FlashMoto Company Re-branding: A Case Study

Re-branding is a crucial time for any business, as it involves revamping an existing image (for a variety of reasons) and creating a new, memorable yet still identifiable brand image.  Since it will involve replacing all existing media, including websites, business cards, logos and more, it is one of the most difficult processes for any business.

The re-branding process itself is serious heavy lifting for all involved into the company’s life and its developing process: the team, partners, customers and, of course, management. The companies which are determined to start the process of cardinal changes, do it for different reasons. It can help business to choose a new direction, overcome challenge and incorporate an expansion. Sometimes a company just wants to change the appearance or even create an entirely new identity with a smart re-branding strategy. The reasons for a business to consider re-branding are plentiful.

In FlashMoto case, the reason was much simpler than the above mentioned, but it was serious enough to start the re-branding process. As it turned out, “Flash” is a registered trademark of Adobe (a similar dilemma encountered by Envato’s Flash TUTS+, which is now Active TUTS+), so a key objective of such a serious step was to choose a unique and easy to remember name. In the process of choosing a new name, the company managers decided to resort to more considerable alterations, i.e. create a newly designed website with a new logo, updated, interesting and helpful info aimed at Flash developers mainly, and so on.

So, there were three main steps of the FlashMoto re-branding I would like to outline: changing a name, a new website design and a new website structure and content.

Changing name

The main goal was to think out a unique and beautiful name that wouldn’t be long and would be memorable enough. We were thinking about possible variants and finally stopped at the name Moto CMS. It met all our requirements: it was unique, sticky enough and at the same time contained a part of the old one.

A new website design

We just wanted a fresh attractive design, so we entrusted professional web designers with this mission, and they gave full scope to their imagination. The only our wish was about the color spectrum of a new website: we wanted it to be close to the previous one.

You are welcome to look at the result:

A new structure and content

Before working at the new website structure and writing a new content, the Moto CMS team determined the main goals of further possible content changes. So, the essential thought was that a new website should be aimed at developers mainly, therefore a new content should fully correspond to their needs.

Many new pages and sections have been added to the new website:

–     The section “Tour” that gives a detailed review concerning wide opportunities and features of the Moto Flash CMS;

–    The page “Why”  discovers Moto Flash content management system, answers a question why the CMS is worth to be used;

–    The “Forums” section with plenty of new tutorials for developers and end users (including video tutorials) as well as much necessary documentation. This promising section is going to be regularly updated;

–    The section “Release Notes” that summarizes the changes and updates that have been made with each CMS release. Here the Moto CMS users may easily check what’s new in the latest version of Moto CMS.

So, here it is: Moto CMS, MotoCMS, MotoCMS.com, the advanced Flash CMS provider that allows to create a premium Flash website.  It would be great to get your feedback!

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