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25 Groovy Foot Tattoos For Women


Tattoos are sexy style statements that enhance the appeal of women. This is why most of them go for different types of tattoos on their different body parts. The foot is also one spot that the women love to decorate. We have already seen them wearing anklets and toe rings. These ornaments, no doubts, enhance the beauty of the dainty feet but tattoos are the latest and innovative fashion accessory and therefore, make for a cool ornamental piece. The foot tattoos for women have got immense variety and one can get amazing designs with the help of an accomplished tattoo artist.

The most popular design is that of flowers. Apart from it, names, quotes, one’s favorite cartoon character, heart shapes, etc. also figure in prominently when it comes to having a cool tattoo the fabulous feet. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo for yourself then it is suggested that you get ready to bear fair amount of pain as it hurts to get a tattoo on the foot. Below, we have created a post that features 25 types of women foot tattoos. It will give you good ideas regarding the various displays. Take a look.

Unique Foot Tattoo

Cool foot tattoo carved with a skull that is shown as a flower, symbolizes life after death.

Musical Love Tattoo

An expression of love for music; this tattoo has been done in a fine, creative manner that looks quite alluring.

Lovely Robot Tattoo

Watch out this sweet robot tattoo that has the machine thinking about love; a classic, innovative idea, for sure.

Butterfly & Flower Tattoo

Graceful, black and white tattoo, showing a flower and butterfly that is a symbol of love and attachment.

Paw Prints Tattoo

The trail of paw prints running on the edge of the foot look cute and the girl got them as a mark of love for her pet.

Quenya Script Tattoo

This is a dialogue from the movie “The Lord of The Rings” that says not all those who wonder are lost.

Cherry Blossom Flower Tattoo

This bunch of three flowers stands for celebration of life and indicates that the girl takes all her steps with the motive of enjoying life.

Sisters Foot Tattoo

Beautiful quote running on the edge of the foot in a curvy manner looks beautiful and also serves as a source of inspiration.

Lizard Tattoo

This girl loves the creepy creature which is known to scare the gals and has got a tattoo on her foot to symbolize the liking.

Beatles Tribute Tattoo

Beautiful tattoo carved with a flying bird and “let it be” words, taken from the song by Beatles.

Lovely Foot Tattoo

Flowers and foot look like they have been made for each other and this tattoo looks very charming, in its neat portrayal.

Cute Foot Tattoo

The moose seated on the knuckle of the thumb looks very sweet and symbolizes the interest of the girl in such animals.

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