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25 Sweet Flower Tattoos For Girls


Flowers and women have a close connection. The sweet, beautiful, fragrant and soft botanical entity is so much similar to the fairer sex that one naturally correlates the latter with the former. Women also carry the same attributes as flowers and stands for them. Flowers are used by women for self decorative purposes. They wear flowers in their hair as accessories. Not only this, they also get flower images painted on their bodies while going for tattoos. Flower tattoos are very popular and in demand. Women love to experiment with different flower tattoo designs. They are always on the lookout for some new and exquisite patterns.

Flower tattoos are elegant and beautiful and cool at the same time. Since there are millions of flower species in the world, the scope of tattoos with flower images also gets extended to the same extent. So, if you want to wear a flower tattoo, you don’t need to worry about variety, it is infinite. Here is a collection of twenty flower tattoos for girls having various types of flowers with creative embellishments and backgrounds. We would like you to have a walk in the garden and pick your favorite flower tattoo.

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Flower tattoo

Orange color flower with yellow single stripes and blue dots running through the petals.

Flower Tattoo

Dragonfly tattoo

Flowers in sky blue hue and a dragonfly make for a somber look.

Dragonfly Flower Tattoo

Rose tattoo

The big red rose with leaves around painted below the back of the neck is hot.

Idea For A Tattoo

Hibiscus flower tattoo

Tricolored hibiscus with a small creeper below looks splendid.

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Foot flower tattoo

Pink red flowers in diagonal strip surrounded by black creepers painted on the ankle are looking glorious.

Foot Flower Tattoo

Flower cover up

Big orange and sky blue flower perched on a green climber running to the neck.

Flower Cover Up

Purple flower tattoo

Purple tulip shaped flowers with big green leaves.

Purple Flower Tattoo

Flower tribal butterfly tattoo

Black vines and flowers painted on back of the shoulder with a butterfly hovering over it.

Flower Tribal Butterfly Tattoo


Two bright hibiscus in purple and orange shining in darkness.


Lotus tattoo

Different colored lotus tattoos painted on both ankles.

Lotus Tattoo

Stars and butterfly

Small stars, butterflies and flowers inked at center of the back below the neck are cute.

Star Flower Butterfly Color


A red hot desert rose painted on shoulder blade.

Desert Rose

Vibrant hibiscus

Pink hibiscus with bright green leaves looks cool and vibrant.

Hibiscus Flower

Lower back tattoo

Dark pink lotus with curvy leaves enhances the inclined back.

Lower Back Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

A full blown and blooming pink hibiscus joined together on the shoulder blade.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Tiger lily

A bright orange black tiger lily painted on leg.

Tiger Lily

Lily tattoo

Light orange big lily is soothing to the eyes.

Lily Tattoo

Colorful tattoo

Multi colored flowers of different shapes overlapping each other are attractive and charming.

Flower Tattoo in Color

Lily flower tattoo

Pink lily with long green leaves painted on foot.

Lilly Flower Tattoo

Hibiscus tattoo

Two big bright lilies inked below the waist on one side is fantastic.

Hibiscus Tattoo

Elegant vines

Black color vines with flowers in the shape of a hill cover the abs decorated with piercings.

Beautiful Tattoo

Nice flower fattoo

Single black flower with sharp edged petals looks sober.

Nice Flower Tattoo

Poppy tattoo

Bright red big hibiscus flowers covering the back of the neck are catchy.

Poppy Tattoo

Neck tattoo

Small sky blue flowers in a slanting pose drape the sleek neck.

Flowers Draping Neck Tattoo

Blue lotus tattoo

Blue lotus flanked around with thick outline sits pretty below the back of the neck.

Blue Color Tattoo

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