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how to promote a museum

For many people the reason for visiting may be a video they see online completely unrelated to your museum, online photos from an exhibition a friend visited or a celebrity visit. Florida Museum of Natural History Gainesville, FL 32611 352-392-1721 (Research) or 352-846-2000 (Exhibits) Support for developing marketing plans You can target audiences who may live outside of your core catchment, you can set the terms and conditions so that visitors with discount vouchers are driven to fill certain days when you may not be so busy outside of the main season. The traditional experience of perusing exhibits can now become a dialogue, thanks to real-time information networks. What are you hoping to accomplish with each network? An exhibition consists of a group of exhibits organized around a topic. When you volunteer to use your artistic abilities to benefit your community, you build your reputation as an artist and can gain unexpected opportunities to promote your work. This acceptance of a community has allowed a real relationship to flourish with enough trust to make physical changes to the museum such as gender-neutral bathrooms. Whether you bring your child to a children’s museum, art gallery, or science museum, history has made a huge impact on the innovation they are witnessing. And how often has following a celebrity’s account given you a reason to visit a place even if by seeing it online you already know what the experience offers? Certainly, in a city that is packed with museums and art galleries of... Ah, fundraising. When Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty proved such a blockbuster at the V&A, London it seemed like there were never enough hours in the day to allow all their tickets holders and members access. If you are really interested in going the extra mile to attract new museums visitors you may want to invest more time into when you open your doors as well as what is beyond them. To increase the number of positive reviews when they are leaving your museum or visitor attraction ask visitors to write a review if it looks like visitors have had a great time. Having in-person events, lectures, music, drinks, films at museum. For anyone who likes to know what they are getting into before committing to a visit, including individuals with Autism, Asperger’s and other anxiety disorders, prior knowledge of what to expect when they come through your doors can make the experience much more manageable and enjoyable. to a Museum Encourages a Love of History Museums are the caretakers of history as much as they offer connections to history that can easily be overlooked in traditional classrooms. Prepare a targeted pitch for your product line to the museum store buyer prepared with knowledge … The museum is the Hall of Fame for artists, the apogee of apogees, where the best art gets trophied up for all to behold-- preserved, protected, exalted, and honored in perpetuity. Where possible always respond to a negative comment in a positive and courteous way (I know sometimes you may not feel like being courteous). For many social spaces, including museums, social change is not the same as loss of socialising. When our family lived in Iowa, the Science Center of Iowa always had … It’s good practice to have a digital library of high quality photographs available. While PR can target broadly, marketing is far more effective if it does not. How many times have you seen a friends online exploits and considered attending or travelling to somewhere they have visited? Many museums have embraced the challenge of inclusion in their programs and events. Museum Nerd, a blogger and social evangelist who shares musings on museum visits, arts advocacy and education, believes engagement is the most important reason for museums to use social media. So, I’ll say again, it is discovering art and culture by night that was the team. Go to adult-only nights/events. Whilst may traditional high streets have given way to on-line shopping and austerity has closed many community centres, libraries and drop-in centres people will always need physical gathering spaces. For some potential museum visitors the ability to preview a show, exhibition or collection can actually improve the chances that they will attend in real life. Here are some of the best ways to build those art-world relationships: Attend Art Exhibitions and Fairs. Marketing for Museums Think About Your Audience. Invest in design – in the past we have opted to produce newsletters in-house. Some of the best types of community outreach include: Norwegian artist Lars Aukrust painting outdoors. Can Museums Reduce Their Use of Single-Use Plastic? How wrong those predictions turned out to be. Sit down with existing visitors (with a desktop, tablet and mobile) and ask them to complete tasks on your website e.g. approval from the board of directors to proceed with two new initiatives to promote the museum and raise its profi le. The Wellcome Collection is a museum located in London, with a unique... 2 | Use UGC photos as an anchor for promotional text. It’s no secret that sharing on social media drives many people to visit places that they may never have heard of. Panaji: Owing to the current situation of the Goa state museum, experts in Goa came together on a common platform to put measures in place to increase accessibility in innovative ways. Becoming more open about your collections, exhibitions and event online not only can you feed the “fear of missing out” that comes from seeing your friends, family and other connections visit a museum but it can help others to find something that truly interests them or give those that might have avoided attendance the confidence to join in. #5 – Getting Active in the Community can Help Promote Your Art. The Importance of a Marketing Plan. If you’re looking to the age group where we tend to set the bar for socialising you will see there are many changes that weigh both positively and negatively for museums. Each place has its own peculiarities, and … Finally, and most importantly there is a country-wide initiative in which the government wants to establish San Jose as the civic center through an urban project. Experiential – That’s the Key Word. In a world where everything seems to move at the speed of light, quality time and shared experiences can be hard to come by. To increase the number of positive reviews when they are leaving your museum or visitor attraction ask visitors to write a review if it looks like visitors have had a great time. If not, I recommend using the ones by Fanbridge or ReverbNation. Making your collections searchable online, giving clear descriptions of upcoming and current exhibitions along with online previews not only helps people understand what they will be entering into but also allows people to imagine themselves in that environment. In this article we’re going to introduce you to the applications that museum marketing pro’s need to make their lives easier. When Nina Simon asked for feedback from museums as part of the of/by/for all initiative the feedback from over 1,000 respondents was that most museums feel they do not accurately reflect their diverse communities in their board members, staff or exhibitions. To be able to continually attract new audiences you must strive to keep your museum attractive, interesting and relevant as a social space and community resource. Using social media to show off the experiences you offer and how they affect people is the key here, you may be able to watch a video of the Boston Science Museum’s lightening show in 360 degree’s virtual reality but it’s a pale comparison to being in the room with the huge Van Der Graaff generator in real life. With gender and race showing huge differences in the numbers of shift workers those night-time, evening and early morning sessions might just allow you to attract new museum visitors and connect with parts of your community you normally miss. Visitor data – understanding who your customers are is essential to developing a targeted and effective marketing strategy. Marketing tips for museums and visitor attractions – hello I am Richard Linington and have been working in the tourism and visitor attraction sectors for Planning Solutions for over 17 years – over that time we have worked on a number of museum, heritage and visitor centre projects. Best practice in making Museums more accessible to visually impaired visitors. Use social media and blogs – don’t be scared of social media or developing your own blog. There have, of course, been huge changes to the way people socialise but I would argue that we are now more social than ever. Do a survey of visitors to the town. Use a $1,000.00 Pomonko family donation to develop a logo. With such easy access to information from all over the world it’s easy to understand why our cultural institutions worry about attracting new museum visitors when there is so much content already to be explored in a virtual setting. You can also run Facebook competitions to increase the number of likes. The areas may be called galleries or zones or era or a “topic”. A marketing plan is the road map of where your museum is going. That’s okay, right? There’s just so much creativity and fun to be had with promoting a podcast on social media. Your front of house staff can ask visitors to your museum or visitor attraction to complete a short questionnaire and setting up a survey on Survey Monkey can help to engage with your visitors online and people who may not have visited you yet. Using Social Media to build an online community for the museum. In this event marketing guide, we reveal the strategies we used to promote our first conference and outline how you can use these techniques for your event. I thought it would be useful to share some marketing tips for museums and visitor attractions. The power of review sites – however much we love (or hate) review sites they are here to stay for the time being. Content Marketing: Create an Editorial Calendar. By increasing their opening hours the V&A, London attracted not only those visitors who simply couldn’t get tickets for the daytime opening in the first instance but also allowed those who would not normally be able to visit during regular operating hours a chance to see the exhibition. Your collection may be highly focussed but your café, conference and outdoor spaces can play host to all sorts of community groups that don’t share your obvious interests. Consider the use of voucher sites – if you don’t have a large marketing budget (or even if you do) the use of voucher and discount sites can be an effective way to raise awareness of your visitor experience. Several museum directors agreed that maintaining the loyalty of a committed local audience is the first order of business for a small museum … Photo library – you may be contacted at short notice by your local media, a tourist publication or destination management organisation for a photograph of your visitor experience. Fresh ideas from museums around the globe in your inbox each week. Maybe your town has a one-of-a-kind museum, boasts "the largest in the world" of something bizarre, hosts a fun festival or is home to a historical building. According to research carried out by Statista over 90% of all adults aged 16-54 owned a smartphone along with more than half of all adults aged 55+. Map … Incentivising people by entering them into a ‘prize draw’ for a family day ticket can help to generate a higher response rate. Credit: Chicago Children’s Museum. I think the importance of museums is often overlooked. Event marketing can be a daunting task. I’m going to see if this YouTube video will work. Planning Solutions Consulting Limited | All Rights Reserved | Privacy & Policy, Marketing tips for museums and visitor attractions, Copyright 2020. As well as helping to identify your core audience and how they heard about the attraction, visitor surveys can also be used to help shape your investment strategy in the development of the visitor experience in the future. See As the children who grew up with social media become adults we are definitely seeing a shift in how we attract new museum visitors. They are looking for physical spaces they can invest in, communities they can engage with and tribes to belong to and Museums have a huge opportunity to be the recipient of their time and money. You can conduct face to face interviews at the local shopping … To find out more about developing and implementing a market plan please contact: Richard Linington – or call 023 9248 1999, Copyright 2020. Planning Solutions Consulting Limited | All Rights Reserved |. From The Guardian pondering if the traditional pub had been “killed off by millennials” to MarketWatch’s realisation that many of us spent more time online than sleeping  in 2018. The key, therefore, is target selection. And in some cases, whilst the collections you maintain may not solely be about a specific topic, I can guarantee there are links to communities you don’t see until you find the right community partner to deliver new experiences alongside you. Alongside this I have been carrying out the marketing activities for CONKERS an environmental discovery centre, in the Midlands for over seven years. This is something which can be quite simple to complete. Some museums, such as the Chicago Children’s Museum, now offer “play for all” events for families with special needs children. How will this exhibition “fit” into the overall museum experience? If you want to engage new communities and attract new museum visitors you need to look beyond your obvious allies. Marketing through the newsletter, social media sites, and the museum’s homepage is usually only seen by those already interested in what the museum has to offer. It encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, which in turn requires a lot of work across multiple teams within an organization. By making sure your online presence is available to everyone with interesting and relevant content you reach out to new museum visitors across the world and give them reasons to visit you in person. Does your museum have a lecture theatre or a room with a projector and some chairs? If you have the resources to offer some unusual events without the need for community engagement it still might be a good idea to involve the communities you wish to reach. These relationships with community leaders can help you authentically attract new audiences and help you spread the word as you embark on your new endeavour. find the latest event, download directors, book an online ticket and see how easy (or difficult) people found it to complete the task. By offering your spaces and collections to community groups you may just find yourself on the receiving end of additional new visitors that they communicate with, some of whom may never have visited a museum before. Today we are connected through the internet, able to find people with similar interests all over the world and able to travel and enjoy our leisure time in a way that would seem unbelievable to people from a few, short generations ago. "Realize that … Museums have increasingly utilized social media as an important method to communicate with current and prospective audiences. If you’re basing your opening hours solely on tradition or on when your staff think you should open it’s highly likely you’re missing a large part of your community. During one visit, for example, Museum Nerd asked @MuseumModernArt why there was so much dust in an … 6. Everybody was free to upload the movies and this one kind of stood out in 2009, and it’s something – I’ll show it first. And it’s not just about the money, diversifying your opening hours can dramatically increase your chances of diversifying your visitors. To be able to continually attract new audiences you must strive to keep your museum attractive, interesting and relevant as a social space and community resource. As a museum with a modest marketing budget, you are going to have the greatest impact if you can activate an enthusiastic micro-target via their pre-existing passion for whatever it is. Many of these shift workers find daytime visits to museums and attendance of other leisure activities hard and so any events held outside of traditional opening times open up a whole range of people who would normally be unable to attend. If your museum can spend a bit of staff time and money to write and produce a great gallery trail, you can sell them to visitors for years to come (or at least until your exhibits change!).

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