Getting Started with HTML5 Video Players: Resources and Tutorials

One of the largest areas of development in HTML5 is with the processing and handling of video, allowing for powerful media players to be built in easily with websites without the need for a massive number of external components.  With the bandwidth limitations decreasing and internet speeds growing, video has become the in-demand medium on the web, and HTML5 video is a great way to provide it.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with some great HTML5 video players to jump start your website’s media capabilities, along with some tutorials so you can understand what’s going on behind the scenes, and even create your own.

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Enjoy, and if you know of other resources, please post them in the comments!

Video JS HTML5 Player

Open Standard Media Player

Flare Video


Akamai’s Open HTML5 Player

Video for Everybody

Degradable HTML5 Video


Everything You Need to Know About HTML5 Video

Introduction to HTML5 Video

How to Build an HTML5 Video Player

Custom HTML5 Video Player with CSS and jQuery

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