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popeyes headquarters phone

I also know that he pays another employees to keep information to them selves. The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Popeyes in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 2 ways to reach Popeyes, compared by speed and customer recommendations. Popeyes Corporate Office & Headquarters 5555 … She needs to be removed from her position due to the nature of her behavior and improper communication skills. Came back with her manager and an random employee to tell me I was wrong. HE must make it very clear that he loves his job and doesn't want to lose it or quit but the actions of the ast. Again he loves popeyes, but these asst is really threatning too him. You can call Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen at (212) 725-7033 phone number, write an email to, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc, 400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 1000, Atlanta, Georgia, 30346, United States. The manager never came out. The updated look features a simplified, more mature version of the classic logo, which has only seen minor tweaks since Popeyes was founded in 1972. After recieving our order, I went up and asked for a Ranch and a BBQ sauce, I was told they charge .11 cents each, no problem, I went and got a quarter out of my purse(I didn't even expect change). (I was not ASKED to pull into the parking lot. The cashier asked me for my order. Seems suspect that within 3 minutes the manager would decide to balance the “til” right after you left. Popeyes is full of a BUNCH OF SLACKERS WITH NO TRAINING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE..ITS OBVIOUS THEY DONT CARE WHO THEY HIRE THAT THIS WOMAN COULDNT GET ANY OTHER JOB DUE TO HER ATTITUDE AND POOR WORK ETHIC AND TATOO COVERED NECK ETC...GHETTO!!! We went to the store 11736. I really am so tired and frustrated. I am watching Undercover Boss right now and am appalled that the They might have a sore on their hand WHEN I FIRST STARTED I WAS WORKING 5 TO 9 AND SOME 6 TO 10, AS WE GOT INTO THE SCHOOL YEAR WORKING TILL 10 BECAME DIFFICULT FOR ME AND MY PARENTS SAID I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO WORK TILL TEN. You should consider bringing one to our area Clinton , Ia. When I come into a restaurant, I am suppose to feel welcome and appreciated for my service, but here, I didn't get that at all. No one witnessed this, but they all lied that they did. When inquiring about an order, please include your order number, your first & last name, and contact phone number within your email to us. However I can say because of my experience I will never consider working at another one. I drive all the way back home 1 hour into TN and go to put the dinner out so my family can eat at 8:30 pm and there was only 8 pieces of chicken all MILD, no red beans and rice, and only 4 biscuits....I was not going to turn around and then when I called the store back to tell them my order was all messed up...I was told you will have to bring it back so we can verify...REALLY I will NEVER GO BACK TO POPEYES>>>>>Even the person that was in front of me had to circle back around the building to get something that was not in their order…, I emailed Popeyes in regards to this issue and to date 11/04/2012 I still have no response from them via email, phone call or nothing...BYE BYE Popeyes.......You wont have to worry about terrible service from me again....Lynne Baxter, i realy wish popeyes would come to Canada all we have is K.F.C. They do not practice procedure when they are handling food .on more than one occasions I go to buy food one of the reps hand was cut, he just started his shift he did not wash his hands nor put gloves on. EVER! Upon arrival home, we got 3 pc only of spicy wings. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, formally known as Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, is a leading quick-service cajun chicken restaurant chain. I HAVE WORKED AT THE POPEYES IN UPLAND, CA ON BENSON AND FOOTHILL SINCE LATE SEPTEMBER 2017. Then straight to the window, I was able to pay she shorted me a nickel, but I guess she cant count and then was asked to park over there, I said where and the woman pointed across the parking lot. I pulled up in the back of a car waiting at the order booth. I agree with both of these statements. There are currently 8 consumer reviews about Popeyes available. Please take a note that you are about to post a public review about Popeyes corporate office on I was at the popeyes at the travel centers of America on laval rd in wheeler ridge ca of the 5 freeway I parked real close to the building off to the right and as I was pulling my kids out of the car I smell marijuana and in the car next to me is a employee smokeing weed right in front of me not hiding it at all I asked if she would not do that here infont of the kids and she just rolled her window up and continued to smoke so I went to the taco bell first because half my crew wanted that and on my way to popeyes I saw that the same rude little pot smoking was at the register so we went to subway ive tried to make a complaint but I cant get through so im wrighting this so it can hopfuly get to the right people she was blond she had a blue popeyes shirt on and her name tag read amber, Popeyes Chicken in Dallas tx store 7391 they act like they like us and only hire a few blacks and they hide tha honey from tha customers we dont get breaks and they show favor between blacks and there kind they cut our hours due to they hire a lot more of there family and theydnt treat us fair. Find Corporate Office: Search. I love Popeyes for years,I I donot eat pork! I have tried to get in touch with Popeyes but cannot find a number for customer service in Canada. If you paid online and require a refund, and you're unable to contact Popeyes Fried Chicken please contact Datman LTD on 03330 165548 She is not handling herself in a professional manner bcause she feels she is close to the Gm. I then drove away. I drove home which is 3 minutes away. This is one of the largest chains of quick-serve restaurants, which owns over 1800 restaurants. Thanks ahead of time. Cleaning supplies on serving line, no gloves, no hair nets, uncovered beverages, employees scratching and digging, then returning to food handling practices, talking on cell phones while removing biscuits from a pan, filthy mop water in the dining area, food crumbs all over numerous tables, greasy fingerprints all over spouts, napkin dispensers, filthy pan of water sitting on a dining table, and the list (and pictures) goes on and on... I purposely ate here for 10 days straight, dined inside and observed. When it was my time to get to the order box she said hold I waited and waited and then all of the sudden she says "I said go ahead" hmmmm not a good start that is for sure. I then realized I didn't get my change so I turned right back around. What she needs to realize is that I among millions of other customers are what keeps the establishments doors open for business, for with out a customer, there would be no Popeyes Restaurant, nor a job there for her to go to. He feels that they may just back this asst up for fear of losing their job. If there was an option for a "0" rating that is what store #2577 on University Drive in Huntsville, AL would get. I experienced really bad service and under cooked chicken tenders that could have caused some serious problems. I noticed a paper sign on the drive-up order station stating that they will be opening at 11:00 am today. I had the rudest and worst service from the Assistant Manager name Jose. She apologized and asked if I wanted to speak to the manager. SUMTER SC JUST GOT A POPEYES...AND WE JUST WENT TONIGHT..THE WORST SERVICE AND SUBSTANDED FOOD I'VE HAD. So now there is only two vehicles in front of me. I told her that I would like to do so. He was a young man, I believe his name was Alan or Adam. As of January 2014, Popeyes has over 2,000 restaurants worldwide according to their website. The people of Canton, Ohio likes Popeyes chicken, and would like for some popeyes to be in Canton,Ohio area. rude. I am calling to report and see why i am no longer on the schedule AFTER 36hrs in one week. It was only to pull over to the front and wait on the order. WE NEED A POPEYES IN THE HAMILATON MILL AREA THERE'S LOTS OF FAST FOOD BUT NONE AS GOOD AS POPEYES PLEASEEE IN GEORGIA DACULA I NEED IT. Poor ordering or just plain lazy? Another thought about the person who was ranted at by the employee while the manager watched - I hope she was demoted, if not fired. Access the headquarters listing for Popeye's here BBB Business Profiles may not be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes. I complained to the manager (who was standing right there I might add, and she admitted the girl Maria was rude) and completed the customer service survey. Then the child was put inside the office and the door closed with NO adult inside. Finally at 6:20pm, two employees with orders unlock the door and proceed to my car. Tired of seeing my son so upset and depressed. However there has been no work going on there at all. When we called the first time, we were told to bring back the receipt and they would straighten out the order. I BELIEVE BREEANA LIKED MY BROTHER BECAUSE SHE WOULD ASKED ABOUT HIM AND THEY SPOKE A LOT ONCE SHE TOLD HIM I WAS GOING TO FIRED BECAUSE I HAD TAKEN A COUNTERFEIT 100 BILL, MY GRANDMOTHER TOLD ME TO TELL HER TO SAVE THE BILL BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO SEE IT, BREEANA THEN TOLD MY BROTHER NEVER MIND THEY HAD SOLVED THE ISSUE. This place sucks and I will be filing a written, certified letter to the health department and whoever else will listen. I had NO fork, spork to eat with, had to return to the counter because my chicken breast was missing, the unsweet tea was sour, then the sweet tea tasted like it had 10 pounds of sugar in it. Then, went back to work without washing her hands. BUT THIS IS BULL I WILL NEVER WORK FOR ANY POPEYES DESTRICT . I started to order a 12 piece, dark, mild. My significant other loves Popeyes but the closest one to us is 2 hrs. I'm still waiting for a resolution and I will continue to go up the corporate ladder until I get one. Had a chance to give some money away like other CEOS have, and she basically gave nothing. Find information on Popeyes headquarters such as corporate phone number, address, website, and consumer reviews. c. The manager (I think), audibly called a drive-through customer a "white jive-ass white mother f**ker" as he pulled away. They r truly pathetic. TRULY PATHETIC! Want to see something truly pathetic, come on down. I was watching the show and started craving some chicken so My wife and I knew we could get in and out quickly (right) we went to the drive through placed our order and there were two cars in front of us that was told to pull over to the side and will bring it to you, Then we were told the same. Your feedback web link asked if you want to be contacted, but why bother if you don't intend to actually do what you say. The assist manager and i almost quit that day... HMMM ya .. Popeyes Restaurants Headquarters Moving to Dunwoody - Dunwoody, GA - The chain, Founded in 1972 in New Orleans, now has nearly 2,000 restaurants. Restaurant chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is relocating its headquarters to Miami, according to the SFBJ. When things are broke he don't get them fix right away or don't get them fix at all. World's Best for Corporate Office Info. coupled with poor language skills and indiffrence you'll want to say "forget it" and leave but you cant because it's a single lane with a wall on each side of you. Store # 10573 is the worst Popeyes Chicken I have ever order form. No towels, no soap, didn't even get her hands wet (fingertips only). The clerk said that 29 May was the last day for that. I was handed a box of chicken, then, the other employee asked if I ordered spicy or mild. I will never patronize another Popeyes again! When I asked for a refund I was basically accused of being drunk. I pulled to the other side of the building and waited for my order. I didn't purchase anything and the neither did the person behind me. Contact Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen customer service. He displayed no professionalism whatsoever.I was very displeased with what I saw yesterday. Some of the workers are just trying to keep their jobs and the other are as unprofessional as she is. Rude and no kind of customer service!!! Learn more about Popeyes Corporate Office. I looked at my clock in the truck it was 7:41pm and nobody inside placing orders and the other cars infront of us got their orders and gone. Mine looks like a back ,a wing and a leg that could have belonged to the smallest chicken in the world. . I personally feel it would do no good too go to this gm. WOULD LOVE TO SEE ON OF YOURS HERE, THINK YOU WOULD DO A GREAT BISNESS HERE, WE NEED A CHANGE. One of my sides, the whole bottom was busted. They were lying about the reasons they fire their employees and cut back hours of the best employees and give it to the ones who didn't learn anything.. After 10 minutes I hung up and wrote this review. HERE WE ARE AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER AND I AM ABLE TO WORK ANY HOURS AND SHE INSULTS ME WITH 3 1/2 FOR ONE WEEK, THIS IS NOT EVEN A FULL SHIFT. WHATEVER HAPPENED AT WORK, BREEANA WOULD CALL AND DISCUSS THIS WITH MY BROTHER WHO HAS NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THE SITUATION AND THIS SEEMS TO BE UNPROFESSIONAL TO DISCUSS AN EMPLOYEE WITH SOMEONE NOT INVOLVED WITH THE ISSUE.SO I GUESS MY BROTHER WAS NOT ANSWERING HER CALLS, SHE HAD ASKED MY BROTHER TO GO TO A DOCTOR APPOINTMENT AND WHEN HE WOULD NOT GO IT GOT WORST.I DISCUSSED THIS WITH OTHER MANAGERS, DIANA RODRIGUZ AND DANIA HARTFIELD, THEIR RESPONSE WAS SHE, BRIANA SAID IT WAS BECAUSE I COULD NOT CLOSE. The person taking the order was very rude. Depends on if the one you worked at is franchise or a store owned and operated by Reasturant Brands Incorporation. You can have the one sun city center florida. And with social media, are you kidding me! m. My final visit (today August 11th 2013) I had to repeat my order 4 times, then it was wrong. Worst customer service ever. Topeka Kansas has the worst management.. nearly as bad as the corporate customer care line. come soon to canton,ohio. Brands ' KFC.The chain boasts more than 2,300 locations in the US and in more than 25 other countries. I know that most employees act like the customer's have to to use their facilities, shop in their stores, eat in their restaurants, etc but I still believe that common courtesy should be served up with my purchase. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. I have also know that he has employees that have been working with him since the first open about four years now that don't get pay what they should get paid. That lady is far beyond rude.If you want to be treated with disrespect and no diginity, then work for Popeye’s Restaurant, Managers at Popeye’s are very rude and disrespectful, they treat their employees like crap disrespect and no dignity.Adela the manager told me she didnt care if I called her boss, she told me he needs me and he wont care what you say. I feel very cheated and we will not go back to any Popeye's Chicken, plus we will spread the word. Just watched Popeyes Undercover Boss. He wasn't professional or courteous at all. ever since the East Indians and Muslim types have taken over the Popeye's outlets in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the quality of the food has gone downhill, almost as bad as KFC!The chicken portions are much smaller than before, is much greasier than before and what's with this Halal nonsense?If the Muslims want to have their food Halal, they can buy it from a Muslim butcher and cook it themselves, not that it would taste any different.Popeye's has been degraded to junk food outlets, the quality is very poor and there's no value for the money!Corporate greedy America at it again! you have lost a customer it sucks. YOUR the BEST and we need you up here in the hi-desert Popeyes corporate office listing. I always had the lowest hours, even the lowest of the five employees that were hired after me. She has mega issues in this store. rude. Won't make that mistake again.Popeyes on Fairmont Parkway,across from Krogers ,in La Porte,Texas will no be getting my business again. Just know that if u want to see a true horror show, come on down to the Popeye's in Sun City Center, FL! ive worked at Popeyes NOT LONG of course for about 4 r 5 weeks , Okay.. There was one car already parked nxt to the door waiting on her order and no cars behind me. OWE BY THE WAY, THE BATHROOMS WERE AWFUL..NEEDING CLEANING, NO TOWELS AND 1 STALL WAS BROKEN. I would never eat there. But then my son feels he will lose his job. The restaurants use a color scheme of yellow and red as its unique identity and it list its franchise holders in "Hall of Fame" as well. the store in Melrose park i was very displeased of what i hard last night A's i order my food i hard a young man yelling at one of the workers i did not recall his name but it was very unprofessional i think it was also unprofessional how the young lady had to touch my food after she took my money because it was just her in the front line iam very displeased with this store, I went for lunch @ 12:25PM, 4/1/2014 to Popeye's #5593 on 846 SE Military Dr., San Antonio, TX. I also know that him and his co-owners don't see eye to eye about how the busy is ran. It's in one of their pockets, that's where it is, and because I never got a receipt. Popeyes, also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is a fast food restaurant. THESE WINGS WERE SO SMALL NEVER SEEN WINGS THAT SMALL EVEN THE GIRL SAID THEY WERE VERY SMALL BUT SHE COULD NOT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, NO MORE POPEYES FOR US. Popeyes’s phone number is (203) 877-5200 Anonymous PissedConsumer1928124 Sep 24 I LET BREEANA KNOW THIS AND SHE SAID NO PROBLEM AND BEGAN SCHEDULING ME TILL 9. I just was on the line for 25 minutes on customer service to no avail. I have a son that works at popeyes and it is heartbreaking too see him come home from work. Sping,TX. d. Employee (female) used restroom, left the stall, barely touched her fingers into running water, then proceeded back to the food line. or fingers. We were told it would but it has been a long hard summer with no Popeyes!!!! They have over 3100 locations in more than 40 states and 30 countries worldwide. Usually, they would do that after a complaint; surprise audits not withstanding. Initial Popeyes complaints should be directed to their team directly. we moved and started going going to the one on 6330 Troost ave kc MO 64131 FYI. He said no this morning. Phone Number +4044594450 Founded in Atlanta in 1992 as AFC Enterprises, Inc., the Company is a developer, operator and franchisor of quick-service restaurants ("QSRs" or "restaurants") under the trade name, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen and Popeyes® Chicken & Biscuits. I told the clerk she didn't give me my change. I just watched Undercover Boss on television which featured Popeye's CTO, I don't usually watch realtiy shows but this episode was wonderful. great food.... terrible service. This phone number is Popeyes's Best Phone Number because 5,244 customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. The first employee retrieved the box from me and the second employee gave me the order that she had. You will be offered helpful contact information such as the Popeyes headquarters address and contact information. Since this must be her first job, Im gonna break it down to you...THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS, I REPEAT ALWAYS RIGHT. Popeyes Corporate Office & Popeyes Headquarters reviews, corporate phone number and address. I asked if the order was with "red beans and rice". When I asked for a roll of toilet paper for the restroom, she rolled her eyes at me and took forever "in the back" to produce and replace the empty container. This company's recipe for success features fried chicken and biscuits. She scanned my card, gave me my receipt and TOLD me to park in the parking lot and she would bring the order to me.

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