How to Create a Good Name for Your Font

These days, nearly anyone can create fonts using software for their computers, but creating a high quality font that people will want to use is a bit more difficult.  There are a lot of aspects that go into designing a font, such as the style, shape of the letters, kerning, serifs vs sans-serif.

Designing a quality font can be an immense achievement, a statement of your design personality and can be posted to the web to display your graphic design capabilities to others. However, a dilemma faced by many new font developers is how to name their fonts. This is an important decision, since the name you give it can set the font up for future success or failure.

Here are tips for creating a good name for your font.

Be Original

Originality is important when naming a font. The online world is flooded with thousands of font options so your font’s name must make it stand out from the crowd. Since so many font options are now being offered online, it’s also important to check for similarly named fonts before choosing one. Copyright infringements are also a big no-no in the font design world so check for these before settling on a name.

Browse Examples

One of the best ways to learn something new is to follow the lead of others. As such, a great way to learn the ins and outs of the font naming process is to browse the names given to other popular fonts. As you begin to browse these examples, you’ll develop a sense for which catch your eye and which you would rather avoid. Focus on those you’re naturally drawn to and think about what features of those font names caught your attention.

The following websites are great resources to browse font names:

Give it an Appropriate Name

As a font developer, you understand the differences between things like sans serif and serif fonts, as well as script and bold features. However, consumers viewing your font likely won’t understand these differences simply from looking at the font’s design. As such, either in the font’s title or in its accompanying description, provide details on its style and classification. This information will be very valuable for online audiences and may encourage them to initiate a download.

Another aspect of naming your font appropriately is not to let the name get too far out of control. While you want the name to be an original expression of your design personality, you don’t want it to be so far off the grid, and unrelated to the font design, that it begins driving people away rather than inviting them to learn more.

Test the Name

While you may think you’ve chosen the perfect font name, you can’t be sure until you’ve tested it on potential users. Run the name by friends and family or by fellow designers. This can help determine if others will accept the name or if you should go back to the naming board.

Developing a font is a commendable achievement. You should honor this accomplishment with a suitable name that will tell others what your font is all about and encourage them to purchase or download it. By properly naming the font, you can increase its chances of online recognition and advance your career in design and typography.

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