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25 Groovy Foot Tattoos For Women


Feather Tattoo

Symbol of new beginning; this foot tattoo looks very graceful and the girl got it as a tribute to the current phase in her life.

Love Tattoo

The girl has got her own name and the name of her lover carved along with a small pink butterfly on her foot

Flowers Tattoo

This pair of pink flowers, carved on the foot, looks pretty and stands for the love life of the girl.

Elegant Foot Tattoo

Artistic foot tattoo created with dark ink looks cool and creates a designer portrait on the foot of the girl.

Henna Tattoo On Foot

The beauty of henna tattoos is very distinct and has top-notch, natural touch to it, that makes it stand out from the rest.

Script Tattoo On Foot

Native script tattoo, etched on the edge of the foot, looks decent and holds personal meaning for the woman.

Song Inspired Tattoo

This nicely designed tattoo bears lines from Avenged Sevenfold’s song Unbound (The Wild Ride) and the girl relates with it a lot.

Self Expressive Tattoo

The girl gives vent to her attitude with a script tattoo, done on the edge of her foot in cute, cursive manner.

Pokemon Tattoo

Watch out umbreon, which happens to be the favorite Pokemon of the girl and looks pretty cute as well.

Name & Stars Tattoo

The girl got the name of her lover on her foot along with stars that symbolize the shine that has come into her life with the entry of the guy.

Portrait Tattoo

Suitable tattoo for a girl as it brings out the inherent charm and innocence of feminine beauty.

Tattooed Feet

The identical designs on both the foot look very alluring and also create a cool ornamental piece on the foot.

Charming Foot Tattoo

Classic foot tattoo having oodles of creativity and charm that also symbolizes the blissful love life of the girl.

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