you are clear in your thoughts. In order to do that, one should keep the following points in mind,

• Make notes of what you’re going to write

• A rough work will help you draft a good article

• Deal with one thought at a time

• Don’t try to overdo anything



After you have finished writing, go through it once again. Always when one writes in flow, the common mistakes that one make are with,

• Determiners like that, this etc.

• Prepositions like to, from, at, in etc.

• Articles like a, an, the etc.

• Conjunctions like but, and, because, as etc.

• Helping verbs like is, be etc.

• Subject verb agreement

• Homophones like air/heir, story/storey etc.

• Common errors with it’s and its etc.

• Common spelling errors like colonel, lieutenant, necessary, woollen etc

• Grammatical mistakes like “What is the time in your watch?” The correct English for this sentence is ‘’what is the time by your watch?’’

• American and British English like favourite/ favorite, colour/ color etc.

• Take care of the tense in which you are writing. It’s always better to write in simple tense.

• Subject and predicate. Try to place the predicate after the subject.

• Suffix and prefix

• Metaphors and similes should be used at the right places.

• Check for inconsistency in your writing.

Time Yourself

Time Yourself

A freelancer should know how to work within the time limit. Usually the freedom to work from home makes a freelancer take time for granted. Make sure that you take out some hours of the day and work in those hours diligently. Dedication is the main asset of a freelancer. If you know how to time yourself, it will give you time for other activities too.



If you want to be a good freelance writer, go through the writings of other writers. Reading other stuff will give an idea how to carry forward your work. This will also help you establish your own style of writing, which is very important for every writer. The art of writing is a very creative art and should be practiced and polished from time to time. There are numerous problems that one faces while writing. Two of the most common problems are,

1. Creative block

2. Burnout

Different methods are followed to counter these problems. The application of these methods will not only help you clear out the creative block, but also avoid burnout from the long hours of working as a freelancer.

• Taking breaks in between the work.

• Long brisk walks help to clear out the unwanted stress and pressure from your mind.

• Without passion it is very difficult to do any creative work. To avoid burnout or creative block, remind yourself of your passion.

• Talk to anyone you are comfortable with. At times it is best just to talk to someone, this helps you in not only sharing your problems but also in reviving your mind.

• Have a good sense of humour. Watching a comedy serial or catching a good flick will refresh your mind.

• Healthy eating and sleeping habits are a must. They help in removing the unwanted thoughts from your mind which often distract you from writing clear.

• Listening to music plays a very important role in renewing and refreshing your mind. It not only renews or refreshes but also soothes and relaxes your mind which helps you in thinking better.

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