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50 Exceptional Finger Tattoos


Finger tattoos are in thing in the art and fashion segment. Men and women, both are in love with this latest rage and are getting their fingers graced with different kinds of art forms. The popular designs include the heart shapes, lettering and quotes. The ring finger tattoos are also very popular among the couples. They get the ring designs created on the finger as a replacement of their engagement rings. At times, the couples also get similar designs on their fingers as a mark of love and affection. As far as the fingers are concerned, the middle and ring finger are the favorite of people.

Well, it has already been stated that finger tattoos are very much in vogue but it must be also mentioned that you need to take care of the tattoos on fingers. Reason; the hands are a much exposed part and the skin wears off constantly. This is why the tattoos may need regular touch up. Apart from this you must also get a skilled tattoo artist to get the tattoo done. It is painful as well because of the bony structure of fingers. Here, we have created a collection of 50 tattoos of fingers that will tell you more about the designs and meanings. Take a look.

Elegant Finger Tattoo

The girl gives expression to her idea of love with the help of the lettering “endless love”, done in a neat cursive font on her finger.

Hope Tattoo

This catchy and inspirational lettering tattoo looks awesome and makes every onlooker take note of the design.

Finger Moustache Tattoo

The man makes a funny pose with his finger tattoo that has a moustache on it, which also makes for a cool entertaining idea.

Middle Finger Tattoo

The little clover sitting on the finger looks cute and also serves as a lucky charm for the girl.

Lovely Fingers Tattoo

Cute and colorful; the different designs, sitting on the fingers of the guy present an alluring portrait to the eyes.

Skull And Bow Tattoo

The girl shows off her sweet and intriguing tattoos done on the thumbs that also express her liking.

Orchid Tattoo

Symbol of beauty, royalty and love; the white orchid sitting on the finger looks pleasant and complements the personality of the girl.

Ring Finger Tattoo

The girl has got a permanent tattoo on her ring finger that is a sign of her being engaged to her lover.

Artistic Finger Tattoo

The neat and classic, vines like design created on the index finger and also covering the thumb looks very graceful and makes for a charming portrait.

Charming Finger Tattoo

The red heart created on the index finger is a symbol of love and looks quite catchy, even in its simple display.

Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo

The man has got the name of his wife carved on his ring finger as a mark of love and commitment.

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