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my husband converted to islam for me

(Photo credit: Facebook, Screenshot via YouTube) Relationships (Throwaway because my husband knows my reddit account) Hi reddit, so I've found myself in a really weird situation. Sorry, I didn't get it right. Its not over ’til the Trumpet is Blown – Sin and Repentance in Islam, The Sin of Fornication and Adultery – Part 1, The Sin of Adultery and Fornication – Part 2, The Sin of Adultery and Fornication – Part 3, Cheated on my boyfriend, want to convert to Islam, Converted to Islam from Hinduism, but girlfriend’s parents don’t accept me, About to convert to Islam, but lost my Muslim boyfriend, I am guilty of adultery but my husband doesn’t know, Boyfriend wants me to convert to Islam so that we can marry, Brother made sex videos, repented, but the videos still exist, At 14 I touched my 9 year old cousin, I am ashamed, Constant fear of my prayers being invalid due to impurity. My [32f] husband [40m] converted to Islam without asking me. He wasn't religious beforehand, so this change is sudden. Not considered Muslims. Nah bro. Ask him whatever is on your mind, that is the only way you will be able to alleviate your concerns and fears. This does not detract from the importance of practice of the faith, but it is to show the grand nature of faith alone. We have two kids any my husband never forced me to accept Islam. MY HUSBAND. We talk about how Hasan introduced me to Islam and also give 5 tips for those who want to introduce Islam to people in their lives, whether it be their friend, significant other, or coworker. My wife converted to Islam So my wife and I have been together for 16 years, married for almost 14 and over the past couple months she's decided to convert to Islam with the help of her teacher/acupuncturist/Sufi whatever. I'm sure he will share everything with you. I do not know how to bring it up to him or if I should question him at all. First let me start with a bit of history. ... like it did for Muslim convert … Please forgive me for the delay. He is my husband and I have no desire but to be his refuge and support. We got married before I had converted to Islam. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim, which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Speaking as someone who married an ex-felon who also converted in prison, I can say with reasonable certainty that your husband is likely in the best of circumstances, considering that he is serving a life sentence. When she found that her husband Amit Vishwas had converted into Islam, she lodged a complaint with Sukhi Sewania police demanding a case be lodged against the latter. Their underlying beliefs are bizarre, their rhetoric is rooted in anger, and yes they do preach racism as a part of their ideology. This 'iddah is 3 months or 3 menstrual cycles. I hold this in the same regard as any marriage. But, definitely there is no division in Islam on the basis of race or colour and someone has misguided you. My husband is Muslim and I was Catholic. We believe that Jesus was a Prophet sent by Allah, he was human like Adam, like Muhammed, like you and I. In the course of your relationship since his incarceration he has probably shared with you some of the terrible experiences he witnesses or endures living in a penitentiary. Peace sister. In Islam though, a Muslim woman can't marry a non muslim man. He does not have children, or parents, He has no need to eat or sleep. Alyona’s husband, who is ten years older, had already been married — his children by his first wife live with his mother. Since your husband does not seem to be from a Muslim family, this may not be an issue for you. He says his parents wouldn't approve or understand. She tries to convince her mother that this is for the best. “Eventually my husband and I moved to the U.K and all that drama about hijabs and religion disappeared” After a while working as a cleaner I did my care assistant’s course and I became a care worker, but not without another challenge. ... After my divorce my mind was thinking about Islam. I hope you find happiness and peace with your husband. What you have been told about Islam is a misconception. As for your Common Law husband, you should ask him if he is an Orthodox Muslim or has he joined the Nation of Islam. Though my father was already late then but my mother played a big role in our relationship. But when the time came and we were getting married it became clear that the event was not for us but for our families – for each of us to introduce the people who had shaped our lives to our new spouse and for our families to get to know this new person. I am nervous. He wasn't religious beforehand, so this change is sudden. I'm going to think hard about this but at the moment my answer is no to converting n i know if i do convert i will never really believe in Islam so it's looking like my marriage is over which I'm thinking isn't such a bad thing if my husband can't live me for who I am. What Sustained My Marriage After My Husband Converted Me From Christianity To Islam - Yinka Quadri's Wife Opens Up Posted by Amarachi on Tue 08th Oct, 2019 - Yinka Quadri's wife-Adenike Quadri talks about her 30 year old marriage with the popular Yoruba actor. My husband was convicted of a criminal offense and is doing life in prison. And my father was an imam in my community. In fact, the positive experience many muslim men say they have in prison with each other, they often have a hard time finding again in local mosques once they are released. We usually only fear things we don't know about, so I can understand your fears as the little you have heard about Islam is not true and really you do not 'know'. If he agrees to convert to Islam, you must have a proper Islamic nikah (marriage) before he can be considered your husband. Hi Juli, He knows of my interest in Islam and he knows I read the Qu'ran but he does not know I said Shahadah. I am not to judge. Yet my husband doesn't dress Islamic - still wears a suit to work every day. a women convert in Islam last 4 years this year she get certificate of new Muslim in Dubai but her husband not with her he have other women in helplines . Salam. I married to a Turkish man and I am American. I have heard that he cannot be married to a white woman. I was able to wear hijab from the first day. This is the clear Sunni point of view as we find in the Quran a Verse which explains this duration: I converted to Islam 14 months ago. she want married with Muslim man in Dubai is she need divorce paper from husband for 2nd marriage but her husband saperate to her last 12 years . Monika has converted to Islam. I have passed through challenges, but I feel God has always taken care of me and blessed me with so much. I really am very lost with no direction. May Allah reward you for reaching out to us. My husband isn’t religious, but he proved how much he wanted to marry me by visiting the mosque every day for two weeks to get our nikah papers signed. Posted by juli5224 • December 8, 2010 • Printer-friendly. I cannot continue to live in a lodge, with all the difficulties. 21-year-old Aliyah used to be known as Alexandra. Valentine's Day: The country guy who converted to Islam for the girl of his dreams. The Nation of Islam has dwindled greatly in numbers and is hardly found anymore in most cities, but their presence hangs on in prison. Do not therefore, do injustice to yourselves. What a blessing to enter into the TRUE religion of Allah, the Exalted and leaving their false and distorted religions. I am happy with what my husband is and is doing for me and my child alhamdulillah. May Allah strengthen your faith and make things easy for you. Where does that leave me? What it’s like to convert to Islam for the man you love. “I … It is my pleasure and joy to bring honor to our family as his wife. When I met my now husband, he agreed that he would be happy eloping. Before marriage, they both decided to convert to Islam, since Dharmendra’s first wife, Prakash Kaur, did not want a divorce. After my husband threatened me and demanded that I return home, I decided to waive my alimony rights in order to receive a divorce from the Sharia Court, … The experience put him off future visits. My [32f] husband [40m] converted to Islam without asking me. That being said, it does not mean that there are no racist people who are Muslims. Most large prisons have a chapter of the Nation. As the scholars also, say if one of married couple convert to islam and the waiting period passed and the other also became muslim that their former husband/wife is the best to keep, this means their marriage is still acknowledged and they can live together as before as husband and wife. I'm not sure how much they have changed over the years but there was a time when they would never marry or allow a white person in their organization. We are common law married. I am not Muslim. During that period, the couple are not allowed to have sexual relations. I am just terribly confused. These people are not following what is said in the Quran and Sunnah. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. His gentle, and sometimes nagging, reminders paid off. A Muslim man can marry a non Muslim woman from if they are Christian or a woman of judaism. Last night my husband told me he's converting to Islam, he doesn't expect me to convert, and that he'd still continue drinking alcohol, says that some Muslims drink anyway, and that any future kids would be brought up with the ability to make their own choices on religion. The artist replied to a question: Did you embrace Islam openly with conviction, or because Zou I am in complete agreement with what mks1982 and SisterZ have said. He said I'm always with the Internet and ignore him. Every relationship there are some miss understandings between husband and wife. At least, not fully. They offered me money to continue my studies along with my husband but I did not want to burden them and preferred to look after my family and keep working to help in feeding the family. 61. I am not Muslim. Relationships (Throwaway because my husband knows my reddit account) Hi reddit, so I've found myself in a really weird situation. Is your question about religion or is it about race as you said that you are white Christian and your boyfriend/husband is black. This means she should reject having intercourse with him and they should be divorced after the waiting period. If I somehow misread your post and your husband is actually Muslim, then you can ignore what I have written. The only people who know the words to the Sabbath prayers by heart in my husband’s (Jewish) family are me and my sister-in-law… who also converted. Ex-model claims husband forced her to convert to Islam. He is black and I am white. It goes as; His family should accept me and allow me to live in their house. I come in peace.. My husband and I married in a Catholic Church and we have lived for 24 years. By Isaac Nowroozi. That being said, do all you can to support his journey along this path. As you know, I'm Islam convert but my husband is still a Christian. Glamorous MP's daughter, 19, converts to Islam and marries her Muslim boyfriend who she's accused of selling cocaine with - and says she'll 'never question Allah's plan' So Juli, I hope your husband has not joined the Nation. Hello Juli, Midnightmoon, editor], Guess Who? We believe that our life on earth is a test and that whatever we do now will determine whether we go to Heaven or Hell after we die. Just to let you know a little about what Muslims believe: We believe that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah. A woman who converted to islam shouldn't stay (return to her) with a non-muslim Husband. My husband was convicted of a criminal offense and is doing life in prison. Islam is for the whole of mankind, infact for all of Allah's creation. The Dua for husband and wife problems will solve your miss understanding between you both from your heart and mind. He is not muslim and I do not know how to share the news. Me and my husband prayed for Allah to help make it easier on me. Also, we are interracial. The non Muslim wife doesn't have to convert, but he may encourage you and also he will probably want to raise your son the Islamic way. They are in fact not Muslim. Your husband has probably became a better person. I left home for work and lived outside. ... Ms Al Matori's family learned to love her new husband like one of their own. Islam doesn't discrimanate against anyones race or color. After converting for her Muslim husband, Mohamed Naddaf, 25-year-old Ashlee Brown (left) met a gruesome undeserved fate. Every Muslim knows several, if not dozens, who chose to convert to Islam as a young adult or even later in life. In this video we answer the question we receive often as a Muslim couple: Did Hasan force me to convert to Islam in order to get married to him? In your both heart this dua will fill love about each other “dua for make husband love me“. Islam is a great religion with respect, peace, and kindness as the main qualities. Just wait and be patient. Below is a part of Prophet Muhammed(saw)'s last sermon: All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over a white- except by piety and good action. Moreover, my family doesn’t discriminate. No other woman who has converted to Islam should suffer like me. My husband never stopped me from going to Church. In this video we answer the question we receive often as a Muslim couple: Did Hasan force me to convert to Islam in order to get married to him? He did tell you he converted to Islam. Moreover, my family doesn’t discriminate. Every human has the right to decide what he wants in his life. We have one son together, and he has a son with another woman. Thank you for your consideration and kindness. InshaAllah this video is beneficial for anyone who is looking for information on the best way to introduce and help to guide others to Islam.We hope you enjoyed this week’s video! The reason I am telling it now is because someone recently asked me if I was planning to convert to Islam for my husband and it caught me off-guard. I have been married to my husband for many years now. Even in prison, though, the member of the nation are greatly outnumbered by orthodox Sunni Muslims. His family should accept me and allow me to live in their house. Jazak Allah khayr brother Abdul Wali, I was going to point this out myself. You should indeed sit down with your husband discuss his conversion, and ask him the questions you have asked us: what implications does it have for your marriage, and what are his expectations of you. She was one of the people who chose my husband for me. :). But this year, he told me many lies. That way it can be answered in turn,inshaAllah. My husband has converted to Islam and I need to know what that means for me. Once you accept Islam, you should invite your husband to Islam too. You can stay or leave. Islam … I converted to Islam 14 months ago. First let me start with a bit of history. It's time for a Husband Tag! However, I have not told the man I love, my husband, the news. Posted by R.A. • August 8, 2017 • Printer-friendly. To my surprise she said whatever you decide is right for you. Further more if I am wrong anywhere or if brother and sisters on the panel or independent ones think there is more detail to that then pls do so. For me, it was proof for myself that I was a believer. “I began to tell everybody about Islam, my fellow students, my teachers, my neighbors, everybody I came into contact with,” he says. “After my husband’s conversion, the court ordered him to provide support for me and my child, but my lawyer assured me that the Greek Orthodox Court’s ruling was not binding since it was issued after my husband announced his conversion to Islam. He has yet to tell his family or friends in Turkey he has got married. But from time to time, he would say I never obey him and he doesn't want to talk about it because I never change. I do not understand why he would keep this from me. My husband turned into my teacher as he taught me all about Islam, fasting and the Islamic prayer. 'I converted to Islam of my own will, want to live with husband Shafin': Hadiya in SC "Even now I am under police surveillance. For me, personally, I came to Kuwait wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. Upon arrival, I converted to Islam and we married,” Alyona tells me. The Prayer of Need (Salat al-Hajah) or Istikhara? The opinion of almost all Muslim scholars is that if the wife converts to Islam and the husband does not, they automatically enter 'iddah (waiting period) for divorce. I … If he accepts Islam, then he would remain your husband. There is absolutely no prohibition on blacks marrying white, or on Arabs marrying Europeans etc. But I don't feel so; … Don't worry sister! Should I just wait until he shares this with me? I never dreamed of having a big wedding, or even any wedding at all. During the … (Amin). Actress Laila Alexander confirmed that she is currently committed to wearing the abaya, and is not indispensable during her stay in Riyadh, noting that she is wearing it out of respect for the countries in which she currently lives, which is the land of the Two Holy Mosques. I am unsure what to do or where to go from here. therefore in an islamic country a Judge would either divorce you after the waiting period or confirm your marriage. My husband converted to Islam and married another. He equally shares in changing dirty diapers, spill patrol and nipping temper tantrums in the bud. He accepts me even though I'm Muslim! Staff Photo Gallery. My dignity and self respect did not permit me to bend backwards for him and his family, by converting to Islam." A Muslim man can marry a Christian or Jewish woman, although you did not mention what your religious beliefs are. My husband & I love eachother a lot & I think we make a great couple. Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens is a darling of the Western media these days, because he converted to the elites’ favored religion. Please, how do I have a successful love marriage? I would say, your husband converted to Islam to marry you and for the society for the love he has on you and not to lose you. May Allah show you and make you choose the right path. She tries to convince her mother that this is for the best. My well-wishers have understood my condition and are working … Nicole Queen and her husband talk about mixed race marriage, converts to Islam and give you the top 10 qualities to make it … He is allowed to marry a woman who is Christian or Jew. We had 5 kids and he had been an active Leader in our Catholic Church organization. If your husband converted to Islam, then that is the most important thing. The experience put him off future visits. I was Hindu but converted to Islam and got married to my husband. At the end of the 'iddah, the couple are divorced. No other woman who has converted to Islam should suffer like me. So I started with my mother and just kind of told her that you know I was wanting to convert and after the research I have done, I felt like Islam was best for me. I’d like to congratulate you on having been chosen by Allah for Islam and being saved from the wrath and punishment of Allah. What you heard about a man not marrying a white woman could be true if he is part of the NOI. I wanted to learn more about Islam in order to better understand his lifestyle and his choices. Press Trust of India, November 17, 2017: Mumbai, Nov 18 (PTI) A former model has alleged that her husband put pressure on her to convert to Islam and when she resisted he physically assaulted her and asked her to leave the house.

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