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138 Wonderful Hip Tattoos (2018 Edition)


Cheetah Tattoo On Hip

If you are the one who believes in winning every race, it is none other than a cheetah tattoo on your upper hip that you could get.

Hip Hop Tattoo For Men

Tremble on the treble, boost the bass- turn the radio on with this funky hip-hop tattoo of Statue of Liberty.

Hip Gun Tattoo

Leap up your machoism to whole new level with this terrific hip-gun tattoo.

Waistline Tattoo For Guy

You are the criminal of your own predicaments. Get this meaningful tattoo on your waistline.

Sexy Lady With Tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo done with the colored ink adds vibrancy to any body part. It reads “lord make me a rainbow, I’ll shine down on my mother”.

Nautical Star Hip Tattoo

Celebrate your sensuality with this wonderful light and dark shades of the nautical stars tattoo up your hip.

Tiger Tattoo On Girl Hip

This dramatically beautiful tattoo has a lot going on in it. The tattoo uses a fierce tattoo, a skull, and some flowers to create this beauty.

Quote Hip Tattoo

It is a brilliant idea to get a line from a song tattooed. This tattoo says “ even if saving you sends me to heaven”.

Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Quotes and different designs go very well in a tattoo. Here the tattoo has a detailed butterfly and a Latin quote.

Hummingbird Tattoo On Hip

This alluring tattoo of a humming bird is done in colored ink and looks ravishing wherever you choose to get it.

Nice Hip Tattoo For Girl

A rose is not just a beautiful flower but is also is symbolic of love. This gorgeous tattoo has been very intricately done.

Owl Hip Tattoo

This exquisitely designed tattoo is a perfect example of an owl tattoo. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.

Supernatural Pentagram Hip Tattoo

The sun is the source of earth’s energy and this amazing sun tattoo means positivity in life.

Rose And Quote Hip Tattoo

This beautiful rose tattoo comes with an inspiring quote which tells us to never give up.

Amazing Peacock Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is incredibly surreal. The tattoo has an elaborately designed colorful peacock.

Birdy Hip Tattoo

In this tattoo a little bird is seen sitting on a branch of a tree; it makes for a beautiful tattoo. The bird can be seen as an indicator of free spirit.

Cool Meaning Tattoo

Tattoos are a great way to show your love for your family and friends. This gorgeous tattoo is of a cassette.

Dark And Dainty Hip Tattoo

This vibrant tattoo of a dandelion is a great choice to getting inked on you. On the stem it says “don’t let them say you aint beautiful”.

Swallow Tattoo On Hip

This marvelous tattoo is of a flying bird. Birds are a symbol of freedom of the soul and a happy heart.

Celtic Rose Tattoo On Hip

This is a gorgeous Celtic rose tattoo which is beautifully done. The colors here are way too beautiful.

Feather And Bird Tattoo On Hip

This beautiful feather and bird tattoo is a great pick for your tattoo. The feather and tattoo are symbolic of freedom.

Mandala Tattoo On Hip

This delicately designed mandala tattoo gives a mysterious appeal to your body. The tattoo screams grace.

Sunflower Tattoo On Hip

This intricately designed tattoo uses black ink to bring out the beauty of a sunflower. The tattoo is a sign of hope and faith.

Flock Of Birds With Feather Tattoo On Hip

Feather tattoos look surreally beautiful. This tattoo has a feather and an illusion of birds breaking free from it.

Cute Hip Tattoo For Girl

This angelic tattoo of a butterfly and some stars looks rather delicate and is very appealing to the eyes.

Waistline Tattoo For Girl

This exquisitely designed tattoo is rich in color and oozes elegance and beauty. The peacock means prosperity and positivity.

Geometric Design Tattoo On Hip

This asymmetrical tattoo is a delight to look at. The artist has employed the dot work technique. The tattoo screams beauty.

Word Tattoo On Pelvic Bone

Many times people choose to get meaningful words tattooed in different fonts. This one says live, laugh, and work.

Cherry Blossom Hip Tattoo

Red cherry blossom flowers, covering the hip, have got a glowing and radiant touch that is symbolic of feminine beauty.

Dandelion Hip Tattoo

The humble and cheerful dandelion is a symbol of good luck and has been carved for this very reason.

Dainty & Meaningful Tattoo

The flowers and the Arabic symbol that bears the name of the girl, makes for an elegant hip tattoo.

Star Tattoo

Lovely trail of stars created on the hip looks charming and is a symbol of the romantic nature of girl.

Rose Tattoo

Lovely lucky charm, carved on the hip, in the form of shamrock looks neat and also holds a lot of value for the wearer.

Terrific Tweety Tattoo

The favorite cartoon character of the girl, etched on her bikini line, on one side, looks just perfect.

Flower Tattoo

Sweet flower tattoo having three sets of letters around it symbolizes some personal meaning that is dear to the wearer.

Traditional Eagle Tattoo

American pride rules the heart of this girl and to convey the emotion, she has got a tattoo on her hip.

Creepy & Sexy Tattoo

Cute tattoos, showing skulls with bows, etched on twin sides make for an interesting sight.

Shamrock Hip Tattoo

Lovely lucky charm, carved on the hip, in the form of shamrock looks neat and also holds a lot of value for the wearer.

Creative Tattoo

Sweet tattoo piece carved with heart shapes that are intertwined to look like clover leaf, symbolize that the girl’s lover is her lucky charm.

Revolver Hip Tattoo

The pair of dark revolvers, sitting around the hip, is a token of the bold and smart attitude that the girl carries.

Song Lyrics Tattoo

The girl got a line from her favorite band’s song that is inspirational and instills self-belief in the girl.

Butterfly Tattoo

Symbol of celebration and living life to the hilt, the small butterfly tattoo looks very charming and colorful.

Tribal Design Hip Tattoo

Striking, sharp design created above the hip looks badass and amplifies the charm of the curves.

Cute Girlish Tattoo

The pink flip-flops and the ice cream in between looks damn sweet and is in an indication that the wearer is also as sweet.

Tattoo For Grandmother

Quote with a cancer ribbon, etched on the side of the hip, looks adorable and also acts as a source of inspiration.

Playing Card Tattoo

The dark playing cards, embellished along the hip, looks cool and stands for the craze the girl possesses for this game.

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