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Freelance Travelling Tips


Working as a freelancer gives you many benefits. Flexible working hours, freedom, job satisfaction are just some of them. You may feel that you have achieved whatever you have wanted. However, a situation may come when you have to travel to a new place and at the same time, you have projects to finish. Now how can you mange both work and travel as a freelancer. Do not worry. Remember that you are not the only one who has to manage work while traveling. There are thousands of freelancers like you, who combine business with pleasure. By following some freelance traveling tips, you can easily manage travel and work together. Try out these simple yet useful tips and see how you can enjoy travel and work together.


The first and the foremost thing, you should do when you have to mingle work and travel is to plan. By proper planning, you will be able to carry out your work without any hassle. Even if you have to travel to the most remote place, planning will help you manage all.

Carry Proper Clothing

Make sure that you carry appropriate clothing whenever you travel as a freelancer. Freelancers do not have any special dress code. They can go for smart attire like a suit, if they have to meet their clients, during travel. It is better you do a research about the climate of the place where you traveling to. For example, if you are moving to a warmer part of the world, carry clothes which suit the scorching sun. Likewise, if you are traveling to a cold place carry warm clothes. Always carry a range of clothing which ensures comfort. A balance of casual and business attire will help you, if you have to meet any potential client during travel.

Carry The Right Tools

As a freelancer, you will be using several equipments like laptop, camera, and mobile for your work. Things are easy when you are working from home. However, how will you be able to carry these when you are on the road? If you are taking a short trip, a tablet with an internet connection would do. On the other hand, if you are opting for a long journey, then it is best that you carry your laptop with you. You can always use a backpack which can help you carry all your gadgets and peripherals. Choose a backpack which will fit all your equipments and at the same time is not too heavy.Suppose your device is out of power and there are no power outlets near by. So how will you charge your laptop? Do not forget to carry extra batteries, so that you will be well prepared, even if your laptop looses its charge. Make sure that you have a back up power supply source. You can also try to work offline sometimes. Choose better apps for a better battery life. This will help you to charge less too.

Locate The WI-Fi Spots

The internet connection is an essential part of every freelancer. Without proper connectivity, you will not be able to connect with your clients. So before you make the move, find out about the Wi-Fi spots on your way. By doing this, you will able to save time.

Update Your Clients

Make sure to notify your clients, before you start travelling. If you are not able to work for some days, it is better you keep all your clients informed about your work schedule. Update them with your alternate mobile number or email so they can contact you whenever a need arises.

Lighten Your Load

Whenever you travel, try to travel lightly. Reduce your baggage. Sometimes, you may have to leave your baggage behind. So be prepared for unpleasant situations. You may have to face situations like an airport under construction, broken escalators, and public transportation on strike. If you cannot carry your baggage for miles, then it is better that you do not bring it. If you have to use heavy equipment, instead of carrying your own equipment you can try to rent it locally.

Carry Eatables With You

Regardless of whether you work from home or you are travelling as a freelancer, make sure that you carry some eatables with you. Always pack a small bag of snacks and water with you. You may never know when you might get stuck in a traffic jam, or in a plane or amidst boring conference. Hunger pangs can affect person’s moods and ability to take right decisions. Always ensure that you have means to be replenished and nourished.

Carry Essential Documents

If you are a traveling freelancer, make sure to carry all your essential documents in a folder. You can store all the vital information in your laptop or your smart phone. Another alternative is to store the information in Google docs or tools like drop box. These can be literally accessed from anywhere.Suppose you are out of power supply and you are not able to open your laptop? What will you do? Carry a copy of all your personal documents in a physical form. In this way, you can make sure that your work will not suffer during unaccepted situations.

Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe And Secure.

Another thing you should be aware of as a traveling freelancer is pickpockets. Whenever you travel by plane, bus or train, you have every chance to get pick pocketed. So store all your essential documents and equipments in a safe place to keep them from grabbing hands. You can even add some secret pockets to your clothing, where you can store some extra bucks. Safeguard your money and passport in a secret travel pouch underneath your regular clothes.

Outsource Your Work

If you have to travel frequently as a freelancer, you can always outsource your work to your friends. Ask your friends, if they can accept some work. In this way, you can keep your clients happy too.Working and traveling at the same time may take a toll on your body. So take time to relax. These are some simple traveling tips which you can follow as a freelancer. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy.

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