Food and Items Turned into Creative Food Art Masterpieces

We eat many food items daily and most of us never see “art” in food, but people with creative minds see art in everything and food is one of them.  Most of us were told not to play with our food, but really, playing with food can be quite a bit of fun for the creative minded, especially when creating food art.

Here, I’ve showcased some awesome food (and occasionally other items) assembled into creative food art masterpieces.

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1. Ice Cream Made From Meat

“Sweet Meat” by German photographer Jasmine Schuller is a series using real meat to create these mouth watering deserts. Not sure about the taste of this raw meat whipped with cream but it definitely looks good.

Creative Food Art

2. Miniature Sushi Art on Plate

Paramodel is an artistic duet from Osaka, Tokyo. They recently combined a toy truck called “Tomica” and a food model of Japanese food, Sushi, and named the artwork “Tommy Sushi”.

Creative Food Art

3. Breakfast Cupcakes

Maple Buttermilk Pancake Cupcakes topped with Gummi Fried Eggs (they taste like peach) and a side of bacon.

Creative Food Art

4. Divorce Cakes

Baker Fay Millar has started making divorce cakes to meet the demand for the growing trend of break-up parties. She says that inquiries about her cakes come mainly from ex-wives who want a cake as part of a celebratory divorce party.

Creative Food Art

5. Royal Wedding Pizza Portrait

Kate’s veil is made from mushrooms and her dress from cheese, while William’s morning suit has been created out of salami and peppers… that’s the pizza we’re talking about, not the clothes for the big day.

Creative Food Art

6. Motorcycles Made From Lobster Shells

Taiwanese chef and food carving expert Huang Mingbo created these bizarre masterpieces while giving a lecture at a cooking seminar inside the Fuzhou Hotel in China. The magnificent detail of the lobster motorcycles is simply exquisite.

Creative Food Art

7. Delicatessen iPhone Cases

A company in Tokyo makes creative handmade iPhone cases decorated with plastic models of food such as sushi and eel bowl. The price of the handmade products vary from 2,000 – 4,000 yen ($26 – $56) in domestic and oversee markets.

Creative Food Art

8. Half Meal

Based on the concept of the drug, the agency has erased parts of the food. The visuals depict, in an interesting and successful, and conveys the brand message.

Creative Food Art

9. Knitted Food

Beautiful knitted food items by Ed Bing Lee.

Creative Food Art

10. Food

Just a nice concept called “Food” For Perishfactory. It is delicate and it gives more desire than reality.

Creative Food Art

11. Creative Fun with Pumpkin Carvings

Funny and scary pumpkin carvings.

Creative Food Art

12. Amazing Banana Carvings

23-years-old Japanese artist named Suu transforms regular banana into creative 3D sculptures or in other words he is giving life to bananas with scary, funny and other face expressions.

Creative Food Art

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