Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

289 Fascinating Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women


Tattoos are popular style statements that have made waves among men and women in equal measure. The latter is the group that goes for bright, colorful and attractive tattoos. They are game for the body art and want to have their different parts painted with the cool designs and images. Well, there are some women who love to flaunt their tattoos and there are some who want to keep it covered. Half sleeve tattoos for women are the perfect choice for both the categories.

You can keep them covered as well as expose them; whatever, whichever the way you like. Sleeves provide ample space and fatty base to the tattoo artist to indulge his needle and ink. It does not hurt much, either. So, if you are looking forward to gracing your sleeve with tattoos then it would be a good idea to turn your glances at this post. It contains images that have women flaunting cool half sleeve tattoos. Take a look and see for yourself the fabulous art forms. We are sure you would love them and pick one or two for yourself at the end. Enjoy.

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Black Ink Boat Half Sleeve Tattoo

When it comes to getting inked, gorgeous looking abstract tattoo is one of the best ways to represent our personality.

Chrysanthemum Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Showcase your elegance and creative personality by getting inked in a wonderfully colored flower tattoo representing life and prosperity.

Beautiful Girl Color Ink Tattoo On Half Sleeve

A gorgeously colored sleeve tattoo of a maiden successfully accentuates your feminine side.

Colorful Feminine Half Sleeve Tattoo

Decorate and highlight your sleeve in an impressive work of flower tattoo done on your sleeve in order to showcase your love for flowers and the nature around you.

Traditional Sleeve Tattoo For Women

One of the best ways to demonstrate your enigmatic and dramatic side is one of the most sought after ways to go for every theatre tattoo lover.

Koi Fish Tattoo Half Sleeve

A brilliantly colored tattoo on your sleeve of a design of your choice will never fail to work.

Alice In Wonderland Themed Tattoo

An Alice in the Wonderland themed tattoo for a sleeve design is a great way to ink your fairytale love.

Color Ink Fox Tattoo On Sleeve

A wonderfully drawn tattoo of a fox showcases your true personality in style.

Creative Half Sleeve Tattoo For Girl

Embrace and showcase your creative side by getting inked one of the most creative looking and gorgeously designed work of sleeve tattoo art.

Blue Flower And Girl Half Sleeve Tattoo

One of the most sought after ways to go whole getting inked on your sleeve is to get a face or a portrait done in immense details and wonderful colors.

Colorful Peacock Tattoo On Girl Half Sleeve

A peacock tattoo is not only an awesome option for every bird and animal lover but also looks great if done perfectly in vibrant colors.

Butterfly And Flower Half Sleeve Tattoo

Welcome your stylish side by getting inked in a wonderfully colored sleeve tattoo of a butterfly and flowers in order to represent your classy side.

Sleeve Tattoo Design For Girl

One of the best ways to embrace your ladylike and womanly personality is to get inked in gorgeously colored and perfectly designed sleeve tattoo.

Old School Tattoo Half Sleeve

A pretty looking work of an immensely detailed work of a portrait image is among one of the most sought after ways to go.

Colorful Sleeve Tattoo For Girl

One of the most sought after ways to go for every girl tattoo lover is to get inked in wonderful colors and gorgeous details. An absolute win!

Black And Grey Owl With Rose Girl Sleeve Tattoo

Get your sleeve inked in a gorgeously detailed and wonderfully intricate work of an owl tattoo done representing your wise attitude.

Awesome Skull Tattoo Design For Sleeve

Explore your design options and get it inked on your sleeve in impressive and gorgeous details.

Half Sleeve Girly Flower Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo of a simply done bouquet of flowers done in an all black ink is always the best choice for every girl tattoo enthusiast.

Girly Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea

A great way to go for every creative tattoo lover is to showcase your abstract side through your imaginative choice of a sleeve tattoo.

Half Sleeve Flying Hummingbird Tattoo

A hummingbird tattoo done in wondrous colors not only looks amazing but is also the perfect tattoo option.

Colorful Native American Girl Tattoo

An elaborate work of an intricately drawn native american girl gives off a powerful personality image.

Half Sleeve Lock And Key Tattoo

A pretty looking colorful tattoo of a flower and along with a number of other elements is always a great option to go with.

Flower And Butterfly Half Sleeve Tattoo

A delicate and intricate work of sleeve tattoo art is a great way to bring out your artistic side.

Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo For Women

Getting inked in impressively bold colors of double tones is a great way to start off your sleeve tattoo journey.

Hummingbird Quarter Sleeve Tattoo For Girl

A brightly colored, vibrant, and vivid looking image of a hummingbird along with a flower is a great way to go for every tattoo lover.

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Sleeve

Get yourself this Tribal Wolf Tattoo Sleeve for the most kickass design ever!

Skull And Flower Tattoo On Upper Arm

A simply done tattoo of a skull along with contrastingly colored flower is a great way to showcase your personality.

Beautiful Peacock Feather Tattoo On Half Sleeve

A lightly yet wonderfully colored image of a feather done on your sleeve always goes a long way.

Mandala Style Sleeve Tattoo

Decorate your sleeve in an immensely detailed work of a mandala inspired tattoo.

Cool Feminine Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Pay respects to your loved ones in a wonderfully drawn sleeve tattoo of their names and complete with gorgeous colors.

Colorful Tattoo Sleeve Design For Women

Embellish your sleeve in wondrous colors depicting your favorite movie or painting.

Half Sleeve Colored Bird And Flower Tattoo

A lady like selection of a tattoo is always a win win situation for every girl tattoo enthusiast.

Awesome Tattoo Design On Sleeve For Women

Discover new styles and options of tattoo making and designs like this wonderfully done double exposure tattoo.

Half Sleeve Skeleton Girl And Flower Tattoo

A gorgeously drawn tattoo of a whimsical character is a great way to accentuate your selection of a sleeve tattoo.

Sleeve Design For Tattoo

The perfect way to decorate your sleeve is by getting inked in stylish designs and wonderful colors of your liking.

Sleeve Tattoo Design

A gorgeously detailed and wonderfully designed work of a sleeve tattoo art is one of the best ways to go if you are looking to decorate your sleeve.

Realistic Galaxy Half Sleeve Tattoo

Represent your love for the outer space and the unknown by getting inked in a gorgeously colored and vibrant looking solar system.

Cool Half Sleeve Tattoo For Girl

An abstract and a creative approach to getting a sleeve tattoo inked is one of the best ways to represent your carefree personality.

Colorful Music Note And Star Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a musician or a music lover, then getting an elaborate work of a number of musical note tattoo art always works the best.

Women Half Sleeve Geisha Tattoo

A gorgeously done work of a sleeve tattoo art complete with immense details and intricacies is a great way to represent your personality.

Half Arm Sleeve Flower Tattoo For Women

A sleeve tattoo art of your favorite flowers done in gorgeous and impressive colors can never go wrong.

Half Sleeve Detailed Girl Tattoo Design

Take the other route into getting inked by getting tattooed in wonderful and eye catching design.

Awesome Grey Rose And Flying Dove Tattoo On Arm

A decorative piece of sleeve tattoo art done wonderfully of your favorite elements and whimsical characters is a great way to go.

Half Sleeve Raven Tattoo For Girl

Wear your sleeve tattoo in style by getting inked in impressive details.

Grey Ink Elephant Tattoo On Sleeve

A 3D inspired work of a sleeve tattoo done of your favorite animal always works wonders.

Realistic Portrait Tattoo Half Sleeve

Decorate your sleeve in a gorgeously intricate work of face tattoo done of your favorite movie character.

Pirate Ship Tattoo On Sleeve

Represent your wanderlust and your want to travel by getting inked in a wonderfully drawn image of a nighttime ship.

Cool Sleeve Tattoo Idea For Girl

Cheer up your mood in a wonderful way by getting inked in wonderful and brilliant colors of every element and stuff that you absolutely adore.

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