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50 Exceptional Finger Tattoos


Love Tattoo

The L of the love lettering has faded out slightly but the man’s heartfelt emotions have found a way out, through his finger tattoo.

Cute Skull Tattoo

Take a look at this unique tattoo done on the middle finger that represents the harsh reality of death in a light-hearted manner.

Lettering Tattoo

Words having personal meaning for the wearer are quite popular as finger tattoos and they also look elegant.

Girlish Skull Tattoo

The dark skull wearing a pink bow, looks very sweet and makes for a cute finger tattoo design.

Marks Tattoo

This guy has got all his fingers tattooed with different marks design that look mysterious as well as cute.

Small Finger Tattoo

The fearful girl has got a small, abstract design on her middle finger that has got deep personal meaning for her.

Anchor & Heart Tattoo

The steadfast and cute love life of the girl has been given an expression through the anchor and the heart shape, done as tattoos on her fingers.

Fingers Tattoo

This guy has got all his fingers decorated with lettering tattoos that are visible very clearly but hold meaning for him.

Kapalua Tattoo

The guy expresses his love for the natural paradise that is known as Kapalua, through a tattoo carved on his finger.

Finger Tattoos Collage

Take a look at this wonderful image that shows people wearing different kinds of tattoos on their fingers.

Lovely Quote Tattoo

The girl conveys her feelings for her lover with a line carved as tattoo on her middle and ring finger.

Believe Tattoo

Simple but strong word, which, if one learns to inculcate, can make anything possible, looks nice as finger tattoo.

Diamond Tattoo

The precious stone, sitting on the ring finger, is a symbol of hardiness and strength of character.

Cute Cool Tattoos

The glass, diamond and bottle, etched on the fingers consecutively, look very pretty and charming.

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