Why Freelancers Should Seek Job Satisfaction too

Job satisfaction is must for all employees. Every employee devotes his 100 percent if he or she is fully satisfied with their job. In such cases, work will not feel like work. In fact one enjoys working in such environment. The burden and pressure of work is totally absent, one relishes each moment of his or her work. Job satisfaction mainly depends upon our attitude and expectations from job. Level of job satisfaction plays an important role in determining the amount of productivity. Job satisfaction mainly refers to how pleased is a person with his or her job.

The satisfaction level of job varies from one person to another. Some of the factors which contribute to job satisfaction are:

1. Amount of Salary

2. Written contract or agreement of employment

3. Extra Benefits

4. Amount of workload

5. Flexibility

6. Physical work environment

7. Working conditions

8. Social Relations

9. Job Design

10. New Technologies

11. Training and Education

Like all other employees freelancers also need job satisfaction to complete their work with a similar degree of perfection and to maintain best level of quality. If some of the above mentioned factors are fulfilled, freelancer will feel fully satisfied with their job. It’s due to the increasing job stress that people are opting to become freelancers. Becoming a freelancer is less stressful than those employees who has have to report to the office regularly.

Why freelancers should seek job satisfaction too? This is the question mostly asked by many people. Job satisfaction is equally important for freelancers as it is important for other employees. It is job satisfaction which will sustain them during their tough period. If a freelancer is satisfied, they will never switch to another job even when the workload increases. Whether there is less work or more, if they are satisfied with their present job they will do it willingly.

The following are a few factors which could lead to the job dissatisfaction for freelancers:

Regularly Doing Boring Work

Regularly Doing Boring Work

If you are regularly taking such work which is not suiting your interest, which will really, bore you and you might lose interest for work.

Working At Much Less Rate

Working At Much Less Rate

People perform job for earning their living. If they are paid less than their abilities, it builds into frustration.

Problem Managing Clients

Problem Managing Clients

Another factor for job dissatisfaction could be in managing clients. You should deal with only those clients with whom your job satisfaction matches to some extent.



Sometimes working alone leads to a great progress, but at other times it may lead to loneliness. You might feel sad because of no mates.

How can you get job satisfaction:

In order to be completely satisfied with your job, you need to work on the following factors:

1. Self –awareness

2. Variety

3. Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

4. Positive attitude



In order to have job satisfaction, the first important thing that you must be aware about is to know your strengths and weaknesses. This will tell you what kind of job you are actually looking for.



Doing a variety of things creates interest in people. If a person continues with same regular job he or she will feel bored at some point. This will in turn lead to bad performance. So variety in the nature of work is required to get job satisfaction.

Positive Attitude


Reacting to something in a positive way or keeping a positive attitude towards things would help you in completing your work with perfection. If you are angry or sad, you will have same behavior towards your work.

Maintain A Balanced Life Style

Maintain A Balanced Life Style

One should create a perfect balance between work life as well as personal life. A kind of imbalance might lead to job dissatisfaction.

Freelancers Should Seek Job Satisfaction Too

If the freelancers will get job satisfaction, he/she will perform his job with a great level of energy. Following are some of the reasons which gives a best answer to the question, Why Freelancers Should Seek Job Satisfaction Too? Job satisfaction will help attain the following:

1. Increased Productivity.

2. Positive impact on creativity.

3. Good relation with Client.

4. Timely Completion of work.

5. Long term benefits.

6. Better Results.

7. Personal Growth.

8. Strong Sense Of Security.

9. Promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

10.Keeps stress levels to a minimum.

11.Motivates you to get out of bed earlier, with more spring and energy.

12.Makes it easier to focus on more than just the money.

13.Quality of work improves.

14.Free From Loneliness.


Some of these have been briefly explained below:

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