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25 Great Grim Reaper Pictures


The mythical figure of grim reaper is very popular among people. The human personification of death who severs the last connection between the body and the soul is an awe inspiring and fearsome creature. The pictures of this angel of death are liked by people from all age groups. Right from children to the elderly all are under the charm and spell of this scythe wielding hooded figure. Almost all religions have some or other kind of reference to such a mythical character that visits the dying in their last moments or when they have died to take them to another world.

There are thousands of enthralling stories about this angel of death in almost all civilizations. Reaper wallpapers are quite creative and appealing. There is a large assortment of wallpapers in which the messenger of the dark mystery of death has been created in numerous ways. You can find the traditional grim reaper in hundreds of moods and colors. There are grim as well as bright background images of the skeletal man carrying his arm. Following is a grim reaper directory of twenty five such images where it appears in twenty five different themes. So, here we go.

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Halloween grim reaper

Black robed and strong scythe wielding grim reaper in a Halloween function.

Halloween Grim Reaper

Cruel Reaper

Laughing reaper with a wide mouth and a strong bony scythe.

Grim Reaper

Winter grim reaper

Heavily clothed grim reaper with a covered face and scythe resting on his arms.

Dangerous Grim Reaper

Thunder reaper

Dark black grim reaper on the prowl in deserts.

Grim Reaper Strikes

Grim Reaper With Lamp

Laughing grim reaper emerging from the graveyard with a lamp in its hand.

Grim Reaper With Lamp

Cycle riding grim reaper

Somber looking grim reaper on a tricycle.

Grim Reaper Loves To Ride a Tricycle

Multi faced grim reaper

Multi faced grim reaper with a waving scythe.

Picture Of Grim Reaper

When the reaper strikes

Ultra skinny grim reaper with a skeleton mouthed scythe against a thunder background.

Grim Reaper Skeleton

Faceless reaper

The invisible grim reaper with the jagged end robes and a thin scythe.

Grim Reaper Undead Enimies

Grim Reaper with glowing eyes

Shouting grim reaper with sparks in eyes and a violet cloak.

Grim Reaper Glowing Eye

Shadowy grim reaper

The shadow of the grim reaper about to strike its victim.

The Grim Trenton

Be alert

The cunning reaper on its journey in the alleys of a starlit city.

Floating On Island

Modern grim reaper

The modern grim reaper in jackets with a hook.

Grim Reaper With Hook

Gluttonous reaper

The reaper with bulging eyes and its numerous victims.

Pulp Portrait Grim Reaper

Grim reaper with bird

Black grim reaper with a scythe looking at a bird in his hand.

The Grim Reaper

Bloody grim reaper waiting

White faced reaper with blood on its scythe amid leafless trees.

Grim Reaper Waiting

Here comes the grim Reaper

Reaper enters through the gate with a scythe and lamp looking for its victim.

Horror Grim Reaper

Daring grim reaper

Laughing reaper on a check print background flashing its scythe.

Grim Reaper Picture

Twin grim reapers

Twin reapers with their respective scythes in search of the dead.

Grim Reaper Wall

Funny grim reaper

Tricolored funny reaper with a mysterious expression.

Fun Grim Reaper

Walled grim Reaper

Reaper face carved on a stony wall.

Googling Grim Reaper

Reaper with the wings

The reaper with wings pointing at its victim.

Dark Grim Reaper

Caretaker reaper

Black reaper with a long broom sweeping away the leaves.

Bobble Headed Grim Reaper

The photogenic reaper

Grim reaper posing on a dark night.

Grim Reaper In Dark

Fortune telling reaper

The grim reaper against a bright background with a scythe and globe in hands.

Grim Reaper Oiled Earth

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