289 Fascinating Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women


Female Tattoo Sleeve Design

A gorgeously colored work of tattoo art not only looks perfect but also showcases your sense of style.

Sleeve Tattoo Idea Black And White

Getting your sleeve inked in an immensely detailed work of owl tattoo art is always one of the best options for every wise and knowledge loving individual.

Pirate Themed Tattoo Sleeve

Wear your selection of your favorite movie or a book in a wonderfully colored work of a sleeve tattoo.

Religious Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Welcome your spiritual and religious side by getting your choice of a wonderfully drawn god or goddess inked on your sleeve.

Forearm Tattoo For Women Idea

The perfect way to approach your sleeve tattoo selection is to get it done in wonderful details and impressive intricacies.

Sleeve Tattoo On Girl

A cherry blossom tattoo showcasing your colorful and cheery spirit is a great way to go.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Design

Embrace your style statement in a gorgeously drawn tattoo of a woman along with a number of other whimsical elements.

Half Sleeve Japanese Tattoo

Enhance your sleeve by getting inked in a wonderfully decorated work of a sea world inspired tattoo complete with sobre colors.

Half Sleeve Girly Tattoo

One of the greatest ways to go if you want to stand out in the tattoo game is by getting inked in an all black, bunch of flowers tattoo.

Girl Sleeve Tattoo Design

A girlie and feminine inspired tattoo of a pin up girl on your sleeve done in minimalistic colors is a great way to approach your tattoo decisions.

Tribal Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

A wonderfully drawn tattoo of a designer looking tattoo art not only looks awesome but is also an impressive style statement.

Rose Sleeve Tattoo For Women

A gorgeously colored work of a sleeve tattoo art done with perfection and in immense details always goes a long way.

Vibrant Sleeve Tattoo

This girl loves to indulge her sweet tooth and the sleeve tattoo contains all the goodies she is mad about.

Girl Portrait Tattoo

The coy girl with dark hair, covered in red outfit looks very charming and presents a pretty, sweet portrait to the eyes.

Unique Sleeve Tattoo

Mother Mary etched in creepy, sugar skull style looks intriguing and the girl got it carved as a symbol of her religious nature.

Peacock Tattoo

The beautiful bird looks gorgeous in its colorful and blooming avatar, done as a tattoo on the sleeve of the girl.

Mermaid Tattoo

The sexy siren of the sea is a fascinating creature that looks amazing when drawn on the sleeve as a portrait.

Sea Life Scenery Tattoo

The blue waters with the turtle, fishes and algae inside it, looks pleasant and gives face to the passion of the girl for sea life.

Stunning Sleeve Tattoo

Marvelous and magnetic; these are the words that best define this brilliant, colorful tattoo, etched on the sleeve.

Cute Sleeve Tattoo

The baby mermaid, turtle, fish and flowers present a lovely sight to the eyes that is full of sweetness and serenity.

Yummy Sleeve Tattoo

The bright and colorful collage of cupcake, toffee, candies and stars looks super charming and stands for the sweet tooth the girl possesses.

Alluring Half Sleeve Tattoo

Red and black make for a dazzling combination and this tattoo showing a bird, flowers, stars and knowledge lettering looks very attractive.

Koifish Tattoo

Symbol of hardiness and adaptability; the koi fish tattoo with flowers and blue backdrop looks super alluring.

Skeleton Girl Tattoo

Unique half sleeve tattoo idea given shape with the help of a skeleton girl portrait that is full of deep, creepy mystery.

Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo

The mythical mermaid, embellished on the sleeve of the girl catches quick attention and looks sexy as well.

Parrot Tattoo

This black and white sleeve tattoo of the girl with a parrot, stars and flowers symbolize the girl’s love for nature.

Stylist Half Sleeve Tattoo

Mark of her profession, the tattoo on the sleeve showing scissors, diamond, lipstick and hair dryer looks very catchy.

Cool Sleeve Tattoo

Fish, sea-horse, stars and the green-blue waves produce the portrait of sea life on the sleeve of the girl who really looks fascinating.

Sweet Half Sleeve Tattoo

The bird, banner, flowers and clouds together bring out a lovely tattoo piece on the sleeve of the girl.

Koi & Flowers Tattoo

Dark koi fish and red cherry blossom flowers carved on the sleeve create a charming portrait, that is a symbol of hardy nature of the beautiful girl.

Star Sleeve Tattoo

This ambitious girl who is in search of guidance has got lovely stars on her sleeve as tattoo to symbolize her desires.

Floral Half Sleeve Tattoo

Girls love flowers and the latter also complements their soft and beautiful nature in a cool way; this is why they are also favored as tattoos.

Pink Tiger Lily Tattoo

Symbol of wealth and pride; the pink tiger lily looks very charming, sitting on the arm of the girl.

Black & White Flower Tattoo

Graceful flower tattoo, done on the sleeve, looks elegant and the girl got them carved as a memorial for her grandmother.

Ship Tattoo

The girl got the ship on her sleeve as a mark of love for her beautiful life journey that holds lots of promises in store.

Elegant Half Sleeve Tattoo

The tree, leaves and waves form a graceful collage on the sleeve of the girl, covering it in a beautiful manner.

Half Sleeve Flower Tattoo

The bright and blooming flowers along with buds, graces the arm of the girl in an elegant manner, enhancing the charm of the body part.

Phoenix Tattoo Half Sleeve Women

Embrace your wild side by getting an impressive looking tattoo of an intricately drawn phoenix tattoo on your sleeve complete with wonderful colors.

Badass Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

A sleeve tattoo of a skull done in a stylish technique spread out all over your sleeve is one of the best ways to go.

Butterfly Half Sleeve Tattoo

Getting inked in a pretty and wonderfully detailed work of a bunch of flower along with a butterfly tattoo art is a great way to showcase the love for your girly side.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Black And White

One of the most sought after and best ways to go while getting a sleeve tattoo done is to get inked in simple and pretty looking flower tattoo, in an all black ink.

Black And White Rose Sleeve Tattoo For Women

A sleeve tattoo of a bunch of flowers done only in black outlines not only looks stylish but also gently represents your style quotient.

Black And Grey Rose Tattoo Sleeve

A gorgeous looking piece of a rose tattoo art sitting decoratively on your sleeve area is a win win situation.

Sunflower Half Sleeve Tattoo

Vibrant colors and wonderful styles is one of the best ways to go for every flower and nature lover.

Feminine Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

Embrace and showcase your feminine/girlie side in style through your choice of an elaborately drawn work of a sleeve tattoo.

Skull And Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

A detailed work of sleeve tattoo art of skulls never disappoints your tattoo ambitions.

Sugar Skull Lady Sleeve Tattoo

An elaborate work of a sleeve tattoo art done in wonderful details and complete with gorgeous intricacies always works wonders.

Sleeve Tattoo Design For Women

A wonderfully colored and gorgeously detailed work of sleeve tattoo art looks perfect if done right.

Half Sleeve Tattoo For Black Women

A sleeve tattoo is one of the best ways to represent your thoughts, opinions, and views.

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