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canon c700 review

The camera has two full 2K/HD MON output terminals, and an HDMI port capable of a full 4K/UHD image. Pros: Modular design. And, after all, I had zero issues with this camera while shooting for 10 straight days. Every time the number of ND filters in front of the sensor changes from one to two the camera will warn you to check focus due to the added piece of glass. The knob has to be loosened a lot to get to the point where the arm can be rotated, at which point the whole assembly flops around alarmingly. Peter Marr from Canon Burbank was nice enough to show me around the C700 Full Frame. Back to product overview. In December I visited Canon’s facility in Burbank and did some follow-up testing, using a C700 FF with an EF mount and an EOS prime. Those businesses can check out our review of the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX C3700 Series. Supports Canon lens system. Unfortunately, I can’t really share any actual footage of the project I shot (a studio production for Comedy Central) since it hasn’t been broadcasted yet. It has faster transfer rates and improved security compared to its predecessors – a, b, and g. Proxy clips can be recorded using any of the built-in LUTs, but not user LUTs. The C700 FF captures up to 15 stops in raw and log. The system is exquisitely configurable, but it’s not set up for real-time control in the middle of a shot. Up to 4K, 810Mbps internal recording. The EVF-V70 offers a dedicated dial for fast access to the menu system and a bunch of assignable buttons, which is nice. A fully-fledged audio section with everything you need in one place. Two rows of angled ports fill the back of the right side. $5,000.00 5d 18h That’s not for broadcast quality, of course, but having a reference track for syncing up external audio to your footage is super helpful. I own one and it is a great camera! ofcource this is my opinion only.. The ability to connect almost everything to it is a real advantage over many other cameras. ProRes isn’t available as a sub recording format for raw main recordings. But maybe that’s just me. The imagePRESS C800/C700 Series contains multiple components, some of which are manufactured by third parties. In expanded mode these filters get stacked, resulting in two additional steps: 8 stops and even 10 stops of light reduction. ProRes can be recorded on CFast cards or on the Codex recorder. Plus I’m really liking the ability to have complete camera control via the EVF – changing settings quickly and on the fly using the EVF buttons and Menu wheel – and one cable is pretty tidy. Surprisingly, again, Canon skipped a possible C500 Mark II and instead unveiled the subject of this review, the EOS C700, in 2016. They come in two layers which enables two modes of operation. Four separate SDI ports are used to output HD, 2K, UHD, or 4K, running singly or in combination: SDI 1 alone is used for HD at 30p or lower, while all four spigots output quad-split or frame-sequential signals for high frame rate 2K, 4K, and UHD. Both XF-AVC and ProRes clips embed all four channels of audio. The TC button lets you tweak timecode settings. The air intakes and exhausts are both located on the other side of the camera. Refer to pages 69 and 207 of the instruction manual for specifics. Discover the key facts and see how Canon EOS C700 performs in the camcorder ranking. I think it’s a rental item and it’s a lovely addition to my own camera. The supplied handle and EVF mount can be bolted to the top cheese plate in a variety of locations, while leaving plenty of room to mount the other gack that seems to accumulate on cine cameras, especially considering that the handle itself has several tapped holes for that purpose: The EVF attaches to an L-shaped bracket with its own short arm. Canon’s full table of recording times is on pages 247 and 248 of the manual. I think a camera like the C700 requires at least 150wh batteries, but again, the batteries I had were on duty for quite some time already. It just works. … All the outputs support embedded audio and timecode. Browse a selection of apps for your product. The Venice does 6k. But interesting what you say about the EVF, I have both a Gratical Eye and the Canon EVF-V70 and the Canon one seems like possibly the best EVF I’ve ever looked through [prior to that the Sony HDVF-C30WR was my fave] and personally I find it far superior to the Gratical panel. Canon EOS C700 Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) is a wireless standard released in 2009. You can use a dual-level zebra or one of two peaking signals, each adjustable for color, gain, and frequency: There’s a small WFM available showing line mode (normal), line select (showing a single line chosen from the image), field mode, RGB or YCbCr Parade, or Line+Spot, in which the signal contained on a small onscreen square displays as red atop the normal green of the WFM trace: There’s an excellent false-color mode for exposure checking; regardless of the gamma selected or the LUT used, it always shows black clip, just above black clip, 18% gray, one stop over 18% gray, just below white clip, and white clip levels: You can choose from a variety of onscreen markers in your choice of colors: (One thing I didn’t notice until reviewing these frame grabs is that onscreen display elements are not white, but light gray. Overall, the controls exhibit consistent usability, tactility, and resistance; nothing feels finicky, fragile, or oversensitive. The camera alone weighs 4.1 kg, but fully rigged it is a torture to work with on the shoulder over a long period of time. © 2020 All rights reserved. You have a joystick; your menus have things pretty much where you’d expect them to be; it’s a comfortable and familiar neighborhood. Notably, the C70 uses the RF lens mount, making it the first Cinema EOS model to adopt Canon's newest lens system. You can define whether all buttons are locked or all but the record button. Canon EOS C700 FF Ratings & Reviews Related Accessories. The Canon EVF-V70 OLED viewfinder, which I had the chance to check out, is a pretty nice and feature-packed EVF. While it’s somewhat too stuttery and coarse for comfortable manual focus-pulling, it’s quite handy for remotely-operated tap-to-focus using an EF-mount camera and EOS autofocus lenses, as DP Geoff Boyle did with a C300 Mk 2 in 2016. HDMI always carries two 16-bit channels, and the headphone jack monitors two channels, too. The camera starts up in about 25 seconds. Plus, I like the 4:3 aspect ratio which allows all the overlays to be placed underneath the clean 16:9 image of the camera. The camera is available in both EF-mount (EOS C700 FF) and PL-mount (EOS C700 FF PL) versions. To complete the picture of confusion here, a new member to the cinema EOS family was introduced in 2017: the C200. This decision is made for all three outputs; you can’t choose to have MON.1 with the EVF data and MON. Olaf von Voss is a freelance cameraman who is in business for nearly a decade. As they say with a … Just like the C300 Mark II the C700 has mechanical ND filters built-in. The first true video camera of the cinema EOS line was the C300 back in late 2011. Review Canon C700 Useful guides to help you get the best out of your product. Visibly the camera shows no outward signs of necessarily being a new camera, so if you liked the body style of the other versions, you’ll still like it here. Its native (unity gain) ISO is 200; the optimal ISO for full dynamic range is 800; and the camera lets you shoot anything from ISO 160 to 25600 in normal operations or 100 to 102400 in extended range ops. Guillaume – There are so many things that reviews of this length miss I find – the breadth of features in the C700 go pretty deep – it’s one of those cameras that anyone can pick up and use easily at the top level, but to own or use regularly one can find and make use of many of the extra clever features that either make my set-life easier or enhance creativity. It’s clear that Canon listens to some feedback: the Canon C700 is unbelievable looking on the surface. While I was working with the camera I noticed a pretty high power draw from it. There doesn’t appear to be a C700 menu simulator online, but other Canon menu simulators will give you a sense of how Canon organizes their menus. Pressing ALT lets you access the audio settings, the camera’s level indicator, and (on the EF model only) a wide array of autofocus and focus-assist functions. If you have the OU-700 attached, it mounts at the top on a hinged bracket and sits in front of these doors, as shown here. I use the ARRI EVF mount [in fact the full ARRI PCA kit for the C700 is great] and sadly, unlike the rest of the camera, the supplied EVF bracket, which pretty much copies the Sony F5 F55 EVF bracket, I found awful to use. Share this article . The XLR inputs, the headphone out, TC in and the mic-line switches are located next to each other, whereas with a lot of other cameras you have to bend audio cables across the whole body of the camera because the connectors are all over the place. Browser Remote is a web-based remote monitoring and control application, available over both the built-in wired networking or over Wi-Fi using an optional radio module. PQ and HLG monitoring supported. For my job, I ended up using my 7″ Blackmagic Design Video Assist monitor since the camera was moving back and forth on the dolly all the time. The Canon C700 offers beautifully crisp and cinematic imagery, but is it ideal for your project? Controls are sensibly placed, require appropriate activation forces, and evoke sensible and predictable outcomes. The monaural mic uses automatic gain control (it’s intended as a comment or slate mic), but the other analog sources are all highly configurable in terms of manual or automatic level, trim, attenuation, frequency filtering, limiters, and ALC channel linking. 2K/UHD clips shot in FF or S35 modes may also be recorded as ProRes 4444; S16 clips offer the option of ProRes 422, no HQ. You probably already watched our interview with Canon about the newly announced C300 Mark III and read the post. Handheld with this guy was a beast too. Dual SDI monitoring ports, genlock / sync I/O, timecode I/O, and HDMI fill the rearmost row; four 3G SDI outputs, two remote-panel connections for video-style CCUs, a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, and dual audio XLRs fill the forward row. ... along slide Canon's range of EF series and ciema ... Find the best Canon camera system for your shooting style with this detailed review video from Canon Photographer Jenn Cooper. If you’re using the EF-mount camera, the current AF area is shown onscreen, too. The camera records four channels of 48kHz, 24-bit audio. 10 or 12 bit RAW recording to CODEX drive. At the heart of the EOS C500 Mark II is the same sensor found inside Canon’s EOS C700 camera, a5.9K full-frame 17:9 sensor, which Canon says offers more than 15 stops of dynamic range. The EOS C700 offers the option of two different sensor designs. My own C300 Mark II tells a different story here. Software. One day the director wanted to do a dollyzoom (ie. Unfortunately, the sub rec resolution isn’t visible on the HOME screen or in the INFO pages, so if you don’t menu-dive to double-check, you can keep on shooting without realizing that your supposed 4K XF-AVC clips are all now half-resolution (ask me how I found that out). Canon C700 Full Frame. Dedicated menus for recording, TC, AF, network (browser remote, IP streaming) and audio settings make it really simple to navigate through the control center of the C700. Drivers. The EOS C700 itself is a cuboid of 16.7 x 15.4 x 32.7 cm and weighs 3.4kg. While Los Angeles is currently on lockdown, tele production is considered essential and we are currently working with a very limited staff to ensure orders get out the same day. Canon Log 2 emphasizes post-production grading, and maintains higher tonality in dark areas compared to the original Canon Log. The c500ii only does 6k and c700 does 6k. Anamorphic desqueeze won’t work on HDMI if HDMI is displaying 4K/UHD, nor will it desqueeze the image in Browser Remote. But the EVF mount? No. The EOS C70 and Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x will be available from authorised local dealers from November 2020. SDI can be configured for a 4K raw output, but this is intended only for Canon monitors equipped to deBayer the raw output and apply LUTs for display. The EF-mount version of the camera, coupled with EF lenses, enables a formidable, industry-leading array of autofocus options and manual focus assist modes. The SDI feeds are either YCC or RGBA, depending on frame size and frame rate; these are all nicely documented in the instruction manual should you have a need for these feeds. I think this is due to the way the dual pixel autofocus works, but I would like to use the magnify function every now and then, just to be sure. While the standard C700 uses a 4K-capable Super35mm sensor, the FF uses a 17:9 “full-frame” sensor, 38.1mm x 20.1mm, with 5952 x 3140 active photosites. However, one thing bugged me a little bit: you have to press it firmly against your eye and look straight at it, otherwise the image will look distorted immediately. That’s a tolerable frame rate given the resolution (assuming the camera is sending sequential JPEG images), and it means that any given frame lags realtime by only a fraction of a second — at least when it initially appears. The EVF itself has buttons for image magnification, false color, FUNC (which I’ll discuss later), the EVF menu button, and a SELECT wheel and SET button, joystick, and BACK button for menu navigation. Without excessive use of accessories, you can’t really use it as a shoulder mounted camera. Canon has announced the EOS C700 FF, an updated version of the company's C700 cinema camera that includes a full frame sensor in place of a Super 35 sensor. The C700 FF is a high resolution, high dynamic range camera that just works, the way Apple computers just work (well, the way they used to, but that’s a whole different discussion). I didn’t have time to thoroughly test audio performance, but I can confirm that the built-in slate mic works, and I used it to verify audio sync in the raw development process. The EVF feed can be shown full-screen with superimposed data: …or shrunken slightly to remain clean, surrounded by data: In Super35mm mode, you can display a surrounding area (a.k.a. As Canon’s flagship cinema camera, the C700, announced in late 2016, has already gone through quite the evolution in a short period of time. You have the option of Gold Mount or V-Mount for the battery plate. There is a choice of EF or PL mount when purchasing this camera. Let us know in the comments below! The two sat side by side well. Strictly for rental only camera. Buy Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera featuring Super 35mm CMOS Sensor, EF Cinema Lock Type Mount, Up to 15 Stops of Dynamic Range, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, 4K up to 60 fps, 2K/HD up to 240 fps, Proxy Recording to SD Cards, Selectable Gamma and Log Curves, XF-AVC and ProRes Recording to CFast 2.0, Intuitive User Interface, Raw Recording Option. Select your support content. An INFO button brings up several pages of detailed status data, more quickly perused than if you have to dig through the settings menus; a USER button cycles through three pages of user-defined softkeys. That’s why I wanted to take a closer look at what’s possible with cinema EOS cameras as matters stand. No need for proprietary SxS or XQD cards here. I’m happy with my C300 Mark II, and spending roughly $40.000 on a ready-to-shoot C700 is way above my budget. I have used Varicam 35pure and Can0n C700 and Arri ameera. Dual XLRs can accept two channels of analog or four channels of AES/EBU digital audio; a 3.5mm stereo minijack provides two more, and a built-in monaural mic offers yet another source. The FF is a long, black box that feels like it was hogged out of a solid metal ingot. Order Today A 128GB card is good for about 110 minutes worth of 1080p25 Rec.709 footage at 160Mbit/s or about 50min worth of 4K footage at 340Mbit/s. Cheaper than any ARRI equivalent [9 year old sensor and only 2.8K] and comparable price to the best Sony have F55 [bit old and annoying] – and in my mind pretty much offers more on virtually every level [look at the Venice Spec at announcement it reads very much like the C700 Spec to me]. And about the viewfinder, I also prefer by far the Gratical Eye than the Canon one. Canon EOS C100 – EF Lens Mount & Audio Quality The standard sensor will be offered in both PL and EF mounts. I really miss those lab tests from you guys, I prefer empirical metrics for judging image quality instead of subjective opinions. and it’s a finished fully working highly functional model unlike the f55 which has been a pig’s breakfast of a road map.. I’ve used this camera a lot and it is an absolute dream to work with and pictures a gorgeous. Powerwise, I suppose it depends on what you were using before and how young your Lith-ion chemistry is but compared to an Amira I’m literally using about half the batteries per day and the few kilos of weight saving on the shoulder is refreshing too. In normal mode you can flick through 4 filters: clear, 2 stops of light reduction, 4 stops and 6 stops. The OLED itself, being 1920×1080, means that your eyeball will run out of resolution before the EVF will; the eyepiece presents the OLED at a Goldilocks viewing angle — not too big, not too small — so that the image looks crystal-clear without visible pixellation or aliasing of any sort. Canon EOS C700 Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) is a wireless standard released in 2009. Because it is balance perfectly. The DC connector, being part of the Codex recorder, isn’t the usual 4-pin XLR; it’s a mil-spec, radiation-hardened, earthquake-proof two pin connector from the likes of Lemo or Fischer or Hirose; just be aware you’ll need the proper power cable to feed juice to the camera. The left side has a vertical dial, used on the EF-mount camera for iris control but (fortunately for PL users) re-assignable to ISO/gain. You can have dual wireless on 1/2 and your shotgun mic with 2 different level of gain on 3/4 for exemple. These clips record on CFast cards using 10-bit, YCbCr 4:2:2 intraframe recording at 410 Mbps (4K/UHD, 24fps) or 160 Mbps (2K/HD, 24fps). It makes for a fast, streamlined experience, so you spend less time menu-diving and more time making pictures. Reviews Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera Review. The top pivot on the EVF is a friction mount, it’s easily loosened or tightened to taste  by rotating its knob. Picture quality is my main priority and, to me, Canon still wins over Sony. You can drive the camera almost entirely from the EVF, a great boon for single-person shoulder-mounted operations. About the sound you missed the benefit of the digital audio. There are various other limitations, especially at 29.97 and 59.94 system frequencies, depending on the recording medium. Dual CF card slots. No sweat – we nailed it after just a couple of takes and I didn’t even have to worry about focusing. To be fair, the setup really was predestined for the dual pixel AF to work flawlessly. 19:22. The dual pixel CMOS AF (with compatible EF lenses) is quite outstanding and easily the most innovative feature in Canon cameras these days. A LENS port connects to the optional handgrip or a broadcast lens, while a CTRL port connects the optional OU-700 Remote Control Unit, which replicates the right-side six-button side panel and its associated controls. Multiple 12V and 24V power outlets can be used to power all your external monitors, FIZ controllers, wireless video transmitters etc. Dint anybody notice??!!

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