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thai ridgeback temperament intelligent

They were alive during the Funan Era in a section of Southeast Asia which is now known as Cambodia and Myanmar. The Thai Ridgeback was an all-purpose dog, kept to guard property and serve as an alarm dog, escort or pull carts, hunt small and large game, and keep cobras at bay. It’ll get rid of all the excess energy that’s lying inside of himself. Height: 20-24 inches It’ll also help you start cultivating a plan about how to get them comfortable with their new home. Lifespan: 12-15 years Temperament. But keep in mind he also tends to have a mind of his own. Personality and Temperament of the Thai Ridgeback. The breed also makes an excellent watchdog but will need early socialization to prevent them from becoming aggressive to those they don’t know. Your best bet is to stick with positive reinforcement techniques and treat based reward systems. Naturally, they become suspicious of any person or dog they don’t know. He just needs an owner who can make sure his good traits emerge more often than the problematic ones. You could also check out websites like or, which will show the nearest available Thai Ridgeback. In Thailand, if they aren’t busy working, they’re probably sunbathing! They’ve been seen on archaeological artifacts dating back almost 400 years! © 2020 All rights reserved. Their natural instinct of protection is triggered whenever they sense some threats towards their family members. Although it’s a widely held belief that he’s much older; it’s even thought that he might be a Hottentot dog descendant, which could’ve resulted in the existence of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Dealing with his intelligence and independent nature can even be a challenge for the most experienced owner. It was used mainly for hunting in the eastern part of that country. Temperament – The Thai Ridgeback bonds very strongly to their owners and family and will react aggressively to strangers. It’s also helpful that he has a high level of alertness, which ensures nothing goes on without him knowing. They are aloof and wary of strangers. The Thai Ridgeback temperament isn’t something a first-time owner should put inside their household. The depth of chest is equal to the length of the foreleg. These were versatile dogs, used for several purposes like … And in some cases, he might have a white patch on his chest. So you can snuggle up on the sofa together without being covered in fur! And it’ll let them know you’re interested, which allows the shelter the option to alert you when they do have one. Some may be susceptible to hip dysplasia and dermoid sinus. Dog Breeds / The Thai Ridgeback has been found in eastern Thailand since the Middle Ages. Recommended Next: Looking for a loving pooch? A daily exercise such as jogging or hiking could do wonders. He will, however, require weekly brushing to get rid of any loose hairs or dirt. Does he/she have any issues with certain people such as men, children, or strangers? Your Spitz friend will love you for it. The Thai Ridgeback is very intelligent and tough. Their ears are pricked and the head is of wedge-shaped. Once you start reading through the Thai Ridgeback’s traits, a picture will form of what his ideal environment looks like; you must decide whether or not your household is something, which resembles that picture. Thai Ridgeback kan variere meget i størrelse, og kan svinge mellem 15-28 kilo for hunhunde, og 22-35 kilo for hanhunde. Socialization needs to be one of the key focuses of training from an early age. A Thai Ridgeback will make an excellent companion for an older child! Thai temperament is active, alert, loyal, protective, courageous and highly intelligent. Note: if you agree that your health and your dog’s health should be a top priority then get a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health. (registered with the KC? Despite being such a devoted companion, their independence allows them to be left home alone. They are very loyal to their family and are protective of them. Temperament: Intelligent, Independent, Loyal, Loving, Protective, Familial. And even though he typically picks a favorite, he’ll gladly protect the rest of the family from threats as well. It also makes him not entirely dog-friendly either, which means you need to socialize him as soon as possible. Its. Thai Ridgeback is an Intelligent, Loyal, and Protective Dog Breed. The Thai Ridgeback has a loose-skinned, muscular body. Just don’t be surprised if your garden is quickly decorated with holes! You can buy a puppy online with a credit card. This canine hasn’t got an undercoat which makes them more bearable for allergy suffers, compared to other breeds. Yes, you read that correct, this pooch is known to kill the world’s longest venomous snake! They must be kept under supervision in case the young child is accidentally knocked over. They’re playful and energetic by nature and will hold a special bond with each member of the family. If you suffer from Ophidiophobia — then the Thai Ridgeback is the dog for you. The Thai Ridgeback is beautifully unique, not to forget elegant. It’s highly doubtful they will, but it doesn’t hurt to ask and might save you extra research. It also means that this dog has no issues leaving you alone when you need some privacy. Due to their dominant side, this canine isn’t recommended for first-time owners. They’re precautions to ensure you know what you’re getting into by adopting this dog. Den thailandske Ridgeback har sit eget sind. Thai Ridgebacks are an intelligent breed. Even to this day, he remains almost entirely located in Thailand. Dental hygiene is often forgotten and vets do recommend this every day. Behavior:The Thai Ridgeback is a great hunter and any furry animals are its prey. But before you do adopt one, do yourself a favor and ask the organization the following questions: From these answers, you’ll gather much-needed information about the dog’s past. But even with this status, there are a few health issues you’ll have to be aware of as a Thai Ridgeback owner: There are a few things you could do to lessen the risk your Thai Ridgeback ends up contracting these issues. Dog Won’t Stop Rubbing His Face On Things. Use a slicker brush every once in a while to remove any loose strands of fur. Thai Ridgeback is originated from Thailand but Sapsali is originated from North Korea. Meet the rare and exotic medium size breed, with a propensity of capturing and killing Cobras.If they have to, that is. Thai Ridgeback Temperament: The length of body from point of buttocks to point of sternum is about 10 percent longer than the height measured at the withers. But in the right situation, he can be an excellent addition to a home with his fun-loving attitude and loyalty. Due to their energetic and excitable nature, Thai Ridgebacks aren’t recommended for toddlers. Both Thai Ridgeback and Sapsali has almost same litter size. Be aware, they can jump very high so they must be exercised off-leash in an enclosed space with high fences. One thing he won’t respond well to is aggression or discipline as it’ll only set the training back. Harsh training methods will completely switch this dog off. This trait is quite problematic when it comes to interactions with your other pets such as cats. Both Thai Ridgeback and Sapsali are having almost same height. Temperament and Intelligence. They need at least 1 hour's exercise a day with as much off the lead time as possible in a safe environment. The Thai Ridgeback is an ancient landrace of dog, recently established also as a standardized breed. Copyright © 2011 – 2020 DogTemperament.Com All Rights Reserved, unless otherwise noted. He’ll become withdrawn and distant, which is entirely counter-productive to this whole process. The Thai Ridgeback has a loose-skinned, muscular body. However, a certain source links its lineage to the presently extinct Hottentot dog that was also instrumental in the creation of other breeds of this variety like the Rhodesian Ridgeback (Africa) and Phu Quoc Ridgeback (Vietnam). Loyal, independent, agile, tough, active, and intelligent are all words that you can expect to hear when the Thai Ridgeback is being described. The breed is now gaining reputation in the western world, with the name “Mah Thai Lang Ahn”. Well, you have one more decision to make before finding a suitable one for your household: do you want to buy or adopt? Weight: 16-34 kilos Thai Ridgeback may weigh 7 kg / 15 pounds lesser than Rhodesian Ridgeback. Living most of its existence in isolation, the Ridgeback is beginning to see some exposure. Their other jobs included pulling carts, acting as a watchdog, and guarding their territory. They tend to chase any small animals they caught their eye on. They adore attention and bond strongly with their owner when exercising or training. An intelligent dog, they are prone to questioning instructions and testing boundaries, so must not be allowed to get away with bad behaviour. Both options are acceptable choices, but since it’s a rare breed, procuring one could be difficult either way. Driven by independent and stubborn behavior, these dogs may be difficult to train and hence require dominant owners. Find out the positive and negative traits of the Thai Ridgeback below: The Thai Ridgeback has a strong history related to its bloodline, dating right back to ancient periods. They are one of the oldest and purest breeds alive, yet aren’t very popular outside of the native land. Yes, this dog picks up on commands well but they can also pick up on bad habits just as quickly! Getting them appropriately socialized is a must as well given their natural distant of all strangers and protective personalities. Likewise, asking about your puppy’s family history and the causes of death can help determine the likelihood of dermoid sinus occurring. Thai Ridgeback Temperament og Personlighed. Thai Ridgeback may have less litter size than Rhodesian Ridgeback. But in the right situation, he can be an excellent addition to a home with his fun-loving attitude and loyalty. The Thai Ridgeback was first documented more than 350 years ago in Thailand. Be sure to trim the nails every 8 weeks or when they begin to touch the floor. It is a medium sized dog. As a result, you should continually add commands onto his training to ensure you’re always giving him something new. The Thai Ridgeback Dog is a breed with a very ancient lineage. His online resource contains Hundreds of Excellent Dog Training Videos that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a healthy, happy well-behaved dog. These traits are the reason why he makes a great guard dog. They are completely devoted to their family yet won’t struggle when being left alone! Although this dog is highly popular in Thailand, they are rare elsewhere, which is why Thai Ridgeback puppies come at a pricey cost. Temperament:The temperament of the Thai Ridgeback is independent and loyal. It might be lower or higher depending on certain circumstances such as age or medical issues; but you should go into the process expecting to spend that much. ): No, this breed is not registered with the Kennel Club. The Thai Ridgeback is a muscular, ... Temperament. The Thai Ridgeback temperament has a quiet nature, which allows him to be an excellent watchdog. Hundreds of Excellent Dog Training Videos, The Phalène Temperament, Behaviors And What Owners Need to Know, Tosa Inu Temperament: The Formidable and Rare Japanese Fighting Dog. In fact, he’s often given the moniker of escape artist by his owners because of his proficiency in this area; it’s almost uncanny. If they haven’t been socialized with strangers from an early age, they could become aggressive. If buying a Thai Ridgeback is more your preference, the options available will be limited. The Personality and Temperament of the Thai Ridgeback is confident and independent. Unfortunate to some, they can often be aggressive with other dogs and with strange people. Provided you’re a strong and consistent leader. Temperament. Before making your final decision, you must decide whether your situation is more like the first scenario or the second. He tends to go after wild animals as well, which could be problematic for his particular health. Have you decided the Thai Ridgeback temperament fits your home perfectly? Thai Ridgebacks were bred as guard dogs. Provide this pooch with the love and attention they need and you will receive a well-natured, loyal companion. Thai Ridgebacks still haven’t received recognition from the UK Kennel Club. This canine is fearless and won’t back down from a fight. Thai Ridgebacks are naturally protective of their home and owners. The lack of reliable transportation kept him isolated from the world, which allowed his unique look to stay intact. You also luck out on the bathing requirement as he only needs one once or twice a year. It is also known as Mah Thai Lang Ahn. It also essential you keep finding new ways to challenge him physically, or he will get bored. A medium sized breed, Thai Ridgeback males stand 22-24 inches at the shoulder and weigh 50-60 pounds. Especially since this pooch can get bored pretty quickly! Most likely, the Thai Ridgeback was there before Thailand began to write it's history. Temperament of the Thai Ridgeback. Are there any biting incidents you need to know about? Whilst he showers his family with love and affection, he is relatively cautious around strangers. The first thing you should do is locate your nearest shelter as they might have one. If the coat’s red, he might have a black mask as well. They were found in a remote area of Thailand where they had no access to other canine breeds. He needs a lot of physical stimulation of he’ll be a constant source of mischief and trouble in your home. The Thai Ridgeback is an energetic, active, intelligent dog and as such they need to be given the right amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation for them to be truly happy, well-rounded dogs. Numerous Thai Ridgeback puppy litters on the property at the same time. It’ll allow you to determine whether or not you consider the breeder reputable. The Thai Ridgeback’s independent nature makes training them a daunting task for even experienced owners. Dog Feels Itchy After A Bath Am I Using The Wrong Shampoo? Like many intelligent breeds, mental stimulation is necessary. Thai Ridgeback Information The Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized pariah-type dog, with a wedge-shaped head, prick ears, and a short, smooth coat. Thai Ridgeback may weigh 7 kg / 16 pounds more than Sapsali. With consistent training, the breed can be around strangers but do remember as a watch and guard dog they may still be naturally suspicious. Other two breeds are “Rhodesian Ridgeback” and “Phu Quoc Ridgeback”. Rewards such as affection and food treats will work like a charm on this canine. The breed group it belongs to is ‘Sighthounds and Pariahs’. The Thai Ridgeback is well-known for his extreme loyalty to his owners. He’d protect the property, alert people of danger, pull wagons, hunt, and ensure cobras weren’t an issue for the natives. It’s best to approach these sessions with a calm, reassuring manner. You might also find success with repetitive training sessions that’ll add a sense of routine to his life. Cleanse the ears on a weekly basis from any debris or wax. Det er nok det første du skal vide om at leve med denne interessante race. Highly intelligent, loyal, and deeply devoted, the Thai Ridgeback is a faithful companion and fierce guard dog. The Thai Ridgeback is a primitive breed that originated in Thailand and was first brought to the United States in 1994. On average just over £1000! In Thailand, they protect their families from potentially fatal situations. Just like his need for constant physical stimulation, the Thai Ridgeback needs a regular source of mental stimulation as well. ... A Thai Ridgeback should do fine in that setting as long as the dog's basic needs were met. Recommended: Get to know the Volpino Italiano dog next. Due to this, the Thai Ridgeback will only need baths once or twice a year. Check our guide to learn more about their personality. We'd love to hear what you think in the comments section! It also a reason you shouldn’t leave him outside for an extended period time either. Dog Groomers Near Me [UK Search Tool & Directory], Independent and copes well when left alone, Can be aggressive if not socialized correctly. Thai Ridgebacks love to play interactive games such as fetch. Information And Facts of Thai Ridgeback: The full name is Thai Ridgeback. Thankfully the Thai Ridgeback has minimal grooming needs and doesn’t shed much. Energiniveauet er typisk ganske højt, når racen får mulighed for at være aktiv. In fact, bathing him too much can have a negative impact on his skin and cause rashes to start forming. Not even a cobra! In other words, he’s an independent thinker who needs an owner who provides consistent, stable leadership. You can be certain a child will be protected whilst in the presence of this canine! As a result, intruders have no chance of sneaking into your home without him noticing. This role is something he takes incredibly serious as he’ll only bark when he senses a threat. These dogs are usually affectionate with their family but tend to be aloof and wary of strangers. Learn more about this breed in our guide. pariah-type dog. They are a good watchdog, guard dog, but also can be a great family companion. They are not, however, for the first time dog owner as they can be a mighty handful of a hound. The Thai Ridgeback color can vary between black, blue, red, brindle, or fawn. The Blue Thai Ridgeback has been prized in their homeland for hundreds of years. The best way to get a Thai Ridgeback to listen is by using positive reinforcement. It also a good idea to ensure your puppy’s parents have OFA certified hips before buying from a breeder. They have been extinct for some time now and date back to over a thousand years ago. But regardless of what you do, you must set up a meeting at the breeder’s facilities before purchasing the puppy. It also essential you understand that he does shed all year, but his short coat limits its impact. As soon as the Thai Ridgeback puppy has been cleared by their vet to socialise, owners should expose them to a large variety of people, pets and situations, in order to increase their tolerance. But if you’re living in a suburban area where your neighbor’s pets roam freely, his high prey drive could cause you all sorts of issues. If you want a running or jogging pal, the Thai Ridgeback temperament could be perfect for your household. It got pigment or spot on its tongue making it similar to Chow Chow and Chinese Shar-pei. Thai Ridgeback requires Moderate maintenance. Both the Thai and Phu Quoc Ridgeback are believed to have descended from the now extinct Funan Ridgeback. Is he/she housetrained. He’s often compared to his relative the Rhodesian Ridgeback, but he’s a little bit shorter and has a more well-developed body. The Thai Ridgeback is a medium-sized pariah-type dog, with a wedge-shaped head, prick ears, and a short, smooth coat. His active and loyal personality would be a bright spot within your daily life. Both Thai Ridgeback and Sapsali has almost same life span. But it’s not all bad though as the Thai Ridgeback temperament makes him able to learn some advanced commands; his background of being a working dog has given him the traits necessary for agility, obedience, and defensive training. No, Thai Ridgebacks are not the friendliest with other dogs. Thanks to their intelligence, this pooch is easy to train. Thai Ridgeback may grow 8 cm / 3 inches shorter than Rhodesian Ridgeback. Due to the independent nature of the breed, training can sometimes be a little difficult. They are also exceptionally good at jumping, have a strong survival instinct, and make a fabulous family dog. Attend a local puppy training class, it is the perfect way to get your dog used to others, whilst learning commands.

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