Festive and Jolly Santa Claus Illustrations

Santa Claus is one of the iconic figures of the holiday season, and aside from religious figures, is one of the most recognizable and popular characters in the holiday season.  Santa’s origins lie with a variety of folklore, but is generally regarded as the bringer of gifts for children during the holiday season.  Many children write their Christmas wishlists in hopes of having Santa bring them toys and reward them for good behavior throughout the year.

Because of Santa’s popularity, he is often the subject of illustrations, appearing on Christmas cards, TV shows, movies and commercials.  So here, for your holiday enjoyment, are some festive and jolly Santa illustrations.

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Happy holidays!

Santa’s Surprise by Nate Owens

‘Tis the Off-Season by Ben Shafer

Operation Secret Santa by Lynton Levengood

Santa Claus by Matt Roussel

Santa’s Sleigh by Teodoro Badiu

Santa Daydreams by Dave Luebbert

No Chimneys by Peter Oedekoven

Santa Brings the Mail by Nate Owens

Lost Santa by John Liberto

Robot Santa by Vincent Wee

Snowman vs Santa by Kai-S

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