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138 Wonderful Hip Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Inspirational Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonfly along with a freedom quote stands for the desire of the wearer to be set free and lead an independent life.

Bow Tattoo

Cute pink ribbon created with the name of the post-hardcore band, that is the girl’s favorite, looks cute.

Widow Spider Tattoo

The unique female spider who eats away the male after mating makes for a cool and intriguing tattoo piece.

Floral Side Hip Tattoo

Nice tattoo piece created with a turtle and flowers that looks beautiful and symbolizes the wearer’s love for nature.

Tribal Side Tattoo

The tribal design looks cool and has got a nice touch to it that is also a symbol that the wearer prizes his tribal culture.

Lizard Tattoo

Amaze everyone with your weird tattoo choice with this Lizard tattoo.

Flower Tattoo Tribal

The pair of flowers is a symbol of love and stands for the softness, fragrance and brightness that have entered into the wearer’s life after entering into a relationship.

Musical Heart Tattoo

The girl has got a meaningful and simple tattoo that is a symbol of her lover being a musician.

Baby Heart Tattoo

The mother has got a tattoo on her hip for her son, who has gone through a lot but survived the ordeal and came out a winner.

Love Tattoo On Hip

Small, black heart tattoo, engraved on the hip, symbolizes the love life of the girl.

Ouroboros Belly Tattoo

Life is an ever-growing and continuing cycle; this is the essence of the ouroboros tattoo, carved around the hip.

Conch Shell Tattoo

This is a spiritual and religious tattoo which also stands for the fascination of the girl with oriental culture.

Key Tattoo

Simple tattoo created on the hip, looks beautiful and is a symbol of her committed lover whose heart’s key is in her hand.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

The girl got this butterfly tattoo on her hip, with the name of her lover that she personally gave to him, as a mark of love.

Abstract Tiny Tattoo

Seemingly devoid of meaning, this unique dark tattoo, has got personal meaning for the wearer and looks nice, as well.

Nautical Star Tattoo

The pair of identical nautical stars, one big another small, symbolizes the wearer and her husband who are like guiding stars to each other.

Pretty Butterfly Tattoo

Celebrate life and live it fully because it is too short to be wasted in misery; this is the message coming out of the butterfly tattoo, carved on hip.

Flower Tattoo On Side Of Hip

This beautiful flower tattoo on the thigh is very pleasing to the eyes. The tattoo uses the colors in the best way to it’s advantage

Dark Nautical Star Tattoo

Solo star tattoo, created on the hip, looks cool and denotes the fact that the girl has found the right path in life.

Hip Quote Tattoo

Quotes make for a graceful tattoo. Done only with the black ink, it says “What is broken is broken”.

Colorful Sparrow Tattoo

Bliss lies in freedom; the flying sparrow tattoo symbolizes this very emotion and looks quite charming.

Tree Tattoo

This is a Japanese maple tree that the girl got on her hip to express her grief at the dismal state, the trees are in, today.

Tattoo On Girl Hip

Alliums are stupendous flowers and are inspiration for many tattoos. Here the placid flower is paired with a flock of birds.

Peacock Hip Tattoo

Peacocks are hands down one of the nature’s most beautiful creations. This beautiful tattoo is flawlessly done.

Black And Grey Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is a beautifully done with the black and grey technique of tattoos. A rose tattoo is a dedication to love.

Reindeer Skull Hip Tattoo

This tattoo has a wonderful meaning behind it. It shows a reindeer skull and the horns turning into trees, indicative of the life and death cycle.

Fight Club Hip Tattoo

This fantastic tattoo is one of the kinds which everyone wants on their body. It is a fight club tattoo.

Amazing Humming Bird Hip Tattoo

This hummingbird tattoo has been made in the 3D technique and has been flawlessly done. The colors make it look real.

Simple Star Hip Tattoo Design

Brighten your life with this simple tattoo of stars on your belly.

Star And Swirl Hip Tattoo

This delicate tattoo is a great pick if you are thinking of getting inked. This tattoo uses some stars to enhance the body part’s beauty.

Lily On Hip Tattoo

Colored tattoos of look really classy and add life to the body part that you choose to get inked. the lily here is very well done.

Lily With Dark Vine Hip Tattoo

This delicate tattoo shows a beautiful lily with dark vines. The tattoo is very lively and vibrant.

Flower Tattoo On Hip Bone

This marvelous tattoo of a flower placed on the hip bone is the perfect amount of bold and beautiful.

Word Tattoo On Hip

Tattoo is a way of self-expression and people often use song lyrics to do that. This one says “Heaven is a place on earth with you”.

Neo Phoenix Hip Tattoo

Mythical creatures are often a subject for tattoos.This magnificent tattoo of a phoenix uses colors greatly to its advantage.

Lily Flower Tattoo On Hip

Flowers are a representation of life’s beauty and this awesome tattoo of a tiger lily is and ode to life.

Quote Tattoo On Hip

Sometimes a quote tattoo does what even the elaborate designs can’t. this one says “I thank my family and music for keeping me sane.

Side Hip Rose Tattoo

This masterfully done tattoo is a fine example of colorful tattoos. It has some intricately shaded roses and leaves.

Rose With Cancer Ribbon Hip Tattoo

Not only is this tattoo beautiful but also hugely symbolic. The ribbon is an ode to the cancer patients and survivors.

Simple Quote Hip Tattoo

You don’t need elaborate designs of tattoos, even simple designs look good. This tattoo has a simple quote written on it.

Font Hip Tattoo

Just getting a single word in a beautiful font is very popular around the world. The word here is “Supinya”.

Side Hip Tattoo

This splendid tattoo has so many things going on in the design that it is beautiful in all the complexities.

Rose And Bird Tattoo On Hip

This tattoo is done in the traditional style of tattooing. It is a dedication to love and has two roses and birds.

Cute Little Tattoo On Hip

This cute little tattoo invites a total awe from the people who see it. The tattoo is of GIR from invader ZIM.

Beautiful Rose Tattoo On Hip

This beautiful flower tattoo is solely done in black ink with special attention to the details. Flower tattoos make for very serene tattoos.

Quote With Sunflower Hip Tattoo

This dazzling tattoo of a sunflower and a chrysanthemum is extremely done. The colors of the ink are very appropriately used here.

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