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50 Exceptional Finger Tattoos


Meaningful Fingers Tattoo

Each word carved on the particular finger has a connection with the finger, the way they are used to signify the carved words.

Cute Finger Tattoos

The girlfriend and the boyfriend show off their “pinky swear” tattoos done on their little fingers as a mark of love.

Simple Ring Finger Tattoos

The couple have got simple and similar ring tattoos on their fingers as a signal of their lasting love and commitment.

Tattoo Guy’s Finger Design

This tattoo aficionado has got his whole hand covered with the art form and the finger displays a mystic design.

Buddha Tattoo

The man has got a quarter size Buddha portrait on his thumb to feel the presence of a positive power in his life.

Small Bat Tattoo

The small, dark bat is a symbol of death and rebirth that looks very intriguing as well as unique as a tattoo.

Finger Tattoos

This music lover and religious guy has got a red cross and treble clef on his middle and ring finger to symbolize his belief and love.

Inspirational Finger Tattoo

The girl has got the courage lettering on her finger as it constantly reminds her to be brave and confident.

Finger Tattoos

Check out these small and meaningful tattoos that consist of the Eye of Horus, triforce and other designs.

Names Tattoo

The mother expresses her love for her kids by getting their names carved on her fingers as tattoos.

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