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138 Wonderful Hip Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Tattoos have a special place in the aesthetic and grooming aspect of our life. They are created on different parts of our body for enhancing the look of the particular body part. However, at times, certain tattoos are created for bringing in a sexy and appealing look. The hip tattoos belong to this very category and look quite sensuous. It is another matter that some people relate it with having a slutty display and do not feel it is in good taste but most of the people, especially women, go for it and get various designs and images carved on their hip.

Hip tattoos have one advantage in that, you can get any kind of design or image, from weird to eccentric, as it is not exposed. Those who want to flaunt their cool curves or fabulous figure find these hip tattoos very charming and get them for this very reason. Women are more gung-ho about getting the hip tattoos and they carve this part of their body part with a lot of different designs that include heart, flowers, nautical stars, etc. If you are curious to know more about these sexy tattoos, then take a look at this post that features fabulous hip tattoos. It has got amazing variety and will surely fill your heart with joy and excitement.

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Matching Hip Tattoo

This tattoo shows love for the dogs. Many people decide to show their love to their pets. The tattoo shows three pug marks.

Small Hip Tattoo For Girl

This tattoo is a tattoo of the zodiac sign, Scorpio. Getting your zodiac tattooed is a good idea.

Flower Tattoo Hip

This beautifully inked tattoo looks really sweet. It has two beautiful roses and is symbolic of love.

Hip Tattoo And Pregnancy

Cherish the most beautiful moment of a female for the lifetime. Celebrate motherhood for life by getting this tattoo on your baby bump.

Tribal Tattoo On Hip

Beautify yourself with this classic tribal tattoo of flowers.

Crow Skull And Rose Tattoo On Hip

This tattoo has a dark feel to it, which has been done without a fault. The design very smartly uses a skull, a crow, and two roses.

Front Hip Bone Tattoo

Hip bones are a delicate looking part of the body and sweet simple tattoos look best here. The tattoo has three sun flowers.

Rose Tattoo On Pelvis

This enchanting tattoo is a perfect example of an intriguing tattoo. It shows an intricately designed rose.

Heart On Hip Tattoo

This black ink tattoo is a great pick. The tattoo has a danger sign with a cute little heart.

Tattoo Hip

This tattoo is sophisticated tattoo, it has several stars some are just outlined and some have been colored black.

Tattoo On The Hip

This beautiful black and grey tattoo is a fine example of the art. The flowers are accompanied with a great message.

Stomach Hip Tattoo

This tattoo shows the love for the cats. The cat her looks really cute owing to the way the artist has used the colors.

Waist Hip Tattoo

This gorgeous hip tattoo has been designed as a band around the waist with a flower. It looks really charismatic.

Tattoo On Pelvis

This gorgeous tattoo has been very well done and the tattooist has used the dot work technique to in these pretty stars.

Tattoo On Pelvic Bone

This blazing tattoo is unique in its own sense. It is a mix of styles like tribal tattoo and new school tattoo.

Tattoo On The Hip Design

This tattoo is a delight to the eyes. This mandala design is highly intricate and employs the dot work technique beautifully.

Waist Tattoo Idea Design

This sweet and sexy waist tattoo idea design has tiny headphones showing your love for music.

Wing On Hip Tattoo

Get yourself inked in some magnificent ink with this elaborative wing tattoo on hip!

Hip Tattoo For Girl

This bright tattoo captures the soul of a flower perfectly. A flower signifies positivity and beauty and so is the tattoo.

Tribal Hip Tattoo Design

Tattoos add a lot of grace to one’s personality. This tattoo is an ornamental one and is very intricately done.

Cute Hip Tattoo Design

This dainty tattoo of a delicate flower is everything you could ask for. It is perfectly done.

Cute Hip Tattoo

When it comes to girl tattoos, dainty designs like a fairy and butterflies go a long way. Here the tattooist has done a great work at the tattoo.

Women Hip Tattoo

This beautiful ornamental tattoo done in the black ink is flawlessly designed. The delicate and intricate design is marvelous.

Back Hip Tattoo

Cherry blossoms are indicative of life and its beauty. This back hip tattoo beautifully captures that!

Large Hip Tattoo

This dazzling tattoo design has some beautiful roses adorned with glowing pearls. The tattoo has a classy appeal.

Tattoo On Lower Hip

This tattoo is very individualistic and has a lot of innovation in it. The lion, otherwise ferocious here is shown in a delicate way.

Girl Hip Tattoo

This beautiful cherry blossom tattoo will prove to be a good choice for a tattoo. It is considered to be an ode to life.

Front Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is a masterpiece and has used only black and red ink. It a great idea to incorporate a favorite song lyrics or a quote in your tattoo.

Female Hip Tattoo

When a tattoo is done with precision and expertise, the results are amazing. This tattoo is of a rose and looks breathtaking.

Side Of Hip Tattoo

This beautiful grand tattoo is very accurately done. This classy tattoo is done only with the black ink and has numerous roses.

Hip Tattoo Idea For Girl

This traditional Japanese tattoo is very pleasing to the eyes. It has water and flowers, indicative of a calm beauty.

Hip Tattoo

Nothing speaks elegance better than flowers, especially roses. This beautiful tattoo uses the colors to its betterment.

Hip Star Tattoo

This simple yet innovatively beautiful tattoo is a great choice for getting inked. The design has a star in the zebra print.

Stars On Hip Tattoo

This tattoo done solely with the black ink is a great take at simplistic tattoos. It uses stars of various shapes to give a lovely effect.

Side Waist Tattoo

Many tattoos are made as a token of love for a particular person and this beautiful color tattoo is an awesome way for a tribute.

Below The Waist Tattoo

This elegant tattoo is a very beautiful choice for someone looking for a simple tattoo. The bird means free spirit.

Small Hip Bone Tattoo

This allium tattoo is a gorgeous one. This delicate tattoo oozes grace and the flying birds symbolize freedom.

Hip And Side Tattoo

An octopus is not a very common choice for a tattoo and screams mystery. This tattoo done in black ink is a great example.

Cute Tattoo On Hip

Tattoos should mean something and should have an emotion to it; this tattoo shows the love of music through musical notes.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo On Hip

This unbelievably gorgeous tattoo is fantastically done with the water color tattoo technique. The design showcases a dream catcher.

Tattoo On Side Of Hip

A rose is a beautiful flower but also has some thorns, just like the life. This gorgeous rose tattoo is an ode to life.

Hip And Rib Tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo shows passion towards travelling and it speaks of wanderlust. This beautiful design includes a compass and two roses.

Hip Word Tattoo

Getting a quote inked in a beautiful font is a fantastic idea. This one reads “some are destined to succeed.

Amazing Hip Hop Tattoo For Men

Fete your manhood with this super-amazing hip-hop tattoo.

Lily Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is divine. It brings out the colors so well. This colored lily tattoo is plain awesome.

Floral Hip Tattoo

This classy tattoo has a rose and a lily. Flowers are symbolic of love and everything beautiful and so is the tattoo.

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