How to Build Your Online Reputation

Writing is a creative work. Like all creative works, it becomes very important for the creative minds to develop their own style. Having a distinct style will ensure a good online reputation. Today’s generation is a generation of virtual world. Everything is online. The creative world has now shifted its focus from print and television to internet. Internet not only reaches to millions but it also helps in sharing your creative work with others. Sharing your work online with others will also help you in finding people with similar interests. As more and more people are reading online, it becomes very important for a writer to have his article or blog on the net.

One of the advantages of having your writing online is that it gives you the opportunity to learn well. There are options where people can like or dislike your article or comment about the same. For a writer, it is very important to know how his/ her writing is received by the readers. Usually in print or television media, the response is not known immediately. On the other hand, the moment your article or blog gets posted on any popular site, the response is almost immediate. Hence, the writer will know how well his/ her work is received. The readers will either appreciate or criticise your work. But, as a creative person if you take criticism carefully, you will be able to become the most read writer.

In order to achieve that feat, one question has to be answered; How to build your online reputation? Building an online reputation is not an easy task. It requires lot of hard work and dedication. Without these two foundation stones, it is impossible to build any kind of online reputation. There are certain points that you have to keep in mind in order to have a good and a reputed online reputation.

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How to Practice Freelancing Skills

How to Practice Freelancing Skills

Freelancing is a gift to people who never hesitate to do hard work. If you want to have a good online reputation, you need to know how you can successfully and efficiently practice your freelancing skills.

• Knowledge

No work can be started without having any knowledge of the subject. As a writer, you should have a sufficient amount of knowledge to pass on to your readers. Knowledge can be gained only through proper research. A good effort in your research will ensure an informative piece of writing. Make sure that before writing on any subject, that you have sound knowledge of it. Through good research a good piece of writing can be developed. Knowledge of the subject will give you power to share your thoughts in a better way.

• Outlook

The outlook of the article or blog will determine its success. A proper presentation will ensure that it is read by more readers. It is very important for a writer to convert information into an interesting article. The important requirement that every article has to meet is that it should be informative and interesting. The way in which you present your writing will either make or break your online reputation.

• Simply clear

Most readers prefer articles written in a simple way. The article written in a simple way will attract more readers than those with flowery words. Excessive use of flowery or difficult words usually doesn’t go well with many readers. It is best to keep it simple.

Clarity of thoughts has a very important role in your writing. It will determine if the message has been conveyed properly and in a right way or not. If you are not clear in your thoughts, it will reflect in your writing. It is of high importance for a writer to be clear in his/ her thoughts and simple in writing.

Understanding Your Personality Type

Understanding Your Personality Type

A writer must have his/ her own and distinct writing style. This style will help the reader to identify the writer. It is very important for a writer to understand his/ her personality type. In order to understand that one must;

• Select the topics that interest them

• Do vast research before writing

• Read other writers and learn from their writings

• Always make a rough copy of the writing piece

How To Handle Tough Deadlines

How To Handle Tough Deadlines

As a writer you must be punctual and should be capable to meet your deadlines. As there is a particular time for your articles to be posted, it is highly advisable to finish your work on time. Inability to meet the deadline can result in loss of readers. If you want a good online reputation, you should know how to handle tough deadlines.

In order to meet your deadlines efficiently, you should know how to tackle;

• Creative block

Creative block is a phase in which the writer is stuck half way with his/ her creation. Different ways to clear creative block are:

– Listening to music

– Going for long and brisk walks

– Reading

– Talking to any friend or loved one

– Watching a comedy flick or sitcom

– Meditation

• Burnout

Burnout is a phase when the writer has reached a saturation point and can neither think nor write on any subject. Creative block, when not tackled properly, leads to a burnout. In order to avoid burnout one needs to be very serious while tackling with the problem of creative block. Avoid working for long hours. Working for long hours can lead to a tired mind and body which eventually results in a burnout.

Stop Making These Mistakes

Stop Making These Mistakes

There are some errors which make an otherwise good writing bad and hence act as a stumbling block in your attempt to build a good online reputation. These mistakes are:

• Grammar, which includes

– Determiners

– Prepositions

– Articles

– Conjunctions

– Homophones

• Spelling mistakes are very common in any writing piece. Wrong spellings are an instant flop on the net. Make sure when you write any article, that you write the spellings of all the words correctly.

Once you have followed all the above mentioned steps, you will be able to build and develop your online reputation very well.

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