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oreo cake pops with frosting

Please keep in mind that nutritional information is a rough estimate and can vary greatly based on products used. When defrosting, set them out in a single layer on paper towels so the towel collects any condensation. The sweet white chocolate coating. I found this really easy. They’re actually pretty easy to make and the more you make them the more you realize just how easy they are. Vanilla cake is mixed with crushed Oreo cookies then covered in white chocolate and topped with cookies and cream sprinkles. It’s fun, trust me. Hi Maureen! Place a sheet of parchment paper on a flat pan. Refrigerate balls for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Prepare three 8 inch cake pans with parchment paper circles in the bottom, and grease the sides. They look so adorable that I just couldn’t help myself. This post may contain affiliate links. Hope this helps. Food that is from cultures and cuisines across the world has always been a staple of the blog. Bake cake mix according to package directions for a 13 x 9-inch cake (using additional ingredients called for on the box such as oil, water and eggs). Crumble cake into a large bowl. So much yum going on in these little bite-sized balls! Light and airy OREO frosting is a rich vanilla buttercream frosting base with pieces of OREO cookie in it. Hope this helps. Quick and easy no-bake Oreo cake pops! cactus oreo pops. Tag @thebakermama on Instagram and hashtag it #thebakermama, 7 X De lekkerste recepten met Oreo's - Follow Fashion says, 11 Delicious Things You Can Do With Oreos says. Beat on medium speed until cake starts to come together. Hence, why I have been low-key obsessed with this flavor. The Best Oreo Cake Frosting Recipes on Yummly | Oreo Funfetti Cake Bars, Oreo Funfetti Cake Bars, Owl Cupcakes With Oreos – Chocolate Cupcakes And Buttercream Frosting. If you’re using the oreo frosting for cupcakes, be sure to use a large open tip when piping on top of the cupcakes. I had some yellow chocolate and some regular chocolate, so I used both. I melted my chocolate in the microwave and it took about 1 minute for each. Pour batter into pan and bake until cake is … Now you’ll have to place the cake pops in the refrigerator for at least 10 to 15 minutes to allow the cake to set. After coating the cake ball with chocolate, I sprinkled them with colored sprinkles and place the cake pop in a glass, like you’re placing flowers in a vase. The smell is pretty mild when you open the container, but when you mix it with stuff (whether in a recipe or just a tbsp of water to get a protein frosting) the smell is 100% like that of yellow cake mix matter! Carefully fold in broken Oreo pieces. How long should the balls warm up before dipping to prevent cracking? I am glad I found your website! Pour batter into two greased and floured 8-inch round cake pans. Thanks! Instagram. Enjoy! Be creative on decoration – I used ganache but you may use Oreo cookies halves or pipe some flowers on the cake. Hi! Don’t add too early, the crumbles may absorb some fluid. Using a fork, gently roll each cake ball in the melted candy coating trying not to touch the fork to the cake. Copyright © 2020 The BakerMama, LLC, All Rights Reserved. How fun is this No-Bake Gingerbread Men Decorating, Everyday is a celebration with this girl, but thes, The birthday donut cake tradition continues..., Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Monster Cookies, 7 X De lekkerste recepten met Oreo's - Follow Fashion, 11 Delicious Things You Can Do With Oreos, https://thebakermama.com/recipes/healthy-5-ingredient-dark-chocolate-peanut-butter-balls/, cookies & cream sprinkles (I used Wilton, found at JoAnns). Pinterest If they’re coming from the refrigerator or have been in the freezer for just 15 minutes, they should be great to coat right away. Looking for more recipes? Alternate half the dry ingredients followed by … The Oreo cookie crunch. Enjoy! Place baking sheet (filled with cake balls) in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour or in the freezer for about 15 minutes to harden. The Turtle- Chocolate Cake filled with Sea Salt Caramel, topped with Buttercream Frosting and drizzled with Caramel and Milk Chocolate Someoreo- White Cake with crushed Oreo Cookies folded in and topped with Oreo Buttercream frosting & more cookie crumbs Often decorated with sprinkles or various colored chocolate, their festive exteriors can brighten any celebration. lemon cake with raspberry meringue. Place the cookies in a food processor and pulse it a few times, until thoroughly crumbled. Can you keep these made up and in the freezer? cinnamon toast crunch cupcakes. Oreo cookies are crushed and mixed with a baked vanilla cake and some vanilla frosting before being rolled into bite-sized balls and placed in the refrigerator or freezer to harden before being dipped in candy coating and topped with cookies and cream sprinkles…. I’ve found that using just a small amount of frosting still brings it all together to easily form into balls while maintaining a tender cakey texture. Immediately sprinkle each coated cake ball with some of the cookies and cream sprinkles. You certainly can and I do it often, but you do risk the chance of the coating cracking in the process. Pour the crumbs in a bowl and add the cream cheese. I'm Joanna (Jo for short) and this is my blog where I share with you my culinary adventures. Rave reviews. Required fields are marked *. If they’re completely frozen, you’ll want them to defrost completely before coating. And then just pull out as needed? I would like to put them on a stick. They’re just that good! This rich and creamy frosting is delicious because of the chunks of Oreo Powder in the frosting, but the Oreos will clog piping tips if they are too big. Take out the cake balls and stick a lollipop stick … 1 (15.25-ounce) box vanilla cake mix (baked as directed on box for a 13 x 9-inch cake) They should hold up great since there’s only 1/4 cup frosting in the recipe, they aren’t too moist to dip on a stick. Just before taking them out, melt your chocolate according to the package instructions. A delicious and effortless chocolatey treat that is perfect for any party or event. Mix in the cream cheese with the cookie crumbs thoroughly and shape it into a ball. When you’re ready to coat the cake balls, melt one package of candy melts at a time according to package directions in a shallow bowl. These Oreo cake pops are fun to make with kids. Begin to form 1 inch round balls with the milk, cake mix, vegetable shortening, vanilla extract, white chocolate chips and 1 more. Divide batter evenly into prepared baking pans and transfer to 350F (175C) oven and bake for 30-35 minutes or until the tops spring back if lightly … Add vanilla extract and milk, 1 tablespoon at a time until you achieve your desired consistency. So worth the little effort needed, especially when some bakeries charge like $2.50 a cake ball. Allow cake balls to harden completely and then break off any excess candy coating that may have gathered around the bottom of the ball. ... Eerie Eyeball Pops BBC Good Food. These are exactly what I’m looking for. So I came across these no bake Oreo cake pops and thought what a great idea. Your email address will not be published. Stir frosting into cake crumbles until mixture is sticky but not too … Thanks! Now I didn’t make too many, I used half a package of Oreo cookies, so 24 of them, and 1/2 package of cream cheese. However, I wanted to find a no bake version of these cake pops because I don’t really feel like having the oven on now with this heat. In a separate bowl, sift together the dry ingredients. Follow on... cinnamon toast crunch ice cream cake. If you do, be sure to freeze them in an airtight container in single layers separated by parchment paper. 1 (18.25 ounce) package moist white cake mix (such as Betty Crocker® SuperMoist®) Sep 14, 2019 - Explore Larnel Kendrick-Ray's board "Cake pops frosting" on Pinterest. Please read my disclosure policy. Hi Debra! Here you will find a variety of recipes using simple everyday ingredients and creating wonderful, delicious and comforting meals, including some decadent desserts. I'm excited to bring you all a taste of each corner of the earth, every last bite seasoned to perfection and served up with love - from my kitchen to yours. Thanks! The tender cake. After you finished all the cake pops, you might need a couple glasses by the way, place them in the refrigerator for a few minutes, until the chocolate sets. Yes, you could use regular or whipped frosting. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Do you use just regular frosting to mix in with the batter? No Bake Oreo Cake Pops, all you need are Oreo cookies, cream cheese, some chocolate and lots sprinkles. Facebook Here’s the link: https://thebakermama.com/recipes/healthy-5-ingredient-dark-chocolate-peanut-butter-balls/. Your email address will not be published. Bake at 350*F for 24-30 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. You’ll need a food processor to crumble up the cookies. Another thing that sets my cake ball recipe apart from other recipes I’ve tried is that I use just 1/4 cup frosting to bind the cake together instead of a whole container of frosting. For the frosting, beat butter for 3-4 minutes until whipped and creamy. TIPS for Oreo Cake with Oreo Whipped Cream Frosting. Then add the cream cheese into the bowl of crumbs and with a spoon blend all of the crumbs and cheese together. Once you make them, be prepared to make them again and again because they’ll quickly become the most requested treat you make. It’s okay to have a little of the coating harden around the bottom of the cake ball because once it sets you can easily break it off. I recommend storing them at room temperature for up to a week or in the refrigerators for up to 3 weeks. I’ve been making them for years and they’re always the star of the dessert options at barbecues, baby showers and birthday parties. How far can I make this ahead and keep in the fridge? I know I’m not the only one that can’t get enough of these Oreo cake balls. I know a lot of people are so intimidated to make cake balls, but shouldn’t be. I always use a fork to dip and coat my cake balls so the excess candy coating drips back into the bowl and less is left to gather around the bottom of the ball once it’s placed on parchment paper to set. Enjoy! Enjoy! Take out the cake balls and stick a. HI! Using your hands thoroughly mix the cream cheese in with the crumbs. How to make Chocolate Cake with Oreo Whipped Cream. You can search peanut butter balls in my search engine and they should come right up. . Craziness! Roll mixture into 2-tablespoon sized balls and place on a parchment-lined baking sheet. | Privacy Policy. Remove cake balls from the refrigerator (or freezer) and begin to coat them one-by-one in the melted candy coating. Hi Andrea! Let cake cool completely. I found it easier to use a teaspoon as well to make sure the cake pop is fully coated. I’m so happy you’re here! Then just form the dough into 1 inch little balls. Sweeten any celebration with these irresistible Oreo Cake Balls! What a fun project to do with kids. Leave a comment, rate it and tag a photo #jocooks on Instagram so we can see it. I mean I love Oreo cookies, who doesn’t, and they seemed easy enough to do. So out of the 1/2 package of Oreo cookies I got 16 cake pops, which is more than enough, unless you have a few kids around, in which case use the entire package. And they were, and did I have fun making them. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pops – creamy chocolaty and smooth peanut butter cheesecake pops, perfect for parties and fun to make with your kids. Add 5 Oreos (broken in half) and 5 Oreos (finely crushed). Enjoy! Step 1. madeira cake, butternut squash, icing, white chocolate, Oreo cookies and 1 more. Amaze-balls! A condensed ball of cake and frosting covered in a chocolate shell, cake pops pack a powerful punch of decadent sweetness. To learn more about me, click here. Do you know how they would hold up? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve shared this recipe with others, so it’s due time I share it here on the blog with all of y’all! Roll the dough into 1 inch balls. You’ll need to get your hands in there and get dirty. Pro-Tips for Perfect Oreo Frosting: For Frosting Cupcakes. I am looking for the recipe that has peanut butter, Hi Nina! You should get about 16 balls. I’ve been wanting to make cake pops for a while now. After that, they’re all yours, or you can find some kids to give them to. Remove and let as much excess candy coating drip off the fork before placing on the prepared parchment-lined baking sheet. chocolate peanut butter cake pops. Cover another cookie sheet with parchment paper. The key to coating the cake balls smoothly is to make sure the candy coating is melted perfectly smooth (according to package directions) and that the cake balls are very cold so they don’t break apart as they’re being dipped and rolled around in the warm coating. My Newsletter See more ideas about Cake pops, Cake, Cupcake cakes. Every time I make these Oreo Cake Balls, they’re a HUGE hit! I’m Joanna (Jo for short) and this is my blog where I share with you my culinary adventures. Most cake pop recipes call for cake, frosting and dipping chocolate, allowing for plenty of flavor versatility. Melt chocolate according to package instructions. Blend together 1 devil's food cake mix, 1 small box of instant chocolate pudding, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 1 cup of sour cream, … Yummy yum! Here you will find a variety of recipes using simple everyday ingredients and creating wonderful, delicious and comforting meals, including some decadent desserts. ... carrot cake with spiced honey frosting. You want there to be candy coating between the cake ball and the fork at all times to maintain a smooth coating and keep the cake ball’s round shape. It’ll be like playing with mud. You should get about 35-40 cake balls. They already look cute and adorable and you might not be able to resist popping one in your mouth, but that’s ok. Hi Kim! Subscribe and get a FREE dinner recipes ebook! Add … chocolate peanut butter cup cake . Add confectioners' sugar 1 cup at a time, mixing on low to start and increasing until incorporated. Cool for 15 minutes; then remove from pans. If you try this recipe, please let us know! Whisk wet ingredients into dry ingredients until smooth. Hi Stacy! I felt like a little kid again with all the sprinkles. Melt chocolate according to package instructions. This pipe-able icing is delicious on chocolate or vanilla cakes or cupcakes. People grabbing them by the handfuls, sneaking them into their pockets as they walk out the door, and literally texting me on the their way home to get the recipe. Crush the oreo cookies in a food processor until they're super fine and no large bits … Take out the cake balls and stick the lollipop stick in them, then dip them in the chocolate. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae30a032ccd0bc131b5abd91745faee2" );document.getElementById("f3ce46a08b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Welcome to The BakerMama! Beat on low speed until Oreos are mixed thoroughly throughout the cake mixture. No matter what household we have all grown up in, there is something that has brought us all together here and that is a love and appreciation of food. Whip the cream to a soft peak and add the oreo crushes at last then gently whip a few seconds to combine. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, crumble in the cooled cake along with 1/4 cup frosting. Once you’ve got the right size down, place the cake ball into your hands and shape it into a smooth … I always love to see what you guys come up with!

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