Guide on How to Find Your Communication Style

Freelancer is a person who works with multiple clients without giving a long term commitment to any of them. These people work with their own terms and conditions. Most of them work from home and follow their own schedule to complete work. From the last two decades this profession has gained popularity in the field of journalism, software development, creative services, content development and for coaching. This has now become a largest economic segment in many countries. Now many big companies are following a similar approach as followed in freelancing. These companies have made most of their work online, if somehow their employee is unable to attend the office their work would not suffer. Employee can carry on with their work from home on that particular day. As freelancers have cut the operating cost up to 60 percent, so their demand has increased in comparison to traditional employees.

Freelancers are their own bosses. They are free to work with their own style. You can call freelancing as one man’s show. If a freelancer works hard, he or she would be the only person to get profit but if they lack perfection they would be responsible for the loss incurred. Better the way of dealing with clients more would be the number of clients approaching them. Healthier the style of communicating greater would be your demand compared to your competitors. So, you must know about the guide on how to find your communication style because it is a must for your success. Communication in general refers to the way of imparting information to others. It is a two way process. There needs to be a sender and a receiver and the inflow or outflow of message is one of the essential requirements. In this case we have only two parties i.e :

• Freelancers

• Clients

The communication takes place between these two. No two people communicate in a similar way. Matching one’s style of talking with that of client is one of the greatest issues for every freelancer. The job of freelancing is as such that if one is not good at speaking, this could lead to lack of work. A freelancer might have to face this situation many times. One of the best ways to come out of this weird situation is, adapt your communication style to match theirs.Here we have summed up four styles of effective communication. This will act as a guide on how to find your communication style.

• Controller

• Promoter

• Supporter

• Analyzer



These people are not interested in getting each and every detail of things. This is the reason that most of the times they appear to be dominating and interfering. They are mainly goal oriented and speak to the point. These people want the things to be done in any way. As they don’t love to hear details, they lack the details in their own work. Mostly they start the things with no initial knowledge and think the results would come with the passage of time.



These are the type of people who are fun loving. They are the life of every party. Such people can talk for long span of time. They can speak on any topic. They are always seen in a happy and jolly mood. Their main motive is to make all people happy so that they forget their sorrows. They are excited and inquisitive. It’s not that these people are never sad, they are but with their motive of making others happy they do not share their sadness with others. They show people only the positive aspects of life. They are very social and friendly.



This style of communication is adopted by those people who are calm in nature. Maximum population act according to this style. These people hate conflicts and try to avoid such situation. They are mostly seen as the mediators in fights who are asking both the parties to be patient. Mostly mature people communicate in supporters styles. Due to their nice and friendly nature they have large number of friends. Each of these friends is interested to share their personal life with them.

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